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June 4, 2009

Beth Daniel

Dottie Pepper

DAN HIGGINS: Good morning, everyone. I'm joined here with Jeremy Friedman from my team. Thank you all for joining the call about our coverage for the McDonald's LPGA Championship next me. Joining me on the call are three very important people who will contribute greatly to The Golf Channel's telecast to the tournament, Dottie Pepper will serve as our lead analyst. She'll join Brian Hammons in the booth. Dottie, after a stellar professional career on the LPGA Tour, joined Golf Channel in 1995 and delivered candid commentary. We're really happy to have her on our team.
Beth Daniel is one of the most recognizable names and faces on the Tour. Her career boasts 33 titles including winning this championship in 1990. She also will captain the USA team for this year's Solheim Cup, which also will air on The Golf Channel.
And then Beth Hutter, there's two Beths on this call, so I will say first and last names for each of those ladies. But Beth Hutter is a veteran of our production team. She was the first female to produce sanctioned PGA TOUR events for television, and she will serve as our live tournament producer for this year's McDonald's LPGA Championship. Welcome, ladies, thank you all for being on the call.
A few housekeeping items for people on the call, Golf Channel will carry all four rounds of the McDonald's LPGA Championship live and in high definition this year. We will do replays in prime time, and our other talent lineup, that's the team that's going to be handling the telecast as I mentioned before
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