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October 27, 2010

Jimbo Fisher

COACH FISHER: We've embraced our few off days, I think it came at a great time for us so we could heal up. I think our kids are responding very well. We've had a good week of practice, and looking forward to going to Raleigh and playing a great North Carolina State football team.
They've done a great job. They're very dynamic, and we will definitely have to bring an A-game to that stadium in all three phases. Coach O'Brien has done a great job with them, and they're playing very well. They'll be juiced up and ready to play us when we get there. So we'll have a great challenge on our hands and hopefully we'll be ready for it.

Q. I wanted to ask you about Russell Wilson and preparing for him and what he brings and his ability to move around. It seems he's moving more in the pocket just about time to throw instead of scrambling as much as he did early in his career. Can you talk about some of the problems he presents?
COACH FISHER: Well, like I said, he can beat you from the pocket. He can beat you from outside the pocket. He can beat you running. But like you say, as a guy matures and he really understands what his offense is doing and the game slows down a little bit for him, you'll see a lot of guys scramble. They'll do a great job of keeping their eyes up and be able to find those guys down field. His receivers do a good job in the scramble rules of getting where they need to get to, and he can make all the throws.
He's got terrific arm strength. He can throw it a mile, but he has touch, he's accurate. He's a complete football player and a very dynamic football player. Like I say, at any time and anyplace, he can make a play.

Q. I just wonder what you see in terms of his numbers. They're still very, very good, but for a guy that kind of got famous for his non-interception streak and all that, he's turned the ball over a little bit this year. Is there a reason you see on film that maybe happens?
COACH FISHER: Sometimes you can look at interceptions in different ways. A guy don't throw interceptions, but how many chances does he take? Sometimes he can play too conservative, and sometimes you're aggressive and you make plays and interceptions occur.
Interceptions can be good and they can be bad. Because there is, at times if you're too cautious, you don't throw them, but you don't make plays either. Sometimes when you take opportunities and you're confident in your abilities, you're going to make a few throws in there that get tipped or guys make an interception on that. That's part of the game.
But he always comes back and bounces back and makes plays, and sometimes we overanalyze that. We don't want interceptions. You never want them, but you can't tell a guy make all these plays but don't make a mistake. That's hard to do.
When you're confident in your abilities and you have the abilities you have, sometimes you'll make one. But he also makes a lot of big plays with that too.

Q. Moving to the other side of the ball for N.C. State, their linebacker Nate Irving, of course, he missed all of last season. Just wondered what you saw on film? He tends to be a guy who is involved in a lot of plays. How do you scheme for a guy like that?
COACH FISHER: You've got to know where he's headed all times. He's very dynamic. He can rush the pass, plays pass coverage, gets his hands on a lot of balls and makes a lot of tackles. He's athletic and strong with his hands and plays a lot of instinct.
You definitely have to know where he's at. He's the leader of their defense. You can see they rally around him. It's great to see him back on the field after what he overcame. It's a great testament to him. And we'll have our hands full with him because he'll be involved in a lot of plays and we know that.

Q. Also, you guys are sitting at 4-0 in your division. I know you've still got four conference games left to play, but are guys feeling pretty good about their situation in the standings right now?
COACH FISHER: We don't even think about our standings right now. We're just thinking about playing well. We feel confident that we're playing better. We're getting better. Hopefully we'll continue to get better each week, and that's our goal.
We can't worry about our standings or where we're at. What we have to do is control what we can control and that is trying to play well in this football game. That is the only focus we have. We're not caught up in all of the other things.
We have goals of where we want to go. But like I tell them, to get to a goal, you have to take it one step at a time. The biggest step we have now is playing a great North Carolina State team. So don't worry about the outcomes or things you can't control. The only thing you can control now is preparing well and trying to play well when you go to Raleigh.

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