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September 29, 2009

Ross Weaver

Q. You guys have struggled in the defensive backfield this year, and you being a captain and being back there, is there extra pressure on to you right this ship, to get these guys in order?
ROSS WEAVER: There's a lot of pressure, you know, that comes with just having the playing experience. Seeing what we can do and seeing how talented our secondary is and knowing that we can make better plays and put ourselves in better positions. But it's going to come from the players to make those changes and the under class men to follow.

Q. You've been through it all year. How much do you really want to be a part of starting the tradition of beating Michigan on an annual basis?
ROSS WEAVER: Of course it means a lot to the fans, it means a lot to the players, the alumni, of beating Michigan. It would be a great honor to be a part of the tradition. It means a lot because me being here growing up in Michigan, the rivalry, it's very important to be a part of that tradition, to continue to win against your cross-town rivalry.

Q. How much have you noticed teams focusing on Greg, like offensive lines, things of that nature? Obviously you're playing corner, but have you noticed teams focusing on him more?
ROSS WEAVER: Not really. I watch film, I watch cut-ups and everything, but I guard the receivers, and every now and there I'm in there for the run, but I haven't paid attention to the team really focusing on the linebackers or what I really want to focus on.

Q. You and Otis Wiley were pretty close, and I think you still are. Do you talk to him? And in the defensive backfield last year, do you kind of talk to him at this point or get some ideas or motivation how you can kind of do the same thing in your role as captain in the defensive backfield?
ROSS WEAVER: We text each other back and forth, and of course Otis is a great guy. He gives me tips. If I have questions, I can go to him or Justin Kershaw or Javon or Julio, you know, one of those four. Real close with all of those men and we do talk and keep in contact.

Q. When a head coach steps in during practice, what kind of impact do you think that has on you guys, especially when he's doing that in a week like this, given what's transpired the last couple weeks?
ROSS WEAVER: He'll let you know that your position is being closely watched, especially since you're head coach is a defensive back coach, and he knows what's going on back there. They'll also let you know that they know what's going on, and it puts a little bit of pressure on you but also motivates you.

Q. Does the Central Michigan game give you guys any help at all in a game like this against an offense like this?
ROSS WEAVER: Can you say that again?

Q. The Central Michigan game, their offense is somewhat similar. Can you take anything from that game going into this game?
ROSS WEAVER: We can take what we did in that game, which is playing the spread offenses better and the defensive secondary being more solid and communicating and being more grounded.

Q. Being a fifth-year senior you've been a part of this rivalry for a long time. How has it changed since Coach Dantonio has come to East Lansing?
ROSS WEAVER: I would say the passion in the team has changed. I mean, the rivalry has always been there. No matter who came through here to play, we've always, of course, wanted to beat Michigan and whoever we line up against to play. But obviously the connection with the team has grown closer, and the more people, whether the underclassmen or upperclassmen, are willing to understand the importance of this game.

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