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October 19, 2011

Frank Spaziani

COACH SPAZIANI: Well, it's halftime. We've had our fruit and Power Bars and POWERade, and we're ready for the second half. We've made some adjustments, and we're looking forward to it, and we've obviously got a stiff challenge ahead of us right down there in Lane Stadium.
With that, your questions.

Q. You've talked before about the progress you've seen over your team this year, and I was wondering where you think you guys have made the most progress to this point.
COACH SPAZIANI: Well, a lot of our young guys have made a lot of progress. They've gained some experience. They're playing better. They've got to do a lot better, but that's where most of the progress has been, in the young guys and getting them to understand what it takes to win at this level.

Q. How much of a gap do you feel like there is between where you are right now and where you want your team to be in the second stretch of the season here?
COACH SPAZIANI: How much of a gap? Well, you know, I don't know if I could put a percentage or a degree on there. I know we need to get better, and we're making improvement, and we need to translate it into W's.

Q. The quarterback there for Virginia Tech, the big Logan Thomas kid, has kind of heated up over the last couple games, is a defensive guy. Your scouting report on him and what you're seeing on him?
COACH SPAZIANI: Well, I see a very good, very big quarterback that has a lot of mobility. He can throw the ball, he can run the ball. He gives them a lot of diversity in their attack, and a young guy with a bright future ahead of him. He's a handful, so to speak.

Q. The Virginia Tech offense, does it present any more problems than perhaps it has in the past? I know they're confident in their receivers, they think the Wilson kid is running the ball well, the line is a veteran line, and now the quarterback is playing better. Do you think they're putting it together?
COACH SPAZIANI: Oh, absolutely, absolutely. Once again, they've been solid and consistent for you guys know how long, and they're always explosive in a lot of areas, and certainly, with their quarterback gaining some experience, are only going to get better.

Q. I believe you've been going down to Lane Stadium for 30 years on and off.
COACH SPAZIANI: Before it was Lane Stadium, right? (Laughing.)

Q. I assume it's always been a tough place to play. What makes it such a tough place to play?
COACH SPAZIANI: Good players and excellent coaches. You know, once again, you're playing on the road, and road games are in themselves -- inherently have their issues. But that's a tremendous coaching staff. Frank has done a tremendous job. They've got very good players, and they've had for quite a while. That's what makes going down to Lane Stadium hard.

Q. And I guess the fact that they win keeps the fans coming and keeps them excited?
COACH SPAZIANI: Well, yeah, yeah. I mean, that goes without saying. They have tremendous fans, you know, and they've had tremendous teams, and they've had a tremendous excitement down there for quite a while, and they've got a nice tradition. It makes for a big league program, doesn't it.

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