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February 19, 2011

Jacques Martin

COACH MARTIN: There's a good possibility that James Wisniewski will play tomorrow. We'll re-evaluate how he is tomorrow morning, practice with the team today, and hopefully he'll be fine to play tomorrow.

Q. Can you just talk a little bit about the ice conditions and the weather today?
COACH MARTIN: I think the ice conditions were pretty good. I think the players didn't seem to have any beef about it. Probably the difficult part was the sun. But from my understanding, at 4:00, the sun won't be a factor. So that's good news for the game.

Q. You've seen coaches in the past where throwbacks, hats, do you have anything special you'll be throwing...
COACH MARTIN: I don't think the league has any hats. We have a special jacket symbolizing the classic. I think that's all. But it would be good to be working outside and fresh, and it should be interesting.

Q. Just quickly, did you address your team, talk about getting the distractions out of the way? Has there been a distraction? Because this is way different than the other 81 games; did you address that specifically with them?
COACH MARTIN: I think our players have been very good. We know how important the game is, and I think they're proud to be part of this event.
We had a dinner, a team dinner last night as a team that was put on by our owners. I think it was really well received, and I think it was a nice gesture by him and kind of be part of the festivities, enjoy the moment. At the same time, realize that you're part of the history tomorrow.

Q. Tell us about the importance of getting Gill and Cammalleri back.
COACH MARTIN: There's a good chance they'll both be back tomorrow. They're both veteran players, both experienced players. Hal has played extremely well in the second half of the season. Paired up with Subban. He's really helped our young defender. Most of the time they play against the top line.
Getting Michael Cammalleri back gives us some more scoring punch, should help our power play, should help our other lines as well give us more depth. And I think both individuals bring some leadership to our hockey team and a good example of that today was our players not really wanting to get off the ice. Right at the end enjoying the moment. And those two are leaders in that department.

Q. What did you think about Carey Price's hat?
COACH MARTIN: I think Carey is whatever that helps him to perform I think is the key. And I think it will be a unique experience for him.
I think we had one experience with an outdoor game before. I wasn't there, but Tudor was the goaltender. It was really cold. Performed really well. I know people that were around at that time, Pierre Gervais and Kirk Muller could give him some good advice.

Q. Realizing this is an important game, and it comes through the standings, has it been a little bit of a challenge for you to get all the players focused on the game at hand rather than all the attention on the stuff surrounding the game?
COACH MARTIN: Well, you have to give a lot of credit to the people of Calgary, all the organizers, all the volunteers have done an outstanding job preparing this event. This is a great event.
And I think it's important for the players to enjoy the moment. But come game time tomorrow, it's competition. And there's a lot at stake for both teams. So I expect both teams are going to be well prepared. Both teams are going to compete hard, and we should see an outstanding hockey game.

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