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April 21, 2011

Jimbo Fisher

COACH FISHER: Got through our spring last week. Relatively unaffected by injuries as far as for the fall. Should have everybody back. We're pleased with that. Had solid spring work, worked a lot of young guys. Probably ten starters out during spring, bunch going in.
We knew a couple got banged up and were back by fall. Which was good, let us work a lot of young guys in good positions.
Very encouraged by what I saw. Building depth. I think we'll have a great summer and great fall to have a chance to have a successful season. But it's a good, solid spring. Good, solid spring.

Q. Talk about the offensive and defensive performances this weekend considering the injuries the offensive line is suffering?
COACH FISHER: It's hard to judge. Hard to judge. When you're so banged up upfront it's hard for the skill guys to function and do some things. But I think we're extremely talented on defense. But it is a little deceiving as far as who you're going against up front.
But it's good to get some young guys some experience. But I don't put a lot of weight into a spring game as far as how it goes. I just like the situation of having a large crowd, seeing your guys react under pressure. How they come out of the tunnel is more like a game situation. I do like that.

Q. E.J.'s probably going to be the most game-tested rookie quarterback coming into this season. How much pressure is he putting on himself to perform this fall?
COACH FISHER: I think he always does. That is just E.J.'s nature. I don't think it's pressure that he can't handle, or things that he knows that he can do. I say he can revert back to that I have done this before and been very successful.
So I expect him to handle it well. But I do expect that he'll challenge himself. He's harder on himself than I ever am, that's for sure.

Q. To follow up on E.J., did you want to see him progress in certain areas this spring?
COACH FISHER: I was extremely pleased with his spring. I thought he had an exceptional spring. He is accurate, runs well, has great command. He's a natural leader, very tough. Our guys respond to him well. I would be shocked if we didn't have a very successful season.
We have to continue to get healthy around him and be consistent. He'll do what he has to do, I promise.

Q. As you mentioned with the O-line, you did lose some key good offensive linemen. Will that battle to replace him have to be resolved this spring?
COACH FISHER: I think one of them we've pretty much got resolved. Another we're about halfway. If injury doesn't occur, we'll be okay. If not, we'll have to make a guy there. But we've got some plenty talented guys coming in that can handle that. But it is key to get that offensive line situated.

Q. To clarify when you say everybody should be back by fall, are you talking about summer camp?
COACH FISHER: Yeah, summer camp they'll all be ready. Just guys that sat out in the spring that had surgeries. We had seven or eight starters going into spring that were out. Had a couple banged up.
But they'll all be back to summer workout. They'll be back working out here in the next two or three weeks when we get back for the summer workouts or whenever that two, three, four weeks here. They should all be ready to go.

Q. Obviously you never want to see anyone get hurt, but coaches sometimes refer to it as a blessing in disguise because of the opportunity to build depth.
COACH FISHER: A bunch, especially on the offensive line. You've got a lot of young guys. Three of them are supposed to be at the high school prom, and they're in their playing second team and guys are running by them like crazy. They got better as spring went on.
But it is a good chance, and we'll see how they're going to react. At least they've been in practices and understand what going against good people is like.

Q. How good is Brandon Jenkins? How much more dominant can he be this year?
COACH FISHER: I don't know how much more dominant. I'm sure people would probably make a more conscious effort to slide to him or chip him, but that should free up other guys too. But.
Brandon Jenkins is a very good player. He's probably 260 pounds now. Still running well, moving well, can rush the passer. Like I say, playing the run is better because of his size. We expect him to have a great year.
I think Brandon's not only a very good player, he's an instinctive player and understands the game of football very well. So I think he'll make those adjustments. But I think he is a guy that our guys look to. That's for sure.

Q. Considering that your first time in the head coaching spot you made the ACC Championship game last year, just wondering. You mentioned a successful season. How do you look at what is a successful season?
COACH FISHER: There's no certain wins, I don't think. I think it's for a team to reach its maximum potential. Achieve some things that maybe they weren't supposed to achieve. I think that's what you're talking about.
I don't like to put numbers and wins and things like that on it. I want our team to reach its maximum potential and become the best team it can be. I think that's what a successful season is.

Q. With as many starters back as you have, does that indicate a successful season could be at least as well as you did last year?
COACH FISHER: Well, I hope so. I hope so. I hope we win the ACC, and I hope we win a National Championship. You hope all those things. But each team's got to take its own identity. So I hope we can maximize the potential and where we're going. We definitely hope so, that's for sure.

Q. Just curious. I know you've talked about this before. But Will Muschamp was hired at Florida, was there an inclination in the back of your mind that you said, boy, I wish he'd gone somewhere else?
COACH FISHER: No, it's wonderful. He's a great coach, good competitor, all those things. You know you've got your hands full. But whoever got the Florida job was going to be a tremendous coach because it's a great job and it's a great school.
But just because you know a guy, to me that doesn't bother me he as far as things from that standpoint. I'm happy for him and his family. It's a great opportunity for him.

Q. You had been in Tallahassee for a while. But that first summer is it kind of important to get out and go to the functions and meet the fans and stuff?
COACH FISHER: I think it is all the time. I don't think just the first year. I think it is all the time. You have to be consistent and they have to see you and what you stand for. I don't just think that first year is, I think every year is. I really do.

Q. Was it a little uncomfortable your first year though because you had so much going on?
COACH FISHER: No, not really. It really wasn't. We understand as coaches that's part of it. Speaking and interacting with boosters and the people. I like that part of it. That's just being yourself and being honest.
If you're out there trying to be somebody you're not, maybe it is uncomfortable. But that's not the way I look at things.
I didn't think it was uncomfortable at all as far as that standpoint, and it was inconvenient. I like that part of it. You wish you were at home. I hate leaving the family, but I don't mind interacting with people, and I love meeting the folks.

Q. This whole beach house deal you and Will have. Can you explain that a little bit? How's that going to work now?
COACH FISHER: Like it always does. We were never there at the same time. They had their weeks there, and we had our weeks there even when we went and did things. It will be like it always is.

Q. Going back to your offensive line situation, can you be a little more specific as to who some of these guys who have stepped up are? And what is the left tackle situation look like?
COACH FISHER: Dekle will be our left tackle. Dekle is still our left tackle. He'll be back. He's fine. Xavier will be a right tackle. Fahrenkrug will be our center, Stork will be a guard, and Spurlock will probably be a guard, and all three of those inside guys can play center at the same time.
As we get Spurlock back in there hopefully, and you get Trey Pettis in there. And you had Jordan Prestwood who I thought had a good spring and showed some really good signs out there.
I'm trying to think who else we had. Dan Foose is in there. Lovelady was at center, and we have some other guys coming in. You get Blake Snider back from injury coming up. So we'll have quite a few guys inside. There are a few more, but we'll have plenty of guys.

Q. I would expect replacing Rodney's going to be the biggest deal, right?
COACH FISHER: Yeah, you're not going to replace an All-American like that. The guy was one of the best players in Florida State history. But as of right now, one of those guard spots will be Spurlock or Stork, whichever one it is with Fahrenkrug.

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