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October 31, 2011

Mason Walters

Q. Last week it was revealed to me that you're one of the meanest, toughest SOBs on the offense. Would you agree?
MASON WALTERS: I like that they think of me like that, but (indiscernible).

Q. What makes you so tenacious and have that aggressive style of being an O-lineman?
MASON WALTERS: I just love playing the game of football. It's important to me. Every chance I get to go out there, I just want to give as much as I have each time I have the opportunity to go out and play. I think that's what attributes that characteristic to me.

Q. O-linemen aren't supposed to be nice and friendly, though, are they?
MASON WALTERS: Not the good ones.

Q. Is this a little extra special against Tech, or do you have to kind of fight the urge to think that way?
MASON WALTERS: You know, it is. It's not something I think about being from Lubbock. I know a lot of people that are Tech fans and go to school there, so it's just one more thing that helps get me fired up for the game.

Q. You guys had 200 yards rushing last game. What did that mean to you as a line to be able to get that done?
MASON WALTERS: Well, it meant the backs were running hard. It's obviously not every play we blocked was perfect, and they fought for what they got. I just think that gives us more opportunities throughout the game to be able to run the ball. We know we have at least two guys and pretty sure I know we have three, four that can do that around here.

Q. A lot of guys that play with other guys that you're going to face, you say what was he like as a player, but did Doege ever play with you as a teammate or was he hurt the whole time?
MASON WALTERS: He was injured his junior and senior year in high school and I got to know him well. He was always around practice, around football, his dad being a coach. So I got to know him but never stepped on the field and actually played a game with him.

Q. What are your thoughts on him, just to make a comeback and be the starting guy?
MASON WALTERS: I think it speaks a lot to his character and it shows -- he comes from a great family. His mom and dad are great people. It just shows that he's been able to fight through any adversity he has. I think a lot of him for it.

Q. I know you play inside, but what kind of guy is Jackson Jeffcoat?
MASON WALTERS: Jeffcoat has gotten me chewed out a couple times in practice. He works hard in practice, and that translates on the field.

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