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October 15, 2011

Seth Doege

Scott Smith


Q. How frustrating a night is this when you guys were able to move the ball and some of the costly turnovers cost you guys the win?
SETH DOEGE: Oh, yeah, like you said. We moved the ball pretty well, but Coach Brown preaches to us every day. You can't turn over the ball and expect to win. So that was kind of the thing that happened tonight.
We turned the ball over way too many times, missed too many opportunities. The times we needed to score touchdowns instead of field goals. So we moved the ball pretty well, but they did a good job of maintaining us to field goals and turnovers.

Q. Was there anything that K-State was doing defensively that was causing you problems tonight?
SETH DOEGE: No, I felt pretty prepared the entire game. It was just some stupid mistakes that sometimes happen, like trying to force some balls that probably shouldn't have been thrown. So I get to watch the film with Coach Brown and Coach Mainord.

Q. You had three interceptions. Was there any one in particular you want back?
SETH DOEGE: I want them all back. I want them all back. All of them were pretty stupid on my part. I mean, like I said, as a quarterback one of our jobs is to protect the ball, and I did a poor job of that tonight. So I wish I had them all back.

Q. Do you think the absence of Eric Stephens had anything to do with the offense?
SETH DOEGE: We didn't think of that at all. I thought Crawford and DeAndre and Kenny, you know fit in well, and they played hard. So we're not going to go into the game thinking we don't have so and so-so we don't feel confident. We felt confident. We felt prepared. So it is one of those things where you can't turn the ball over.

Q. Seth, the last interception, was there a mistake there between you and Austin?
SETH DOEGE: I was trying to throw the ball away. It was one of those things where if you're going to throw it away, you better get it out of bounds. I guess I left it a little short and the guy picked it.

Q. First time out there at the start, it seemed like there was confusion about where Bradley was supposed to be on that play.
SETH DOEGE: No, he ran the right route. He ran the right route. It was just one of those things instead of throwing it, I should have run it. Another forced job that ended up being a negative play for us.

Q. What is the importance of not protecting home field especially when you're going to Oklahoma next week?
SETH DOEGE: We always want a win at home. We always expect to win at home. We were excited to play. It was just we've got to learn to finish games and we've got to learn to finish drives when we get to the opposite side of the field.
I don't know. It hurts, you know. It's a loss, but at the same time, I feel like this team has really good chemistry. We're going to gel together. We're going to learn from our mistakes and get ready for Oklahoma.

Q. The offense or running game change at all with Aaron being a different style back than what Eric was?
SETH DOEGE: No, we did the exact same stuff. Eric's a great player, but we feel like Aaron's a great player too. I though he did a really good job tonight too.

Q. Can you talk about Alex's night? Seemed like every time you threw the ball to him, he found a way to catch it.
SETH DOEGE: He's a great competitor, a great leader of this team. He's very reliable. He's not going to bust any routes or anything like that. So he had a big night tonight.
Like you said, he catches almost everything you throw to him, and he's always pretty detailed in everything he does. So that's what we kind of ask of the receivers, and he does a really good job of it.

Q. Talk about the first half and the way you came out defensively and how you performed and what happened in the second half with the adjustments that K-State made that you guys weren't able to make?
SCOTT SMITH: Well, we came out fired up in the first half. We had a good game plan. I still can't believe they put 40 points. I still don't feel like they did put up that many points.
I thought we played pretty good, actually. From the second half, they came out, they played good. Like I said, I thought we played good. I still can't believe they put up 40. It doesn't feel like they did that much to put up 40 points on us.

Q. Considering their solid play, lot of zone read. How much pressure was on the defensive ends in this game?
SCOTT SMITH: No pressure. I like playing -- as a defensive end, this kind of zone read right here, as long as you follow the assignment, you're going to make plays. You just read your keys, the ball's going to come to you sooner or later.

Q. How tough is that as a defense to suddenly keep having to go back on the field because of turnovers?
SCOTT SMITH: It's not tough at all. I want to go on the field. I want to make plays. So I feel like all my defensive players feel the same way. So I don't feel like it's hard at all.

Q. Is this one you felt like you guys played well enough to win?
SCOTT SMITH: Absolutely. Like I said, I still don't know how they put up 40 points. Like Coach Tuberville said earlier, they were having a hard time getting first downs, but they won. Give them all the credit. That's pretty much it.

Q. What do you take from this game?
SCOTT SMITH: What I think you take from this game, I mean, tough loss, could have won, so I mean you've got to regroup. Go back to practice, practice hard, and get ready for next week.

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