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September 11, 2010

Dayne Crist

Q. How do you feel now?
DAYNE CRIST: Obviously incredibly disappointed. You can't ever feel good about a loss. Proud of the way the guys battled back, but at the end of the day never happy with a loss.

Q. What play was it that you got dinged up on and what happened?
DAYNE CRIST: Just running the ball, just took a hit kind of on the side of the helmet. I had trouble seeing out of my right eye after that. Tried to get back into focus.

Q. Were you talking them into letting you back in?
DAYNE CRIST: Yeah, I wanted to play but wanted to make sure I was all right as well. Trainers and staff were doing tests on this eye to make sure I was okay to play. And they decided I was okay to play after that.

Q. Was it your vision?
DAYNE CRIST: Just kind of dazed a little bit and couldn't really see out of my right eye. But that was really it.

Q. When did you know that you could go back in?
DAYNE CRIST: In like the second quarter. They were doing tests and everything to make sure I was all right. And at that point they said just be ready to go in in the second half.

Q. What are your emotions of 95-yard pass to Rudy and everything seemed so great, and then having, trying to lead them down the field at the end there and coming up a little bit short?
DAYNE CRIST: It's just part of the game. The offense, ready to score, you get in the moment. Kyle made an incredible catch and got open and the read took me there.
But we have to be able to score on every given series. And even early in the game, we could have done a better job of scoring. But obviously, again, like I said, glad how the guys competed but didn't have enough to win.

Q. (Off microphone)
DAYNE CRIST: I mean, in terms of what?

Q. In terms of what were you looking for?
DAYNE CRIST: In front of the ball. Just trying to throw the ball and give the guy a chance. I didn't give him a chance. Poor throw, and that's what it really comes down to.

Q. What were you thinking when you have vision problems, have you ever experienced anything like that? And how long did that take to clear?
DAYNE CRIST: That cleared up throughout the course of the game. But never experienced anything like that.

Q. Always say in the middle of the game, you don't want an interception, just let your guy get it. On the last play like that, you have to have the player, so just keep it in, give the guy a shot?
DAYNE CRIST: Last play of the game, it's really your only option at that point. Just I would have loved to have been able to break the pocket and get a little bit closer. But it happened.
I felt it was a little bit further than it was, and I just made a bad read on the ball.

Q. How tough is it to sit on the sideline and not be able to get in?
DAYNE CRIST: Incredibly tough. You want to be out there competing with your guys. And it's awful anytime you're on the sideline. That's not where you want to be. It was definitely a tough situation. It's what the doctors thought was best.

Q. (Off microphone)
DAYNE CRIST: To be honest, I didn't get a real opportunity to see them out there, because they were busy doing tests and things like that.
But kudos to those guys being able to go in there and manage the offense. It's a tough situation anytime it's the middle of the game and it's a drastic change like that. So I'm proud of those guys, I always am, and we'll talk about kind of the play as a whole and what we'll do better specifically.

Q. Can you take anything away positive in terms of your development?
DAYNE CRIST: Not right now. It's tough to kind of sit and look at things right now. Obviously everyone is just upset we didn't come out on top. That will come again with film study and reviewing the game.

Q. What did you think of Denard?
DAYNE CRIST: Great player. Clearly a guy that's already on the top. He's very critical in making that offense run.

Q. Coach says that he's looking each week to see what this team's identity is, what the identity is. Do you think your team's closer to finding what that is?
DAYNE CRIST: Like I'm not sure if we know 100 percent. But I know our guys compete. I'm proud the way the guys battled back. They didn't get down when we were down. I think as part of our identity we know we can get things going at any point in time, and we've just got a lot of tough guys on offense.

Q. Coach say anything to you specifically after the game was over about your performance, about moving forward?
DAYNE CRIST: Not in particular. I mean, obviously you need to work on some things to get better for next week, and it will come in film study.

Q. Two years in a row, great games for college football fans, it's a great game. For Irish fans, it's tough. Talk about playing in the rival.
DAYNE CRIST: That's how rivalry games go. You never really see them blowouts, rivalry games. Both teams know how important the game is. Both teams want to come out on top and it's a tough situation.

Q. What's going through your mind, Michigan's emotions after you gave them the lead?
DAYNE CRIST: Got to be ready to score and getting the offense ready. You can't control what the defense is doing. We don't really know what the defense is doing from a scheme standpoint. So it's tough to watch. All we know is we just want to control what we can control. And just be ready to score at a moment's notice.

Q. Can you talk about the defense, how they kept in the game?
DAYNE CRIST: They did a superb job. Anytime you're down and you're playing behind, a game like that, you're down two scores, you definitely have to lean on your defense. And without them we wouldn't have even been in the game. So they did a great job.

Q. Coach Kelly said it was probably the 19-yard run where you got hurt. Talk about what happened.
DAYNE CRIST: Got hit on the head. I guess coming down, I hit my head, something like that. I got up, was dazed, blurry out of my right eye. They were doing tests on the sideline to analyze that and see what was going on.

Q. Talk a little bit about the play, about T.J. Jones. What did you see out of him?
DAYNE CRIST: T.J., it's really not anything that surprises me at this point. I mean, he's a playmaker. A guy you can definitely count on. He's a competitor. You love having guys out there like that. T.J. does a great job doing his job every week. He's just a very mature player, especially when you take into consideration how young the guy is.

Q. What was going through your mind with your completed pass, breaking to the open field?
DAYNE CRIST: A lot of excitement. Obviously with a big run like that, you're proud of the guys. Did a great job getting open. The read took me there late in the down and did a great job making the play.

Q. Can you break down that pass to T.J., how did that read go?
DAYNE CRIST: Just breaking down what they were doing all game. Football is a game of confidence, changes and checks and things like that. We're constantly doing things to adapt to what they're doing.
They're checking; we're checking. So it's a very evolving game plan as the game goes on. And just great call for that situation.

Q. Coach said it's going to be a process for you as a quarterback. Where do you rank yourself in that process right now?
DAYNE CRIST: Continuing to develop. Obviously didn't do enough things to win today. It's unfortunate. It's disheartening. But you just have to make sure you're continuing to execute to the best of your ability and just keeping your team in the game.

Q. Anything specific that you have to work on?
DAYNE CRIST: Obviously want to protect the ball. Threw a pick early in the quarter. That's always tough. The team that's turning the ball over the most normally has a tough time winning the game. Just continuing to protect the ball and stay sharp on our reads and based on what the defense is doing, just taking us to the throw.

Q. Brian was talking about what you need most. Is it frustrating to keep patient with the threats?
DAYNE CRIST: Yeah, we don't have a lot of time. I try to hold myself to a high standard and just mature and get better as fast a pace as possible. Obviously disheartening that we didn't come out on top today. But just gotta continue to make better plays and better decisions and hopefully that will help the offense be more successful.

Q. You had a concussion in high school. Did it feel similar today, what happened?
DAYNE CRIST: I mean, certain dynamics of it. But the one I had in high school, I don't even remember anything after the kick-off. So I woke up the next morning and didn't know what happened. So it's definitely different.

Q. But you didn't think: I have a concussion?
DAYNE CRIST: No, they did the tests on the sideline.

Q. Your teammates were saying, one thing you wanted to accomplish after halftime was to show you could still be competitive and compete for the most part there. Did you think you guys were successful?
DAYNE CRIST: Our guys competed a great deal. Definitely have to be proud of that. And as the quarterback of this offense, I'm happy knowing that the guys are competing until the final whistle. But, again, we just didn't make enough plays to come out on top.

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