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October 27, 2010

Frank Spaziani

THE MODERATOR: We now welcome Boston College head football coach Frank Spaziani. We'll bring on coach, ask for a brief opening statement, then go to questions.
We obviously have a home game and a conference game in our division against a very good Clemson football team. We're certainly going to have to play one of our better football games.
With that, questions.

Q. Frank, do you feel your team is playing well enough defensively, and that if you can get that extra boost on offense, that could turn the tide for you?
COACH SPAZIANI: I don't want to sound too cliché. It is a team game. Every aspect of it balances out. We tell our players this: no matter what you did on what position, what team you're on, special teams, offense or defense, if we didn't get the W, then we need to improve, we need to get better, it just wasn't good enough. That's the way we've always looked at it, I've always looked at it in coaching.
We can always make more plays on different sides of the ball.

Q. Any things that you see specifically on either side of the ball that you can point to and say, Yeah, we need to fix this?
COACH SPAZIANI: Well, when you have a situation like we're in with a lot of young players, guys being in and out, it's usually multiple things. As I've always said also, when you win, the problems are minimized. When you lose, the problems are maximized.
The problems are always there on every team around the country. You just have to manage them and deal with them. We're well aware where we have to go in, what areas.

Q. Coach, I want to ask, Luke leading the nation in tackles, that's a pretty high number. How much of that is a function of his special quality? How much of it is a function of what you ask of that position?
COACH SPAZIANI: Well, I think it's a combination of both. Once again, he does have a special instinct, special talent. You coach him, try to make him better, put him in the right positions. But he has that instinctive ability, as I said all along. Certainly being in the middle I think has helped him a little bit because he's in the middle.

Q. Montel Harris just topped three thousand yards midway through his junior year. He can make a run at Ted Brown's conference record. Could you see him doing that? Remarkably consistent and durable throughout his career.
COACH SPAZIANI: He is that. He's out there every day. He doesn't miss any practices. He practices hard, with enthusiasm. I mean, he's a model football player and certainly has skill.
I think the sky's the limit. And Montel would be the first one to tell you he would give up some of those yardages for W's.

Q. I know your linebackers are the ones, because of the amount of tackles and plays they make, get a lot of attention. You have a guy on the interior, Damik Scafe, who is a pretty solid player. Talk about his contributions, what he means.
COACH SPAZIANI: Well, in our defense, we need a big guy up front, like a lot of people do. In our system, we need a 300-pounder that can move, dominate, knock people back. Damik has certainly been in that mold for us. He's a team player, works hard, as all the guys do. He's certainly reaping some of the rewards of his hard work in the four years we've had him.

Q. That guy in the middle on your defense has got to do a lot of drudgery-type work. Does it pay off when he can pressure the quarterback, get a sack or something like that?
COACH SPAZIANI: Yeah. Obviously it helps us in stopping the run. Damik has been able to make some headway with pass-rush. Usually those guys inside have a little bit more of a problem pass-rushing because of the nature of the offenses. There's people coming at you from all angles and stuff. But we certainly need them. We try to put them in a position to give us a pass-rush when we can.
THE MODERATOR: Frank, thanks for being with us today. Good luck this weekend. We'll talk to you next Wednesday.
THE MODERATOR: This concludes today's edition of the ACC football coaches teleconference. We'll be back next week. Thanks for being with us.

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