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July 15, 2009

Juan Carlos Osorio

COACH OSORIO: First of all, based on our results, every game now is like a final to us. So tomorrow is nothing different. In our opinion, it's the most important game of the week of our -- a lot of things are at stake on the future results.
So we are all aware of that and hopefully we can start winning some games and hopefully that will be the case tomorrow.

Q. I imagine the last people you want to see opposite you tomorrow on Thursday night are Beckham and Donovan?
COACH OSORIO: No, as a matter of fact, I think it would be probably a great chance. I don't think at this particular moment we're hoping for an easy game.
I think we are thinking that we can compete better. And we are a better team than what the results show for. And tomorrow is a great opportunity to do that against a very good team, a very good coach and very good players.

Q. Can you speak about the players that you've bolstered the squad with, and when you think they might be able to contribute?
COACH OSORIO: Well, the center defender, Leo Krupnik, we waited on his international transfer and hopefully that will happen sometime soon. We have planned in case that happens today. Ernst is waiting for his visa. And again hopefully that will happen in the next two weeks. And we are deciding on a third player, but at this particular time I cannot make any more comments.

Q. For the Red Bulls to succeed in this marketplace both financially and on the field do you need to bring in a major international star or someone to make it?
COACH OSORIO: I would think that would help immensely, because at the end of the day this is the main thing that we need to do for the club to be successful, is to put a winning team. And I think we all know the restrictions and rules. So there are two ways to do it.
A, bring the one or two top players that will make a difference. And, B, mix them with young talented American players that will be the future of the club. And at the moment we have some of those young talented American players, but we still are missing one or two difference-makers, and hopefully that will happen soon.

Q. In terms of the designated player, what position would you prefer? Because obviously you're limited in as many as you can get. But who do you think?
COACH OSORIO: I will, if I'm given the choice, I will go for a centerback, but I understand that historically those designated players have been offensive-minded players, and I respect that. And I still think they would be good, if that's the direction the club decides to take. But you asked me a personal question. That's my -- I would say we have to strengthen the back line first.

Q. This fixture here at Giants Stadium, the last two years, dramatic games, high scoring affairs, do you think this has the opportunity to be that sort of kick for your team, to start a run?
COACH OSORIO: I would prefer a game similar to what we have last year where we're winning down to the last minute. And the final kick of the game, they tied the game, as opposed to the game, the year before where it was 5-4. Again, I also understand that most fans would like to see a lot of goals. I would prefer a tie game.
But certainly it will be a different game for many reasons. And we're trying to prepare, or we have prepared the team for either case.

Q. Coach, based on the meetings that Eric and Jeff had in Austria and things staying the same, do you feel like you need to be an overall success the rest of the year for everyone to keep their jobs, or perhaps it's more or less oriented CONCACAF league oriented, where do you have to show the improvement?
COACH OSORIO: Obviously those decisions are out of my hands. But I would think that I can tell you what my message is to the players, and is just to win as many games as we can.
Obviously the CONCACAF is a lot more important than it was six months ago. But we are playing for our pride. We are playing for our future. I told the players they don't want to be in a losing team. So we all have to perform better and just try to win games and see how far that takes us.

Q. Last match you played against Columbus there were definitely some positive attributes from the way the team played and we had spoken before. You guys came close but you didn't get the result. Two questions. One, how do you maintain the motivation? Like what do you do during this difficult time to find the motivation for your players? And, two, what are five centerbacks that you would like around the world?
COACH OSORIO: First of all, to keep the guys motivated in my opinion there's only one way to do it and it's to be honest with them. We go back to the videos and we show them the bad things we do and the positive things that we do.
The one that I have to say is that in the past three weeks we have been training with 12 players, 14 players. In the past three days we have been training with 18 players, 20 players, and that makes a huge difference.
So the team spirit is high. For the first time tomorrow -- no, for the third time in the whole year, we will have new signings playing. And hopefully when we put that all together we are a better team.
Mack, Albert, Juan, they're all in better shape now. So I think we hopefully will testify to that tomorrow with a good performance. As far as the centerbacks, I can mention four or five, yes.
I mentioned this, and I can say two other people: [Martin Rossi] is one. [Mario Jeppis], [Angel Montajon]. Wilman, who you guys know I brought here to this league. So they're all left with what's good in the air, very fit, athletically, to competing in this league and very comfortable on the ball.

Q. How do you best describe the morale of your team right now? It's been a tough go of it. And what's training been like in terms of morale? You said it's a little bit high spirited but it's got to be tough for all these guys with the results all piling up on the negative side.
COACH OSORIO: Well, first of all, I have to tell you I was part of the coaching staff at Manchester City when we were 14 games without a win. So I remember those days. And I have a vivid image of what it was like back then. And if I compare both situations I think we are doing quite well.
Again, I don't fault anybody. I tell the players, the pressure is on me. They just have to come and play and perform. And I think if you analyze the games one by one, then we are certainly a better team than what the results show for. And that's what I try to convince the players that we now have enough in the locker room to win games, and hopefully we'll start doing that soon.

Q. As long as you brought up Manchester City, I was wondering what your thinking is on their spending these days?
COACH OSORIO: I wish we could have some of that. No, I think at that level -- well, at any level it's down to the players. And in the English market, they are certainly one of the richest clubs right now.
So hopefully they will bring the right players and bring a lot of success to the club, because they certainly deserve that. The fans are great and the club is very good.

Q. Your thoughts on the Galaxy and how they've been playing. Obviously without David as well.
COACH OSORIO: I think they are a team that has shown consistency in their system of play. They play 4-4-2. In the middle they usually have, in the central position, one defensive mid-fielder and one attacking mid-fielder. Miglioranzi is a good distributor. Mike is a good passer. The wide players, they just get wide and produce crosses.
I think they have different options up front. Buddle is quite fast and runs in behind. Eskandarian, good shots from distance. Kirovski can play there also, good target man, although he's playing on the right side now.
I think the main difference -- the difference will be made wherever they played as fullbacks because then the overlapping runs of the fullbacks will make it either easier or harder to mark the wide plays. Ricketts have done very good job for them. So I think a good team, as I mentioned before, with a good coach. And I think that would be very good ingredients for a good game tomorrow.

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