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October 26, 2011

Frank Spaziani

THE MODERATOR: Boston College head coach, Frank Spaziani.
COACH SPAZIANI: We are into the second game of the second half of the year here. There's a lot of football to be played, and you know, we are excited about going down to Maryland and see if we can get ourselves a W.
So with that, questions.

Q. What did you feel you were pleased about for part that have Virginia Tech game last week; that you're just, okay, if we can just do this for four quarters, we'll be in good shape.
COACH SPAZIANI: Once again, you have to be real about what's happening and you have to, once again, accentuate the positive. There were a lot of positive things, again, that happened, but obviously we were not able to sustain it.
You know, we played with more emotion. We came out playing with it and I think we came out the second half playing with it. We just had a couple of, you know, errors and omission in playing in certain areas that hurt us, but we still played hard the second half. We got a score with nine minuting to go, and you know, it was a two-score game. There's a lot of things there. But once again, there's still a lot things that needs to be improved on.

Q. I wanted to ask about your offensive line. I know you all have struggled offensively at times this season. You're breaking in a bunch of new guys, are you seeing the progress you want to see? Are they getting to where you want them to be?
COACH SPAZIANI: Well, we are seeing progress, yeah. They are not -- they are progressing towards where we want to be, yes. But are we there yet? No.
One of the things that hurt us early in the year, guys were in and out, there was a little bit of inconsistency, a guy would practice on Monday or Tuesday and he wasn't there on Wednesday.
So for the last three weeks, we have been able to put the same guys out there in practice and for the most part, everybody has been out there. So we made progress and that has I think shown. Maybe not to the average fan or the naked eye, but watching our guys, we are getting better there, and we have got a long way to go, though.

Q. When people evaluate running backs and quarterbacks and they look at numbers, do they sometimes not take into account what's up front in terms of, Montel Harris is the star, so everybody says, your offense is in trouble because Montel is not in there, but how much of it is the problems up front?
COACH SPAZIANI: That is the age-old debate. Once again, here is the reality that I have always gone on on football, is that there's a lot of crucial positions, but you have to have the secondary, because the ball is going over your head, you don't have a defense and you have to have an offensive line, because if you can't get out of the backfield, you don't have an offense.
So you know, you have to control the line of scrimmage on offense, and you need the skill players; and people that have been able to negate offensive line play a little bit with schemes, but you still -- it still comes down to those guys have to get you started.

Q. Apologize if you already asked this --
COACH SPAZIANI: I didn't ask anything (chuckling).

Q. What's the situation with Finch versus Williams? Is Finch now your feature back or how do you plan to split carries?
COACH SPAZIANI: Well, what happened is right now it will be game-time decision, which one is going to start the ballgame. Andre was the backup to Montel, then Andre got injured, and no one loses their job because they are injured. Certainly Deuce has played very well in the last couple of games, and then we have got nice competition there, which is good for be everybody.

Q. Would you talk about the different running styles of the two?
COACH SPAZIANI: Well, you know, Andre is more of a powerful -- power runner, bigger, and you know, a little bit more downhill and a little bit quicker to the line, if you will.
And then Deuce has got a little bit different vision. More a little bit like Montel, but he's a little bit more powerful than Montel.
So they are both good backs. We can win with both of them.

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