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October 12, 2011

Jimbo Fisher

COACH FISHER: Come off a disappointing result from the Wake Forest game, made some mistakes in the game we wish we wouldn't have made. Wake Forest did a great job in the ballgame, did not turn the ball over. We turned it over, had some penalties, had an opportunity to still win the football game. Need to learn to quit those mistakes. That's two weeks in a row that penalties have accounted for a large portion of our issues. That's something we need to fix and get cleaned up.
The turnovers have -- that's the first time all year that we've had that large number of turnovers, and we'll address those and get back on the winning track and have a great week of preparation to play a very good Duke team this week.

Q. How is the mentality of the players right now, and have they been responding --
COACH FISHER: Actually very good. Actually have circled the wagons and have taken a lot of pride in what they've done and have had two really good days of practice. We'll see if it carries to the field. But their attitude and work ethic have been tremendous, have not had any issues. Actually been better this week than they were a week ago.

Q. In talking to you before the season you obviously had higher expectations along with a lot of people throughout the country for Florida State. Can you pinpoint why you guys have gotten off to this slow start?
COACH FISHER: I think one of the first reasons is injuries. I think we've lost our left tackle, lost our starting guard, we've lost our quarterback for two weeks in a critical situation, lost our starting tailback. We've had to make some adjustments up front starting with tackles. We lost our starting receiver before the year started, and I think that started it, but we still should have won football games, had an opportunity to do it, just have not played with enough consistency. We did not get a break at the right time in a couple big games.
We were in both games. Played a great game against Oklahoma, was a great football team, we were right down there, didn't get a stop. And then Clemson had some opportunities, and we had a large number of injuries. We had to start two freshmen receivers, a lineman and a freshman quarterback that week, but then we didn't play as well defensively.
It's been a little bit of both. We've been really good on defense at times, been really good on offense at times. We scored 30 points in every game except one. Last week had 11 big plays. Defense has been -- we'll have our little spurts where we'll break down in consistency, just have to be more consistent and be a little better at what we're doing.

Q. Obviously the defense last two weeks, what has to happen better for the defense to start improving performance wise this week?
COACH FISHER: Well, I think we played 74 plays and held Wake Forest to 150 yards. There was about seven plays that were broke for big plays, so I mean, the consistency level and just not have those little mental lapses where we give up the big plays, and I think that's the key. You can't -- like I say all the time, there's three or four plays that change a game, and we've got to fight and scratch and claw and find those inches on every play and not have just a couple mental lapses.

Q. What about Tanner Price was a problem for you guys last week? What impressed you about him?
COACH FISHER: I think he's very consistent, knows where he's going with the ball, very intelligent. I think their offensive line pass blocked considerably well. We had some sacks in the game, four of them, but they did a good job, and he was able to keep plays alive with his legs. He made two scrambles and we got a hold of him, he spun out and then was able to keep his composure and keep his eyes downfield, and he does a very good job at that.

Q. One thing that stood out about the game, 12 catches by Rashad Greene. Just sort of assess how he's come along for you and if he is the kind of weapon or developing into the kind of weapon that -- not 12 catches a game, but can be a big play guy for you?
COACH FISHER: He has been. He's scored a touchdown in every game. He's made a big play in every game. We've gradually built him into the offense as a freshman as his knowledge has grown. Plays very intelligently, has very good ability, very good route running skills, came in with great route running kills and adapted very well to the college game, and then has good skills with the ball in his hand afterwards, which some guys will be route runners but not great runners after the ball. He's got both capabilities and got good top-end speed. He has developed into a very, very good player.

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