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September 5, 2011

Kenny Vaccaro

Q. Somebody asked me how did Texas beat BYU. I said, Texas can't beat Texas. Am I right in that statement?
KENNY VACCARO: Yeah, you're correct. BYU is a great team, but ultimately every team has to execute their game plan in order to win. You see in a lot of great games, it's not the other team that won, it's the team beat theirselves. And I'm not saying that about BYU, I'm just saying we've got to execute our plan in order to win every game.

Q. No sacks, no interceptions for your defense. Can you continue to win like this, or does that need to change?
KENNY VACCARO: Well, I don't think every team has the same game plan as Rice, throw the ball quick. I think they had a little over 70 yards, 2.7 yards per pass. I mean, you can't win games like that. I think teams are going to have to air it out on us, but first and foremost it's about hammering the run, and Coach Diaz said we need to do a better job with that this week in order to make plays as far as the passing game and opening up sacks and different plays like that.

Q. What are your thoughts on you've got a pretty big team coming up, what does that mean to you to be a part of it?
KENNY VACCARO: I'm excited about it. I was fortunate to play in some big games last year as a sophomore, and I'm excited. Those games are the funnest games for me. I like a challenge, and our whole team, we'll be ready to play. I haven't got to play BYU. It's a different type of game for me. I know the secondary is excited.

Q. Talk a little bit more about that because they're known for their offense, how you prepare.
KENNY VACCARO: We just execute Manny's plan. We listen to him. We give all trust to our coaches and just buy into the plan and then they'll lead us the way through. We'll just use our hard work we put in in the summer to execute.

Q. A lot of experience with you and Blake last year but didn't have a lot of experience on the corners. How did you feel those guys did in there?
KENNY VACCARO: We trusted them. They showed us that in the summer and they showed us that in camp and they showed us that in the meeting rooms. When Coach Akina asked them questions they knew everything, so we have full trust in all our corners.

Q. Did that maybe give them a little more confidence?
KENNY VACCARO: Yeah, actually in team meetings they gave all the DBs the defensive awards, so those guys are pretty excited.

Q. You guys looked like you were into the game Saturday. (Indiscernible.)
KENNY VACCARO: I mean, it's fun. I give a lot of credit to Coach Diaz' defense. It's a lot more simple than last year's defense, but offenses don't know that because the different directions we're sending blitzers and dropping D-ends, backers, corners, corner blitzers. It's exciting for us just to go out there and just execute and not think so much.

Q. How much of the defense did we see Saturday?
KENNY VACCARO: I think he just game planned Rice and we did what we needed to. We have a lot more coming.

Q. Are you little offended there wasn't a hardest hit award for the defense Saturday night?
KENNY VACCARO: I mean, it's the first game, and I think we played solid. I'm not really worried about the hard hits. I'm just glad we got a win.

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