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September 27, 2008

Jimmy Clausen

THE MODERATOR: Questions, please

Q. How did that feel?
JIMMY CLAUSEN: It felt good. Offense got it going early on, and it feels good to get a victory.

Q. Did that feel like your best day individually?
JIMMY CLAUSEN: Yeah, I played good out there. You know, I felt comfortable. I was reading the coverage pretty good. I felt like I knew what to do coming into the game, and the coaches helped me and got me ready to go.

Q. Did you use the weapons you have at your disposal? You're using the leadoff more now, the running game going, you've got other things going?
JIMMY CLAUSEN: Yeah, you know, those guys really played today. It makes my job a lot easier when everyone's healthy and 100%. It just makes my job a lot easier.

Q. Did you feel like you were not getting pressured much today at all?
JIMMY CLAUSEN: Actually I felt some pressure at certain times during the game. But I felt that we did a very good job on the offensive line in the back of taking off the pressure and throwing it .

Q. (No microphone)?
JIMMY CLAUSEN: I think so. We came out and executed the game plan and got a victory. That's pretty much all we wanted to do.

Q. Have you been impatient for a day like today: three touchdowns, no interceptions, accuracy-wise? Or did you feel like you were progressing to one of these days in your future?
JIMMY CLAUSEN: You know, I know I'm capable of doing stuff like that. It was just a matter of time and practice preparation to get to this point.

Q. You said there was pressure. You seemed to sidestep it at times. It seemed you were more comfortable with the pressure than you were at the end of last season?
JIMMY CLAUSEN: Yeah, it comes around with game experience. You experience more games and game situations it slows down for you. It just helped me out.

Q. Can you talk about the touchdown pass to Grimes?
JIMMY CLAUSEN: Yeah, they were trying to get pressure on us. Me and Grimes we looked at each other, and he ran the fade and I just threw it up to him and made the play.

Q. It seemed you threw it really high. That was a pretty high ball?
JIMMY CLAUSEN: Yeah, I couldn't see what he was doing. Like I said, they were playing, and I couldn't see if he was being jammed to the line or whatever. So I just threw it up.

Q. Did you see him catch it? Because it dropped purposely in his hand. Were you able to witness it when he caught it?
JIMMY CLAUSEN: I didn't because I got hit on that play.

Q. You'll see it on tape?
JIMMY CLAUSEN: Yeah, but I haven't seen it at all.

Q. A lot of different guys scoring touchdowns. How encouraged are you about how you're spreading the wealth this week?
JIMMY CLAUSEN: That's great. Lot of guys stepping up and making big plays in big games.
Like I said earlier, we have weapons like that where you can throw it to anyone at any time to score.

Q. Is it fun to see you get pressure on the return for interception for a touchdown, and a freshman scores another touchdown?
JIMMY CLAUSEN: It's great. We're still a young team. We're still a young team - mostly sophomores, freshmen and juniors.
We're progressing, like I said. We've still got to go out each and every day and practice and get better.

Q. Can you talk about Armando's day? He obviously took a lot of pressure from his offense the way he ran the ball?
JIMMY CLAUSEN: He did a good job today. I talked to him last night. He did a great job today.

Q. You guys are 3-0 at home. Are you building up a comfort zone here with your fans?
JIMMY CLAUSEN: Yeah, I think so. Just playing at home it's just special, you know. There's something different about playing here than any other place. You know, I think we did a good job of coming out, getting us fired up and playing the games.

Q. How big was that third quarter? To have a tight game and get the offense rolling. You guys hadn't scored in the third quarter all season?
JIMMY CLAUSEN: Yeah, it was big for us. It was them scoring, us scoring, them scoring, us scoring. So it was a battle. I think we did a really good job of executing the game plan, doing what the coaches tell us to do and get the job done.

Q. Is it nice to have that rhythm and feel comfortable in that rhythm?
JIMMY CLAUSEN: Yeah, it's great. That's what good offenses do. They get in that rhythm and just stay in there throughout the games.

Q. Do you think you're getting close to being a great offense?
JIMMY CLAUSEN: Yeah, like I said, we've got a long ways to go. We're a pretty young team. We've got to keep going each and every day during practice. Not taking any days off and just keep working hard.

Q. (Indiscernible)?
JIMMY CLAUSEN: I don't know. I've got to watch the tape first and see what the coaches saw and just learn from the tape.

Q. You were really the rushing star of the game with those quarterback sneaks. Did you tell Armando Allen that?
JIMMY CLAUSEN: No, I didn't tell him.

Q. Talk about how that helps your offense though to be able to see it back over 100 and swing it around like you did today?
JIMMY CLAUSEN: It's great. It's hard for a defense to play both the run and the pass. You're either going to play the run and let the quarterback throw the ball or you're going to play the pass and let the running back run around. So it's hard. It's hard when you can do something like that.

Q. It seems like you're looking at the receivers and coming back. Are you feeling more comfortable?
JIMMY CLAUSEN: Yeah, I feel comfortable out there. I know what the play's called and I've got to either quick pass look somewhere else to throw a quick pass, you know. I feel good out there.

Q. How much fun was it to get a win over Purdue? Last year you made your start against Purdue?
JIMMY CLAUSEN: It was good. Last year they knocked me out of the game, actually. That was pretty tough. You know, it feels great.

Q. Early on, you get the first down from there and use the quarterback sneak. You're so confident in your offensive line you felt you were going to get that first down?
JIMMY CLAUSEN: Yeah, the offensive line did a great job today. You know in this kind of situation, you know, they wanted to run the ball behind those guys and they did a good job.

Q. How important was this one that you stay just at one?
JIMMY CLAUSEN: It's really big. When you come off a loss, you've got to bounce back, and I think the team did a great job of bouncing back tonight.

Q. How good was it to get that first touchdown drive in the first quarter?
JIMMY CLAUSEN: It was huge. Coach Weis said this is the biggest drive of the season right here. You've got to come out and put points on the board, and that's what we did.

Q. (No microphone)?
JIMMY CLAUSEN: You know, it's great to have an offense like those two guys. It makes my job a lot easier.

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