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May 24, 2005

Michael Beckerman

Mike De Young

Richard Desrochers

Lorie Kane

Meg Mallon

Sean Van Kesteren

DAN PINO: Good morning, ladies and gentlemen. For those of you who don't know me, my name is Dan Pino I'm the senior communications with the Royal Canadian Golf Association. Thank you all for coming. We wish the weather would have cooperated a little bit for the golf. But we still are glad to have a great tournament out today. We're very happy to be here today celebrating the Canadian Women's Open very proud for the first time bringing the LPGA tour to Atlantic Canada. There is so much here for the players and their families. I know Mike De Young and the tournament officials have assured us that our guests with the LPGA will be treated with the best of the world famous Atlantic hospitality. And in a few minutes I will introduce our panel, but first I would like to give a lineup of today's program. We'll begin with a few brief statements, from each of our members. Followed by questions and answers from the floor as well as calling into our tele-conference. When that is overall of our speakers as well as some of the guests in our audience will be available for someone on one interviews as well as at the podium. A delicious lunch has been prepared downstairs. We welcome you all to join us downstairs afterwards. Unfortunately with the weather, the golf portion has been cancelled. But anybody who would like to see the golf course, some guided tours have been arranged. Those are going to start around 12:30. So let us know either myself or check in with the pro shop and we will get you out to the golf course. And now it is my pleasure to introduce our speakers, starting from my immediate right we have Rick Desrochers, Chief Operating Officer with the Royal Canadian Golf Association. Next is Sean Van Kesteren, Tournament Director BMO Financial Group, Canadian Women's Open. Next to Sean is Mr. Michael Beckerman, Chief Marketing Officer BMO Financial Group. Next we have Mr. Mike De Young. Many of you know Mike, tournament chair representing our host club, wears a lot of hats here. As well as joining us via tele-conference our defending champion, Meg Mallon. Meg are you there? Hi, Meg.

MEG MALLON: Yes. Hello.

DAN PINO: Thanks for joining us. Meg is among the most successful stars and famous faces on the LPGA tour. Definitely no stranger to Canada, having won the Canadian Women's Open three times. Next I'm sure somebody who needs no introduction out here, in Atlantic Canada. Please welcome Lorie cane with the LPGA tour. Thank you for joining us, Lorie. As I mentioned, we have been joined by some very distinguished audience members and guess, I will now turn it over to Rick Desrochers to get us started.

RICHARD DESROCHERS: Wow, it is a pleasure to be up here at the head table in such fine company. Michael Beckerman, representing all of our friends at BMO, and Lorie and Meg, thanks for joining us. And Mike De Young. It's always a pleasure whenever we get out to Glen Arbor. And contrary to popular belief, Mike is responsible for everything out here at Glen Arbor except the weather. That's what he told me today. And as luck would have it, when I arrived at the airport yesterday, and I had a rental car, I never ever get a convertible. Yesterday, I got a convertible. (Laughter.) And there's no trunk space. I had my clubs, so I didn't look very smart when I pulled into downtown Halifax with the top down and the golf clubs sticking out of the back seat. I would also like to acknowledge a few special people in our audience today. First we have Tom McCarthy, who is the governor of the RCGA and who is also the RCGA tournament chairman. Also we have Carol Mix, who is the past governor of the RCGA and past president of the CLPGA. Governor Bill McMillian, Sue Rates, and past governor Alan Sinclair. And also with us here today is John McLeod, the President of the Nova Scotia Golf Association. We would also like to thank one of our political dignitaries who was able to join us today, we have Gary Mead, from the District 23 counselor for (inaudible). I would also like to acknowledge one of Canada's finest golf ambassadors and someone whose name has become synonymous with women's golf in Canada. Canadian golf Hall of Famer, Jocelyne Bourassa the RCGA has been proud to conduct the BMO Financial Group Canadian Women's Open since our inaugural event in 2001. And I can tell you the decision to bring Canada's National Women's Championship to Halifax in 2005 is one of the RCGA's finest moments to date. Not only has the response from the local community been tremendous, but we take great pride in bringing Major professional golf back to Atlantic Canada for the first time and I'm almost embarrassed to say this, but in 66 years. A lot of credit for that has to go to a couple of our local partners this year, and that includes the management at the Annapolis Group, as well as key personnel at Destination Halifax. This has been an exciting year for the RCGA, and our involvement in women's golf. With our historic merger with the Canadian Ladies Golf Association the merge was an essential step in shaping the future of golf in Canada and as we combined our volunteer boards of governors, our staff, resources and over 100 years of respective history in forming one united governing body. Prior to the merge the RCGA had traditionally been known as the governing body for men's golf. And as such many people have wondered why we chose to get involved with a LPGA event. The answer is simple. It has been good for the game of golf in Canada and that is our mission. To promote participation in golf and a passion for the game. Sharing our passion for developing the game in Canada has been our gracious title sponsor, BMO Financial Group. BMO has been a tremendous partner over the past five years and we look forward to the upcoming months as we prepare for our most successful open ever. Great golf doesn't start at the professional level, it starts at the grass roots. With the generous support of BMO we have also been able to introduce kids to golf through the Future Links program and offer them a chance to compete in competition in junior championships as their skills develop. So those girls and women looking to develop their game at the highest level BMO Financial Group Canadian's women tour provides female pros and top amateurs with the chance to compete for competitive purses right here in Canada. The end goal of this developmental tour is to provide competitive opportunities for top female players to challenge themselves and use it as a stepping stone to ultimately reach the LPGA tour. As such, the RCGA uses the Canadian Women's Open tour as a merit base selection tour for offering exemptions into the Canadian Women's Open and I know Sean will touch on that process in a few moments here in his conference. Michael, on behalf of all of the stakeholders in this event and for the good of golf in general I want to once again thank BMO Financial Group for your tremendous support in helping us shape golf's future. One of our mandates with the Canadian Women's Open has been to move the championship across the country. We hope golf fans in all regions of Canada can enjoy the chance to experience professional golf at the highest caliber and we think new generations of future golfers are inspired by watching today's stars. The Canadian Women's Open is much more than a spectator event and this tournament simply would not happen without the involvement and the support of the volunteers, the host club and community, as well as our generous sponsors partners and suppliers. Many of home made their way out to join us today. And they include of course BMO Financial Group, Destination Halifax, the Halifax Daly News, Molson Brewery, Atlantic Superstars, Penfold Wine, Lyon Communications and Delta Hotels. For those of you who is have never seen LPGA golf in person you're in for a real treat. Not only will you see some of the most skilled players in the world, I know you will enjoy the friendly family atmosphere the players approachability, and the number of special events that make the Canadian Women's Open unique. We are looking forward with great anticipation to the 2005 BMO Financial Group Canadian Women's Open here at Glen Arbor and I know you are too. And now, to give you more details about the event, I'll turn things over to the gentleman who leads the group and really does all the operational work from the RCGA's perspective to insure that's all done properly. Our tournament director. Sean Van Kesteren.

SEAN VAN KESTEREN: Thank you. Appreciate that. Thanks, Rick. Welcome to everyone. Thank you again for joining us today. As Rick mentioned, we're very excited to be here. We're looking forward to the 2005 BMO Financial Group Canadian Women's Open in just a few short weeks. First off I want to thank Meg and Lorie for joining us today. Thank you both. It's difficult to believe it's almost a year past since Meg won last year. That tied her with Pat Bradley for the most victories. Meg has also taken home the U.S. Women's Open tile title last year and became the first player to win both titles in the same year. So she's proud of that and as we are to too. I know she's also looking forward to coming back and defending her title. And I also want to thank Lorie for joining us this morning. Obviously this championship means a lot to Lorie throughout the years and I think even more since the event came here. This tournament has continued to flourish and grow over the past few years and as Rick mentioned the incredible response we received from the local community 2005 is shaping up to be our most successful to date. As always we are expecting a strong Canadian contingent to challenge the field. Three are six of them here competing and we look forward to having them. Joining Lorie at Halifax will be A. J. Eathorne, Nancy Harvey and others. And as we have seen in the past I think the galleries will embrace our Canadians. And we're also pleased to announce that Lorena Ochoa will join us. She is one of the LPGA's growing stars and she will be here. The LPGA tour has recognized our status as a national open championship and with that we're proud to welcome a 150 player field here this summer. In addition we are one of the only tours to have Monday open qualifiers. That means more action for the fans and more opportunities for Canadians to earn spots in the field. As Rick mentioned we are also proud to offer exemptions because of about BMO Financial Group. (Inaudible.). If no one recognizes Vicki, in the front row. I would like to single Vicki out here in the front row. And she is certainly available for if you would like to chat with her later today. And she's also working for BMO here in Halifax. We also just wrapped up our first event of the season (Inaudible.) We're glad to have her. Our final tour stop before The Open will happen in June, with the winner receiving an exemption, as well as four others to be determined by the Order of Merit. We also offered an exemption to our reigning Amateur Champion (Inaudible.) The RCGA has made a commitment to our player development program and we look forward to offering our top amateurs an opportunity to challenge themselves against the best players in the world. For our Canadian golfers, the opportunity to compete will be an experience they will remember for a life time. I think as well for the LPGA players there's an added level of excitement competing for a national championship such as ours. Lorie and Meg can tell you just how much the players look forward to coming to Canada each year and the strength of the field the tournament attractions. I also need to thank our host club tournament chairman, Mike De Young, the whole staff here at Glen Arbor, and as well as the volunteers of more than 1200 strong have worked tirelessly over the years for the event. We know it's going to be a tremendous event. So I thank you and every one, Mike, I thank you all for your tremendous support so far. We have had a great response to our corporate sales as well as corporate products. Most are either sold out or close to selling out. Which is great. Due to overwhelming demand we launched our daily ticket campaign months early and the feedback has been great. It's unfortunate the weather didn't cooperate today, but I can assure you those of you who had, who have not had the opportunity to play here, the course is the most beautifully designed and will really be a test for the golfers come July. The fact we needed to make very few changes (Inaudible.) The course will be setup at approximately 6200 yards and again, it will be a true test for golf for the players. Last, but not least, I want to thank you for coming today. I know you'll enjoy the opportunity to chat with Lorie and Meg two of the LPGA's greatest ambassadors. Most of all we look forward to seeing you all back here July 11th through 17th for the 2005 BMO Financial Group Canadian Women's Open. Thank you.

DAN PINO: Thank you, Sean. Now I would like to invite Mr. Michael Beckerman to say a few words on behalf of our title sponsor.

MICHAEL BECKERMAN: Thank you very much. I know we have got Meg on the phone and Lorie here. And Sean just did a great job of giving us a better understanding of the exemptions. I don't really think that anybody wants to hear what the guy from the bank has to say. You're just on the edges of your seats, actually. Actually, this is my opportunity on behalf of the BMO employees to recognize the RCGA and my friends Rick and Sean in particular. The most important asset that BMO has is our brand and we're very careful in terms of who we pass that over to. And we know that when the RCGA is looking after the BMO brand we know it's going to be held in the highest esteem and it's going to be a world class quality event. So thank you, Rick and Sean, for all the good work you do on behalf of our brand. And I know we're going to have a world class event. In terms of some smiling faces right there, we have got Ann and Jack and Trevor and Francois, some of my colleagues here from BMO, I think that it's a compliment to senior management's time management skills that they can find the time to come out to the golf course during a bank day. But I'm sure that tried and true time management skills that will serve you well throughout the summer. One thing, Sean did a nice job of talking little bit about Vicki and how she got, she earned herself an exemption and what she also did. And one of the reasons that we love being involved with this, in this event, is the quality of the athletes. They're smart, they're personable, they have got a great passion for the sport and are great with people. And through that we ended up offering Vicki a job and she's training to be a manager here in Halifax. So after her tournament here she will continue with the training. And so next time you go to the bank at BMO you might see Vicki and you can ask her for some advice on mutual funds and how to cure your slice. Which will be good. Sean spoke about The Open now is at 156 people, which puts it on par, no pun intended, with the U.S. Open so it's a true Open. What that does is it gives us a couple extra exemption opportunities which Sean spoke about and Rick also spoke about the BMO Tour, so you got a pretty good handle on that from your press kit. One of the great introductions we have this year that we're really excited about is the special award for the top finisher in terms of Order of Merit. Award, and it is named after one of Canada's great golfing legends, Jocelyne Bourassa award. We have got that, that's going to go out this year. So congratulations on that. So we have got the BMO Tour events, we spoke a little bit about Future Link, which is a junior development program. Last year we had 76,000 young people play golf, many for the first time, and we started this since 2001 and hooked a quarter million people that have gone through the program. That's organized by the RCGA and it's our way to invest a little bit back in the sport and it's an opportunity to teach the young people not only about a great sport but about sportspersonship and quality of life and feeling good about themselves and life balance and playing by the rules and so we're very happy to be and proud to be associated with the Future Links and the values that it represents. So we got our tour that we talked about, we got Future Links, certainly the jewel in the crown is the LPGA event that Mike is hosting for us and we just have had great support over the last five years from the athletes. We have got great champions like Meg, we have got Lorie, who was one of the first people here this morning, talking up the sport and talking the event up. And we have had great Canadian support from the likes of A. J. Eathorne and Dawn Coe Jones and we have had tremendous support and it means a lot to BMO and to the quality of the tournament. So dialing down a little bit just in terms of wrapping up, we have got a great week lined up, just a couple things that are personal favorites of mine and while I've got the mic row phone I'm going to share those with you. One we have got family day again, which is a great opportunity for the kids to come out and get close to the athletes. We have got an opportunity during the pro-am for some of our Future Links participants to actually caddy a hole for some of our great champions like Lorie and Vicki and Meg. We have got a Skins Game where we team up the some of the top women's players with some of the top male hockey players, which is a lot of fun. And I think that Lorie if I remember correctly snaked in like a -- not snaked in, you aimed very accurately in a 17 footer. Two years ago Meg won it and this year we have got Meg and Lorie are going to be participating and we got Brad Richard, who from the Tampa Bay Lightning, which was a team in the National Hockey League, which was a professional league here for many years. (Laughter.) Jody Shelly from around here and Rick Vive from the island is also coming to join in the games. So not only during the week in July do you have an opportunity to see a world class golf course with world class athletes, but we have got a great level of participation and enjoyment for the family. And so that's what I want to wrap up with. Thanks again very much to the RCGA. Thanks to Lorie and Meg and your fellow athletes for making this truly a world class event and we would like to turn the mic over here.

DAN PINO: Thank you Michael. Next I would like to welcome Mr. Mike De Young to say a few words on behalf of Glen Arbor Golf Course and the Annapolis Group.

MIKE DE YOUNG: Thank you very much, Dan. It is a great pleasure to be up here with such a distinguished group of individuals. It's alluded to all along that I'm the front man, I guess, for the host tournament chair or committee, I fill that role. But there's lots of people behind me that do a lot more than I do. I'm the fortunate one to gets a lot of public accolades, but it's not possible without the support of a lot of people including the staff here at Glen Arbor and I would also like to take this time to introduce some key personnel (Inaudible.) I believe at the back of the room, Sherman, David, vice chairman, Mr. George Bishop right out here in front and I'd really like to thank them for the support they showed to be able to bring a tournament of this magnitude to the island and again thanks to both of those gentlemen. As well as Mr. Nick Betts, president of the group. Nick's been very supportive. It was really Nick's vision that built the Glen Arbor community and I thank him for his support again. Not only for bringing the Canadian Women's Open to Glen Arbor, but the overall development of this project. We are so proud I guess to be chosen to host this event. You look over the last not just the last five years, but prior to it it's been at some of the best golf courses in Canada. And it is a thrill for us to be able to be the site of this event. Beyond that, we're really looking to make some history. History in the sense that Glen Arbor is a relatively new facility. We have not hosted an event of this stature before. We're interested in history for ourselves. And really as Dan alluded to earlier, it's the first time Major professional golf has been to Atlantic Canada since 1939. We're well over due. None of us remember in the 1939 but a guy the name of Spud McFadden won the event. It's also the first trip for the LPGA to Atlantic Canada. It's never been east of Montreal. So not only is it a thrill for Glen Arbor, it's a thrill for the HRM and we really sold this event as Atlantic Canadian event and for the players who come, both Meg and Lorie, and for the spectators, the mandate from day one was to make this an elite event. It has to be more than a golf tournament and we turned it into an event. And the players will experience Atlantic Canadian hospitality and so will the people that live here. I think that was the mandate from the first time we met almost two years ago as far as the planning committee. Again, thank you to Michael and the bank for choosing to make this a national event and it is truly a national. I was fortunate enough to be in Vancouver and now to be on the east coast here in Halifax, so you've taken the Canadian Women's Open and made it truly national. As well as to the RCGA. There's too many whites shirts in the room, I think there's nobody left at headquarters. But it has been a big pleasure, indeed a pleasure to work with all of you from the event from day one back when we first talked in October of 2002. And I thank you for your support. One of the things that Halifax has become renowned for and I guess maybe I should say Atlantic Canada has become renowned for is volunteers. This event is not possible without volunteers. Yesterday when I checked I believe we're fast approaching 1300 volunteers who are committed. They have done more than sign up, they have committed. A lot of people have put a lot of time and effort into insuring that this is going to be the best Open ever. Rick alluded to that earlier. I firmly, I said that all along, if we're going to do it we're going to do it right it's going to be the best and that's the goal that we had. The last people I need to thank are the media. We have got a lot of unpaid editorial over the last few years and I thank you all for it. We have had quite a successful ticket sales without trying to sell tickets. I think Sean said the fact that we started the ticket sales, it was based on demand, it was basically the editorials that we received from May of 2002 when we sat at the same stage and introduced the fact that the ladies open was coming to Halifax. I do wear several hats here normally I have one on. So I feel like I need to put my ball cap back on. The one thing I have come to realize this spring for certain is I can't control the weather. I wish we had an opportunity to showcase the golf course today. Some of you have played it in the past and we can ask you come back July 11th to 17th and join us at what we know will be the best can Women's Open ever. Thank you.

DAN PINO: Now waiting patiently on the phone. Meg are you there?

MEG MALLON: I sure am. I've enjoyed this very much.

DAN PINO: A few words from our champion, Meg Mallon.

MEG MALLON: Thank you. First of all, I'm sorry about the weather today. I know how you all don't get that much of a chance to play golf. And I'm sorry that you didn't get the opportunity to do that. The LPGA is so excited about coming to Halifax this year. I can't even tell you. We have had so many beautiful places in Canada, from Vancouver to Niagara Falls, and now we get a chance to come to Halifax. So I, we love that this tournament goes around the country. So we can see so many beautiful places in Canada. I want to thank you Sean Van Kesteren for all the work that you've done for us. And I know that coordinating myself and getting Lorie Kane in. And Lorie, sorry it's raining. I know you wanted to play golf today. I really feel bad.

LORIE KANE: It's all right, Meg.

MEG MALLON: Hopefully you'll get a chance to get out there and play. But again, to BMO and their great support of the LPGA, we can't have this event without you. And we appreciate what you've done for us so much and glad that you're here and glad that you're sponsoring and helping out women's golf so much.

DAN PINO: Thank you, Meg. And finally I'll pass things over to Lorie cane for a few words on the golf course and maybe up date on the season so far. Lorie.

LORIE KANE: Update on the season so far? Well, I had two week, this is my second week off and Meg, it's been raining since I got home. With regards to the course, I had a drive around yesterday with Mike and a good friend of mine, Ross McNeil and where I wasn't able to play, I was at least able to get a visual of what we're going to be faced with. And I really think it's going to be a very good challenge. The fairways are pretty wet right now, but if we can get them firm and fast as I've been telling Mike, I think it's going to be a great test of golf. These greens are a little funky in spots, but it's a beautiful piece of land. I think it's very friendly to the spectators. It is a community, unlike communities that we normally play on other tour stops the houses aren't on the golf course. They sit a breast the golf course. And it's a real super property. Meg, you're going to like it. I'm going to hopefully be carrying this trophy that's next to me and not you. (Laughter.) And I've got Brad Richards as a partner. So it's going to start the week off well. (Laughter.) On behalf of Atlantic Canadians I want to thank BMO for bringing LPGA golf to Atlantic Canada. Jocelyne and I are have been eying each other and when we thought that we haven't brought LPGA golf or professional golf to this region since up indicated 1939, Mike, our former sponsor, I was working hard and have been lobbying very hard to bring the LPGA tour to Atlantic Canada. Obviously it's not Prince Edward Island, but I know that Halifax is probably the main center of Atlantic Canada. It's the threshold of business and I understand totally why they chose to be here. And I know that the great thing will be that Atlantic Canada will support this event. Not just folks from here in Nova Scotia and Halifax. It will be an Atlantic Canadian event, hosted at Glen Arbor. And Sean was asking me if there was anything that I needed, and I said yeah, about 130,000 tickets. (Laughter.). A few parking passes. No. I'm really excited about the opportunity to play in front of the hometown crowd and for, you know, my friends, my friends on tour that are from all over the world, to experience what I grew up experiencing and that friendly inviting hospitality that they, that you will feel at home, Meg, as soon as you get here. And you'll have fun and I know that the rest of the girls will enjoy it as well. So thanks to everybody, Meg, this room is packed and it's packed with six TV's. We got different camera guys. I've been to a lot of press conferences and this is top drawer right here. So we're starting on the right foot.

MEG MALLON: Do you think it's because there's no hockey going on? (Laughter.)

LORIE KANE: Absolutely. (Laughter.)

MEG MALLON: I know I miss it.

LORIE KANE: Big time. Well, we are watching Memorial Cup. So we get to watch a little bit of that and Sidney Crosby, that's one athlete that I would love to get out here to this tournament. Meg you've heard of Sidney Crosby.


LORIE KANE: Well, he's the next great one, but I'm --

MEG MALLON: I hope we get to see him play.

LORIE KANE: You will. Trust me, you will. I'm planning to go to New York to meet with Gary and get things straightened out.

MEG MALLON: Let me know if you need any help.

LORIE KANE: For sure. Meg and I decided a couple of weeks ago when it was going to be difficult for her to come here and trust me, she was committed to getting here, and the LPGA family helps each other out and yesterday Meg and some other players were playing in an event in I believe New Jersey Meg.

MEG MALLON: Yes, northern New jersey.

LORIE KANE: With Val Skinner. She has a great pro-am that she puts on that supports breast cancer. Something that has been, unfortunately, has affected quite a few of our fellow members. So when Meg and I talked and she was wondering if I was going to be around I just told her, I said, look, this tournament deserves my support, so I will be here. And for you to be able to phone in is something that we would love to have her here, but unfortunately getting sometimes to Atlantic Canada on short notice can be difficult. So to help out a very good friend in Meg and to be here to really give a jump start to the tournament I'm glad I could be here and share myself with you guys and I can't wait until the tournament week.

DAN PINO: Thank you, Lorie. Thank you everybody. Now we will take some questions from the floor. We do have a wireless if I can ask you to put yourself up and let us know your name and outlet. And then we'll get the questions from both players.

Q. How do you see this tournament being supported from the players? I guess obviously a lot of people wondering if Annika is going to come but do you expect a lot of the top players besides yourself and Lorie to be here?

MEG MALLON: Absolutely. And actually, every player in our field is a top player. Some players that you don't know that you will get to see that are fantastic players on our tour. It's good to here that Lorena is playing. She is one of our great young players and a great ambassador to her country of Mexico. So it will be fun for the Canadian fans to see her play. It's always a great competition at the Canadian Women's Open and since we do go to great golf courses everywhere we play, it certainly is an attraction for the top players to come.

Q. Lorie, question for you, just some more on your thoughts about playing in your home region. When you first heard the event would be here. Can you remember back to that day and what your thoughts were?

LORIE KANE: Well, I was very excited again, like I have said to know that we're going to be playing in basically my backyard. It's a short drive or flight or however you want to get here. I've always felt at home regardless of what province I'm in, be it Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island, Halifax, and I have been everywhere there. And I have said in the past too though that sometimes it's difficult to play in front of the home crowd because of the added pressure. Well, I've grown up now and I'm ready for the challenge and I'm frankly looking forward to it. I can't imagine that, how -- well I know I can imagine how big the crowds are going to be and if they're in support of me, then that's like having an extra player on your team. And you know, it's golf. And all things being equal, everything's in line come Thursday of tournament week, I'll get out there and play the best golf that I can and you will know that I leave nothing out there. And if it works out and I'm successful then that's great. If not, the objective was to showcase the LPGA tour. And I'm glad that I had a part or at least I think I hope I had a part in trying to get that product to this part of our country.

Q. When I first met you you said you would be very content, Lorie, in that year to hit $15,000. You had around 200 something. You obviously made that goal. What's that like for you? What's that been seven, eight nine years? What's left for you?

LORIE KANE: What's left? Lots of tournament wins. I would very much love to win a Major championship, and not just one. I think that the future's bright. My game is a lot better than my scores are indicating right at this moment. And I think Meg can echo this. It's not about money. It's not about that type of thing. It's about playing the best golf and challenging yourself each and every day to be the best. And the tour has many stars. And it's a fun place to be and it's a fun place to wake up and challenge yourself to be the best. So the future to me is bright, I live day-to-day or week to week as we say on tour. And right now I'm on a two week break so I'm really not thinking about a whole lot other than resting.

Q. What will it take to make the women's game not maybe as popular as the men's, but bring it up a couple of notches?

MEG MALLON: What makes you say it won't be as popular as the men's? I asked him what makes him think it won't be as popular as the men's.

Q. I'm just trying to -- we're talking about sponsorship money. How are you going to grow your sport basically is what I want to know?

MEG MALLON: Okay. Well, actually, our sport is growing. And over the past few years we have had tremendous exposure and growth. We're actually having, we have a new commissioner that we're coming in some time mid summer that I think you'll see some great changes in our tour and keep seeing our tour accelerating. We have a wonderful product. And we certainly are successful week in and week out. And that will just keep carrying over as we get better players, deeper fields and more exposure. And the product's there and it's just ready to take off.

Q. My last one to maybe one of the organizers, how much does it cost to put on one of these. A ballpark will dollar figure? Don't be shy.

SEAN VAN KESTEREN: I guess the best way to put it in perspective is to we have been very fortunate to have BMO Financial Group support us for the last five years. Michael can tell you the level of investment that they have made and not just what they have to provide to the RCGA in order for us to cover the costs of the purse, because if you look at the purse alone this year we have a purse of 1.3 million. And that 1.3 million is US dollars. Which has helped us a little bit, you know, the exchange has helped us a little bit in the last year or so. And then we have all the infrastructure costs and we have other costs. One of the things that we do is we move it across the country. And the cost to move it across the country is fairly significant. As opposed to holding it in one place at the same golf course year in and year out, as is the case with many events on the LPGA tour and on all the tours. So the cost is significant. But we're looking for -- I mean, just to from a title sponsor, you're in the neighborhood of 2.7 to 3 million Canadian. And then add to that a lot of other costs that a title sponsor has to take on, as well as or the RCGA, the people who run the event. You could get upwards to five million. That's correct. Nearing the five million dollar mark. Mike, do you want to add anything to that?

MICHAEL BECKERMAN: That's correct.

Q. Lorie, I wonder if you played Glen Arbor before. I know you toured it and can you tell us how it compares to other courses that the LPGA place on.

LORIE KANE: Well, I had fully intended on playing yesterday, and I haven't played it. I'm hoping today maybe after we're done, Mike and I are going to go out and hit a couple of tee shots off a few holes that visually are challenging and I think that I'll feel better leaving here that I hit a few drives. How does it rate with other golf courses? Well, Mike shared something with me yesterday that I don't believe happens anywhere else, maybe the U.S. Open is the only other tournament that a golf course would close its doors the week prior to us coming in to help prepare the golf course for us. And that's a huge deal. That gives the golf course a week to rest. It gives Mike and his staff time to take care of little things. Divots, ball marks, bunkers, keep the grass growing or trim it where it needs to be trimmed. So that's the first thing in my tenure on tour to know that there's that commitment from the golf course. I think it's going to be a great layout. I think it's going to setup very well for the ladies. And it's going to be very challenging. Again, I have stressed that Mr. Cook's design on the greens, there are some areas that you're just not going to want to be above the pin. And you're going to have to -- and what's even I'll add to it is that you can't see the pin. (Laughter.) So there's going to be -- it's a very good golf course. I think it's -- I went home last night after seeing it and sat down for a minute and kind of closed my eyes and visualized what I saw and I'm really excited. That's one of the reasons I want to see if I can get out and hit some shots today.

Q. Question for Meg again. How are you learning about this golf course? Pretty much through word of mouth and do you plan on playing around before the week of the tournament?

MEG MALLON: Unfortunately, I'm not going to get a chance to come up there and play. I have the enviable position of defending three out of four weeks before I come into Canada's tournament. So I'm going to be quite busy coming in to the event. But certainly I'll pull Lorie aside and try and get some notes out of her. See what she has to say. And it sounds like, Lorie, is it a little bit of a walk?

LORIE KANE: It's up-and-down. It's not normally what we face on tour. This property is very walkable.

MEG MALLON: So we're going to be, have to be in good shape coming in. Walking up-and-down hills?

LORIE KANE: Yes. (Laughter.)

MEG MALLON: Okay. I'll keep that in mind then. I'll get on the treadmill before I get there. I'm looking forward to seeing it. Sometimes it's better for me, I won twice last year on two courses I had never seen. So sometimes it's better when you come in with a fresh look at a golf course rather than one you played over and over again. So I'll keep that mentality about it.

Q. Lorie, you mentioned how you're going to need about 130,000 tickets, I assume you're referring to the population of Prince Edward Island. Can you tell me what it's going to be like to play for island fans who maybe have never had the opportunity to see you play in a LPGA event?

LORIE KANE: Well, it will be awesome. A few years back I did invite a few friends, Meg wasn't a friend at the time so I didn't invite her. (Laughter.) I got a lot of flak for who I invited.

MEG MALLON: Have I made it to the short list, Lorie?

LORIE KANE: Yes, you absolutely have. I know I'm on the top of your list.

MEG MALLON: Absolutely.

LORIE KANE: It's going to be really exciting. I really, I'm anticipating a lot of positive feelings. I know I'll be as nervous as all get out, but that will be a good thing. I'm just looking forward to the challenge. And again, I think that it's not just myself, I want people to meet Lorena, I want people to meet Meg, Beth, all the other great players that are friends of mine on tour and experience how they play this game. We are crazy sports fans in this area as all of you know. And golf is a passion. Along with our hockey, golf is the next best thing. And/or is the best thing. And golf fans will come and watch. And the exciting thing will be that we are finally able to showcase it here in Atlantic Canada.

DAN PINO: That concludes the formal portion of your day. All of the panel is going to be available. There's lunch for us downstairs. Please join us. Cocktails as well. For those working media who picked up a media kit we have lots of story ideas in there. Please give us a call if there is anything else you need. Thank you again for taking the time to come out. We look forward to seeing you here at the BMO Financial Group Canadian Women's Open at Glen Arbor. Thank you.

End of FastScripts...

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