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October 3, 2011

David Ash

DAVID ASH: It's really special, going to a neutral place, playing OU, a school that has traditionally a lot of great traditions and stuff, very rich in football, and both teams are very good. We are ranked I think No. 10 and they are No. 1. And they have a great program, so it's going to be a lot of fun and really excited to go play.

Q. Inaudible.
DAVID ASH: You know, it is my last and it's happened very fast. I'm just excited to play and help my team win.

Q. Looks like there's a bunch of new players in the huddle with you, what's it like seeing so much different players as far as the running backs and skill players?
DAVID ASH: With this new offense, Coach Harsin likes to play a lot of different people and get a lot of people involved in the game.
So in practice and stuff, we had the same people and stuff so when you look back there, it's going to be a whole different, package, different people. We are just used to it. It's just another thing we do.

Q. When a player goes down to injury, seems like the offensive line has no problem picking up the slack.
DAVID ASH: Yeah, we have a lot of people that are cross trained. They can play different positions, so if one guy goes down, we just move one guy over and then put another guy in be just efficient because we cross-train so everybody knows another spot.

Q. You're running the ball more than the last couple of years; is that something you guys like to do?
DAVID ASH: Any time you can run the ball efficiently the offensive line are going to like it. You get to control the clock and stuff and you get a really good chance to go after the defensive lineman instead of him going after you in a pass-blocking situation. So it is really good for us.
You can say a lot of things, I have tremendous players, good coaches, there's a lot of different things that make them how good they are.

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