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November 10, 2010

Frank Spaziani

THE MODERATOR: We now welcome Boston College head football coach Frank Spaziani. We'll bring on coach, ask for a brief opening statement, then we'll go to questions.
COACH SPAZIANI: We venture back down to North Carolina our second week in a row to play a very well-coached Duke football team. We need to make sure we improve and play as well as we possibly can play.
So with that, we've got ques-ti-ons.

Q. Frank, Duke uses two quarterbacks with different styles, which seems to be a bit of a growing trend in college football. How difficult is it to prepare on the one hand for Sean Renfree's passing and then when they change up to No. 18 when he comes in the game? Defensively how tough is that to get ready for?
COACH SPAZIANI: Well, it poses some problems obviously. They seem to have two packages. Of course, Connette is the backup in the other package. He can do both.
You have to address it. It certainly complicates your practice time.

Q. Just watching Connette on film, what have your impressions been of him?
COACH SPAZIANI: Seems like a very good athlete. Seems like a very good quarterback, Tim Tebow-ish. Looks like he fits exactly what they're asking him to do.

Q. Frank, your defense of late, what has been helping that defense to be so stingy in recent weeks?
COACH SPAZIANI: There's a lot of factors. We've tried to simplify a few things and tried to focus in and coach it a little bit better, make sure we're not asking our players to do things that they're not exactly equipped to handle.
Then our guys have been working hard. I mean, every week they come out there and they work to get better. It certainly has shown in the last couple of weeks.
But having said that, they will have their work cut out for them this week.

Q. Obviously your running game has been there the last few weeks. Montel has been there all year for you. Is it the offensive line has been blocking better in the recent weeks?
COACH SPAZIANI: Once again, there are a lot of factors to that. One of the biggest factors has been that the offensive line has been intact practicing during the week. Now, that wasn't the case last week. We missed someone, then we have some other issues again. But that helps, to have the same guys blocking. Certainly Montel can feed off of that.

Q. I think it's interesting you're playing Duke for the first time in a while. I know Montel Harris originally committed to Duke and opened up again after the coaching change. Were you involved directly in his recruiting? Can you fill us in on what went on there, how you got in it?
COACH SPAZIANI: No and no (laughter). All I know is that he showed up on our campus.

Q. Can you talk about going down to Duke. It's a place that none of your guys on your team, I don't think your staff, has ever been. Location, does it matter at all in college football?
COACH SPAZIANI: Well, we have guys that have been down there. Coach Brock has been down there. Coach Tranquill has been down there. I certainly have been down there. So we have a familiarity with going into Durham.

Q. Coach, can you explain how Luke Kuechly's excellence makes life easier for some of his teammates, and in particular which players benefit the most from his ability to be all over the place?
COACH SPAZIANI: Well, let's see, we have 85 guys on scholarship, we got 84. I can't name them all (laughter).
Luke is a very good football player as I said over and over again who instinctively plays and he just loves the football game. A lot of times players like that make up for other errors. We're certainly glad to have him over there.
Having said that, he's had a couple issues himself, too. He's not by any means a finished product.
THE MODERATOR: Coach, I think we're finished for the day. Thanks for being with us. Good luck this weekend. We look forward to talking to you next Wednesday.
COACH SPAZIANI: Very good. Thank you.
THE MODERATOR: This concludes today's edition of the ACC football coaches teleconference. We'll be back next Wednesday for another edition beginning at 10:30.

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