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November 21, 2009

Jimmy Clausen

Q. (Asking about Coach Weis walking upfront with the players out of the tunnel.)
JIMMY CLAUSEN: It was an idea that myself and two other guys had.

Q. What was the thinking?
JIMMY CLAUSEN: Just us being behind Coach Weis 110%. You know, he's leading the program, and, you know, we just want to show him support.
It was Senior Day, but Coach Weis has gone through a lot. And we're behind him 110%, and that's what we were trying to do today.

Q. What was that moment like?
JIMMY CLAUSEN: You know, it was really special. He had tears coming down his face. You know, it's just hard that we couldn't get a victory for all those seniors and Coach Weis, too.

Q. What are you feeling about him right now? Obviously there are a lot of question marks about his future.
JIMMY CLAUSEN: To be honest, I'm really not thinking about that at all right now. I'm just really disappointed that all the seniors had to go out this way.

Q. Is there a scenario you could be back this year?
JIMMY CLAUSEN: Yes, there is definitely. I haven't talked to my family, Coach Weis or haven't talked to anybody about the future. I was just worrying about today and getting the victory.
I'm going to go in tomorrow, watch the tape. See what I could have done better in the game to help us win, and get ready to go out to California and play Stanford.

Q. If Coach Weis isn't back, would that definitely make your decision?
JIMMY CLAUSEN: Like I said, I'm not going to think about it right now. I haven't thought about it yet. I'm just going to get ready to go out to California to play Stanford.

Q. Do you feel you played your hardest?
JIMMY CLAUSEN: Yeah. I go out there each and every day playing my hardest. Whether I make a few mistakes or bad throws, you know, it's going to come with playing quarterback. But I go out there each and every day to give it my all.

Q. From where you were three weeks ago to this point, sum up how difficult this three week stretch has been?
JIMMY CLAUSEN: It's been really difficult. Obviously, you don't want to lose. Just losing by very little, just those are the tough ones. You know, it's just really hard to swallow.

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