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November 10, 2010

Jimbo Fisher

THE MODERATOR: We are joined by Coach Jimbo Fisher from Florida State. We'll bring on Coach Fisher, ask for a brief opening statement, then go to questions.
COACH FISHER: Looking forward to playing Clemson this week as Clemson came off a great win. We came off a very tough loss to a very good North Carolina team who played well. Our kids have responded very well this week. We're looking forward to the challenge.
As I said, we have a lot of ball left to play. We're one of the teams still left in the country that November can mean a lot. We're looking forward to the challenges ahead of us, and hopefully a good week. Looking forward to a great game against Clemson this week.

Q. Coach, could you address a little bit the job that Everett Dawkins has done for you this year as far as moving inside on the line full-time? Seems like even though he's a young guy, he's done a very good job of emerging as a leader for you this year.
COACH FISHER: He really is. First thing, Everett is an outstanding young man. High-quality, high-character kid. Pushed his weight up to 283 pounds. Has great body quickness and has played very solid football for us this year. We think he's going to be a very fine player as he continues here at Florida State.

Q. Jimbo, defensively are there certain things you're focusing on you want to get better after the recent weeks?
COACH FISHER: We still have to stay physical up front, be able to stop the run, and get pressure consistently, correct some mental mistakes in the back end. We had some breakdowns mentally in some coverages that normally doesn't happen, quit giving up the big plays. That's been a thing that's hurt us here the last week or so. We have to continue to grow in that.
We have to get better all the way around as a football team. On defense we continue to grow, can play with more consistency, not give up those big plays. As we say, we have a lot of meaningful football to play. I'm anxious to see how we respond to the challenges.

Q. You looked so good after the Miami game. Are you surprised with what's happened the last two or three weeks?
COACH FISHER: I'm not surprised. I think BC is a very good football team that played well, did a great job on defense. I think North Carolina State played a great second half against us. North Carolina played a great game. Hopefully we can play better.
Like I said, we had opportunities to win both football games. But like I tell our guys, we still would have the same problems. We're still a team who is learning to win consistently. It's a process. We're a young football team. I know a lot of people have picked us to do a lot of things. You have to remember we are still a young football team. Guys are learning to win, have consistency.
Like I say, I don't know if things were as great as everyone thought they were after the Miami game, and I don't think they're as bad as they are now. I like where we're going. I like the attitude and character of this team, the work ethic of it. It's a process in which we have to continue to push on with.

Q. Coach, I saw Christian had fluid drained from his elbow this week. How is he doing?
COACH FISHER: He seems to be doing well. I think most of it has gotten out. Trainer gave me a report a little just a little bit ago that he was doing fine. Everything is coming out very nice.
It's happened already this year once. We've kind of been through it. We kind of know what to expect a little bit. Seems to be progressing very nicely.

Q. Coach, the second time it's happened. Where are you at in terms of Christian's availability for practice tonight? Will he be able to practice at all?
COACH FISHER: I don't know. This afternoon, the doctors will be in around noon to examine him, look at him again. There's a chance he could practice again today. There's a very solid chance because I think they were going by the amount of fluid drained daily. It's came way down, extremely way down, to where it's almost nonexistent.
When they say that happens, he would be released to go back on the field just like he was before. I'm hoping for that. If not, we'll move on with EJ with this practice and make a judgment tomorrow.

Q. That is an injury that can worsen, is that right?
COACH FISHER: There's no structural damage of any kind. It's just an issue of fluid which builds up the tightness of the arm and all that. But he had MRIs on it. There's no structural, ligament damage as far as that goes, or anything that could be permanently restricting to him. If it was something like that, I wouldn't even think about playing him. That would be unfair to him. He's got a great future ahead of him, even farther beyond college, and I would not do that to him.

Q. Coach, just looking at the standings, there are five teams in the league with two losses, another two with three. ACC parity, it's been this way for several years. No team has been able to establish itself as a dominant power. Can you talk about why that hurts the perception of the league that we don't have a top-five top team, but competitively this league has been as competitive as anybody in the country?
COACH FISHER: It is very competitive. You have to play every week. Like you say, the standings prove that. Environments, where you're going into play, home-field advantages throughout the league. It's a very well-coached, very athletic and very good conference. It really is.
I mean, as far as the national limelight, like you say, we haven't had the one team that's jumped up in the top five consistency. I think that's because of the parity we have. That will happen. That goes in streaks I think at times. I really do. I mean, it will happen. There's some really good coaches, really good programs in there. I think as other programs and coaches get more stability in their programs, I think some of those situations can occur.
I know what you're saying as far as from the national spotlight from what they say. If you're not in the title hunt, they push you aside because that's what all the national news is about. I understand that.
We're playing great football down here. Look at the number of people drafted out of this league. I think that shows the parity and strength of the conference.

Q. I was wondering if the league might be better now without a national championship contender than in the '90s when Florida State was going 70-1, dominating the league every year. They were always in the national title hunt.
COACH FISHER: You're right. That's a good point because when you talk about a league, to me as a coach, I think from A to Z. I don't think from A to B. I think a lot of people nationally, you get caught up A to B that you have a national champion, which is great. But as a coach, what you fear is having to play teams A to Z that are all equal. You need to be totally on your game every week to have a chance to win.
If you're A to B, sometimes you can get by not being the best you can, and that's a very good point.

Q. Jimbo, with all the complexity and multiple formations, the computer systems you have to break down teams, how do you avoid chasing ghosts when you're preparing for teams, things you may or may not see? How do you anticipate that stuff?
COACH FISHER: Well, I mean, you have to be sound. That's where in the off-season, the things that go on, you try to create as many situations, formations. You have base rules. You are teaching concept based off of three-man side, two-man side, two-man bunches, three-man bunches, all those different empty sets, all those different things. I think conceptually when you do see something that somebody hasn't shown you of that nature, you have base rules that can apply until you can make an adjustment in the game. People are always breaking out things that you haven't seen, different blitzes that go on defense. Guys come in different formations, bring different pressures. If you have rules that apply, you ought to be at least sound, then you fix it when you get back to the sideline.
How you teach conceptually and how you install things is a big factor.

Q. Coach, for the first time in an awfully long time since you were seven or eight years old there will be no Bowden on this field. Secondly, there's no C.J. Spiller in this game.
COACH FISHER: You're right. It is ironic because Bowden, Clemson, Florida State, the great history. That is ironic that there won't be one in there. The Bowden name won't be forgotten because what they've meant to college football, meant to a lot of people.
C.J. Spiller, I'm all for him not being in there. I'm all for him. I'm glad he's going because he was a very dynamic player. You can see at the next level, he's doing a great job. Jamie Harper is banged up. But Jamie Harper and some of the guys they have up there are excellent players, too. They like the coverage dry. They still got a bunch of great players, that's for sure.
THE MODERATOR: Coach, thanks for being with us. Good luck this weekend. We'll talk to you next Wednesday.
COACH FISHER: Thank you very much.

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