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September 24, 2008

Bernd Boente

Dino Duva

Ivalo Gotzev

Vitali Klitschko

Tom Loeffler

Stacey McKinley

Samuel Peter

World Boxing Council (WBC) heavyweight champion Sam Peter (30-1, 23 KOs) will defend against WBC Champion Emeritus Vitali Klitschko (35-2, 34 KOs) in the opening half of a world championship doubleheader Saturday, Oct. 11, on SHOWTIME CHAMPIONSHIP BOXING.
Immediately following the heavyweight world title fight, which begins at 9 p.m. ET/PT on tape delay, two light heavyweight champions will meet, live on SHOWTIME, when Antonio "Magic Man" Tarver and "Bad" Chad Dawson square off in a long-awaited grudge match.
If successful on Oct. 11, Klitschko will join his younger brother at the top of the heavyweight division, making them the only siblings in history to hold world heavyweight title belts simultaneously. Wladimir is the current International Boxing Federation (IBF), World Boxing Organization (WBO) and International Boxing Organization (IBO) champ.
The Peter-Klitschko showdown will be co-promoted by Duva Boxing, K2 Promotions and Don King Productions. Tarver vs. Dawson is promoted by AT Entertainment and Gary Shaw Productions in association with Palms Casino Resort Las Vegas.

DINO DUVA: I'd just like to say this fight has been a long time coming through all the BS and behind-the-scenes stuff of leading up to this fight, it's finally here. It's finally here. And anybody that had any doubts that this fight was going to happen should put them away because this fight's going to happen on October 11th, and I really believe it's going to be a classic heavyweight title fight.
The styles of these fighters doesn't ask for anything else. It's got to be a great fight. And the fans are going to be -- for the fans it's going to be worth the wait. And we're excited to be doing it together with Duva Boxing K2 Promotions, Don King. And I'm looking forward to it and the fans should be looking forward to it.
If you want to have Ivalo and Sam say a few words.
IVALO GOTZEV: Okay. We're basically residing for the last three weeks in Freiburg, Germany in Schwarzwald, which is the Black Forest. I can tell you for the past eight years that I've spent with Samuel, for every one of his fights, this is by far his best preparation.
This is going to be the best Samuel Peter ever. I can't wait. I'm so excited. This has been a tremendous camp for us, and I'm so proud of Samuel and Team Peter for doing their job and staying diligent to their work.
And it's going to be an amazing night. An amazing night. And I just want to let everyone know that we're in the Black Forest here, and Samuel has added tremendous exercise to his routine, chopping on trees. But for the past few days we've been running out of trees, so I hope Klitschko shows up there and I hope he stands tall because that's what's going to happen to him, chop up on him. That's all I can say.

Q. What city are you in in Austria?
IVALO GOTZEV: We're in Germany, south Germany, the city is Freiburg. And it's the famous Black Forest, Schwarzwald. It's a tremendous town. It's a little town with a training sports university that's been very, very helpful to us, and we're staying at a special hotel in the middle of the forest and we take on some special exercises.
STACEY McKINLEY: First of all, I'd like to say we've got a great training staff. We've got [Ed Cashians]. [Billy Pad] our strength and conditioning. And [Evan] is head of all the conditioning training.
I'm looking forward to the fight myself because I know the style of the fight. This is going to be a great fight. Like they say in boxing, history repeats itself. I've seen this thing play out before with Larry Wholmes. When Mohammed Ali came out of retirement to take on a young champion Larry Wholmes, you saw what happened then. And also saw Larry Wholmes when he came out of retirement to take on a young Mike Tyson. You saw what happened. And what's happening right now is Vitali Klitschko is coming out of retirement to take on a young Samuel Peters.
And the headline is going to be reading Murder She Wrote. It ain't going to be no doubt about it. We'll get a knockout. But we're not taking this guy light. That's why we come here early, because we know it's a dangerous fight and a good fight. But Samuel is a whole new Samuel Peters. We're looking forward to a great fight.
TOM LOEFFLER: We're very excited at K2 Promotions to co-promote the fight with Dino Duva of Duva Boxing with Don King Productions. This is going to be a great fight. It's really probably the best heavyweight matchup in quite a while where you have a proven champion in Samuel Peter, and then you have Vitali who never lost his title in the ring coming back.
I think, just to get to what Stacy was talking about, on our side we're looking at it more as a Mohammed Ali coming out of retirement, not retirement, but time off and beating George Foreman. I think that's the way we're looking at it, where Vitali will come back to claim his title and prove that he's still a champion.
One thing that the press hasn't really picked up on is if Vitali wins October 11th, the fight will be in Berlin, Germany. We're happy to work with SHOWTIME to broadcast this fight over in the states. But one thing the press hasn't picked up, if Vitali wins it will be the first time in history where two brothers have a heavyweight championship at the same time. So that's a historical event from our side at K2 Promotions.
BERND BOENTE: Hello, everybody. Yeah, we are here at the training camp in the Austrian Alps where we've been before. Wladimir trained here. Vitali has trained here a couple times a year very often in the last eight years. And the conditions are wonderful. Great sparring partners. Great sparring. Cris Kunick, the German coach is very, very happy with the improvement.
Vitali is already absolutely ready. Looking forward to the fight. The tickets sales are great. We had media days yesterday. And today we had around 70 or 80 journalists over here. It was really great. Many camera teams. Photographers. So it's a huge fight. Everybody here in Europe, not only in Germany and Austria, we had teams from Croatia over here. And everybody in Europe is looking forward to a great event. And both fighters train over here.
We all are looking forward to a great fight night.
SAMUEL PETER: I just want to thank God for everything, giving me an opportunity to redeem myself. It's been a short time. But now's a good champion put this fight back together right here in Germany.
I'm still the WBC heavyweight champion of the world. I don't know what gives him a right to step in my heavenly. So that should be a very big fight coming up on October 11th. We'll keep K1 and K2 normal. I'm ready, ready to go. I've never given up no fight. In 2001, I never stopped no fight. I thank God for that. Anybody want to fight Samuel Peter, I'm ready to fight anybody. But I don't know what gives him a right to step in my heavenly.
VITALI KLITSCHKO: Good evening. Good afternoon everybody. I'm very happy to take part in this conference call. I am right now, Bernd actually say I'm in Austria. And the preparation worked well and very happy I have very good sparring partner. It looks like Samuel Peter, some partners a little bit bigger, some partners a little smaller. Some exactly the same. Actually, I have to order some new sparring partners because a couple of them can't spar anymore.
But, anyway, I feel great. I am very hungry for the fight. Actually, I make a break for three and a half years and this time it was great for me to recovering. And actually what I feel, what I want to say is Samuel Peter, I'm so sorry, Samuel. Klitschko, you want to -- you make a fight with Wladimir. Wladimir stop you. And you have to wait a couple of years to fight for world champion. Actually, you get, you grow and you are now at world champion. But, again, please know right now that all this fight against you, and I'm so sorry, I don't have -- I have nothing against you, but I want to fight against my title and take my title back.
SAMUEL PETER: I don't have anything against you, you know. I don't have anything in my heart against you.
VITALI KLITSCHKO: And after that you can talk and speak. I am very -- I look very optimistic in the fight and all preparation is doing well. And I know this fight will be very interesting because in the rink will be two world champions.
I don't lose my title in the fight, I give my title three year back. Right now I want to take my title back. I'm healthy right now. And actually I don't want to underestimate Samuel Peter, very strong fighter. And I follow his career and I know the fight will not be easy. It will be very, very interesting for everybody who buys the tickets, who will be in 02 in Berlin, for everyone who will be seeing the fight and SHOWTIME or on regular television. I know the fight will be seen in more than 100 countries around the world. And it will be real heavyweight fight between two world champions, because I'm the world champion, the champion who doesn't lose his title, and against active world champion Samuel Peter.

Q. Sam, do you have any concerns about fighting in Germany?
SAMUEL PETER: This is great news. My dream. You can read the article about the fight in Germany. My dream is to fight in Germany because I've never been in Germany. I've been hearing about Germany.
Throughout my career I really wanted to come for training camp here in Germany because I have a chance to spar with them, before I go to Olympics, Klitschko brothers. So when he came for elimination, I knocked him out in the first round. He told me I mean Germany, Klitschko, I didn't even know them then. When I came to United States I hear about Klitschko. But I hear their name when I sparred this guy before the Olympics. So it was my dream to come to Germany and fight in Germany. I'm so happy. It's a great place to make history.

Q. Vitali, during this time off for you, due to the injuries, was there ever any doubt in your mind that you would be able to resume your boxing career? And also you guys, anybody familiar with the Klitschko brothers, know the dream has always been to hold the titles simultaneously. Is there added pressure on you to win this fight? Like I said, you've been close before. Added pressure for you to win the title so you guys can make history?
VITALI KLITSCHKO: You know what, I actually one year ago I fought (indiscernible) and I very much appreciate, the president of WBC give me a chance to fight for the world title. And for me it's not important who will be the world champion, who takes the title. And happens right now, Samuel Peters is the world champion and I'll be happy to fight him and I'm recovered 100 percent. I feel very well. And the injury is small from yesterday and that's why I feel healthy and I don't think about it and I look forward to the fight. And I'm ready. I'm ready to show my performance inside the ring and not whether you can see the old or the new Vitali Klitschko.

Q. Vitali, when you finally got the okay or the approval from the doctor that you could fight again, how excited were you? What was your reaction?
VITALI KLITSCHKO: You know what, before (indiscernible) I feel myself my body is well, better than some doctor. I feel great. I spent every day in the training gym. And just after that I go to the doctor. The doctor makes medication test and I take green light from him. I go to my coach who makes training test and was actually excellent result.
And that's what I -- I don't think about some problems. I feel great and I look forward.

Q. Vitali, if you could kind of tell us a little bit about how difficult it was for you when you initially decided on retiring from the sport, because I know you have suffered a couple of injuries after your fight with [Rothman], how difficult was it to make that decision to step away from the sport?
VITALI KLITSCHKO: To be honest, I don't want to step away from the sport, but I take the injury to (indiscernible) in my knee and they give me two months to make the fight. But doctors after that operation gave me six months. That's why I didn't have the chance. I didn't want to wait, if somebody take my title. I give my title back and I announce my retirement.
But after a couple of years, and I decide it's Wladimir right now the strongest heavyweight in the heavyweight division, boxer in the heavyweight division. And always we have a dream to be the world champions together and take all title in Klitschko. But you know what, I spoke with my brother. I spoke with my trainer, with my friends, they came and decide to make my comeback back to the ring.

Q. After your loss to Lennox Lewis, you basically ended up becoming probably one of the most popular heavyweights at that time, especially when you fought back in that way and you had a lot of fanfare out there. Within these last four years you've been retired, you've seen some heavyweights coming through. How do you see the landscape, and do you think you have enough left in the tank to once again be the top guy in division?
VITALI KLITSCHKO: Exactly the same question I received today, because we had so many press. And if I tell who is the strongest one in (indiscernible) no question Wladimir is the strongest one. In my opinion the second place is Samuel Peter and just after that place number three [Swishgy] and [Valui].

Q. My question was how do you feel physically? I know you feel 100 percent now. But do you feel that you still have enough left to be able to be one of the top guys in the division?
VITALI KLITSCHKO: You know what, I can explain to you so much. But much more important, not explain much more important to show the good performance. And exactly it's good answer for your question is receive (indiscernible).

Q. Sam, you've fought his brother, which was a very close fight. Do you think there's something that you could take away from the fight with Wladimir that you could take into the fight with Vitali? I know they don't have exactly the same styles, but they have the same height, similar punching power, is there something that you might have learned from that fight that will help you against Vitali.
SAMUEL PETER: Well, I'm getting ready for this. But I don't take anything away from him. I know he is the heavyweight champion. I don't know who he beat to become heavyweight champion of the world but what I know I know on October 11th I'll prove myself again.

Q. Vitali, good to see you back in the ring. I'd just like to ask you why are you risking such a big fight without going in with a warm up beforehand.
VITALI KLITSCHKO: I don't need to warm up for fights. I feel great. I made all tests with my coach, and after that we decide to fight directly against Samuel Peter.

Q. You going to be suffering from any ring rust at all, Vitali?
VITALI KLITSCHKO: The last year, I'm ready to fight anyone. Anyone. And actually last year I wanted to fight McCline. I decided it's many say why so strong enough. Some people tell it's too strong enough, but I decided to fight McCline. But after my announcement, Samuel Peter made a big mistake to take McCline. And actually Peter was lucky to win the fight because the fight was, he was very close to lose the fight by decision.

Q. Stacey McKinley, you said earlier that we're going to see a new Samuel Peter. Could you explain a little bit about that what you meant by that?
STACEY McKINLEY: I was listening to what Vitali was saying about he's trying to make a comparison with Jameel McCline fight. I don't think he saw the last fight when Samuel actually went and won the title. You saw a different fighter in Samuel Peter. You saw different skills. His defense was better. He had better upper body movement. The whole nine yards.
Emanual Steward was saying this guy is a Class A fighter now. I want to tell you since that particular fight, I went to Africa with Samuel, went back home to Nigeria. I went with him to make sure that we trained and kept honing our skills. We've been training for about five months for this fight. So I'm telling you right now you're looking at a totally different fighter. This fighter has been in training camp for a good solid five weeks over here in Germany where he's going to be fighting. Most American fighters make the mistake coming over here seven to 12 days before the fight.
But Samuel Peter with his managerial team, his promotional team we've been around long enough to know better. We got over here at least a month ahead of time. We are in 100 percent condition. I've been in great heavyweight fights before. I've trained all different styles of fighters. Trained guys who fight like Samuel Peter fights like Ernie Shaver, this type of fighter. We've got guys fight like Klitschko, good boxers. Trained Tony Tucker, boxes like him. Style mix fights. And there's no way this kid is going to be in the ring, even if he had never left the ring, at this particular point in time, he cannot beat Samuel Peters.
He's too strong, too powerful, defense is too good and he's too hungry and too young. That's just the bottom line. Pass the torch on because he can't defeat Samuel Peter. Some reporter actually what type of strategy you going to use? I told just like the vulture, going straight for the anus. We ain't fooling around. Ain't no strategy. We're going straight to fight and I would like to fight Vitali first six rounds then put Wladimir in there for the second six rounds. I'm telling you the truth. I honestly believe that.

Q. Vitali, do you want to comment on that, that the Sam Peter and his camp obviously saying he's a far improved fighter than from when he fought Wladimir a couple of years ago, do you want to comment on that Vitali?
VITALI KLITSCHKO: What was that? Could you repeat the question, please?

Q. Would you like to comment on that, that obviously Sam Peter and his camp feels that he's a far improved fighter from when he fought Wladimir a few years ago, and even when he fought McCline last year, just wanted Vitali's comment on that. Any comment from Vitali?
VITALI KLITSCHKO: Actually, I think which answer I have to give you. It's very difficult. You know about yourself as a fight against Wladimir. And you saw yourself the fight against McCline. You can decide.
My personal opinion it's Wladimir, the last round -- actually, I don't know what -- I can't explain how is Peter better or not. I prepare for 100 percent. I know he's very tough fighter and (indiscernible) that's why I prepare very well. That's why I studied his whole career and that's why the minute by right now looking at Samuel Peter and Samuel I know everything about you. My people everywhere around Germany. That's why be careful.
SAMUEL PETER: He's from Ukraine. Freiburg is my city. I take over. I will take over whenever I go, I will take over. I told him already I take over wherever I go. So we always take over. We're always ready all the time. So your people will be my people. You never know.

Q. Sam, what was it like after winning the WBC title and going back to Africa? What was the reaction there?
SAMUEL PETER: Well, I make my dream come true. My dream will come true. My dream was to be the first African, Nigerian to be the heavyweight champion of the world. I made it. I think that dream will be true because I'm heavyweight champion of the world. I don't think anything -- he's a good fighter. I don't know why he's a world champion. I don't know why he says he's a world champion. I went back home. Everybody embraced me. I went to, the president embraced me, and then I was promoted to GE. I was promoted to GPS in Nigerian police. Everybody was so happy for me going home with the WBC champion first heavyweight in Nigeria to become heavyweight champion of the world. I made my dream come true. And I thank God for that. If anything God does not establish, I don't think he will be able to -- the magic will not work. Heavyweight, I've been choosing one.

Q. Style-wise, can you compare the brothers or are they different fighters, style-wise?

Q. Sam, style-wise, would you say Vitali and Wladimir are similar or do they possess different type styles?
SAMUEL PETER: They fight like they're robots. They fight -- I don't fight (indiscernible) look through my career. I fight all these fighters. I beat his brother. Give him the fight. That does not matter. All of them fight like a robot. I'm not a robot. I am skilled fighter and puncher. I do whatever I need to win. I will be ready October 11th. Style-wise, I'm okay. I'll prove myself again. I'll prove my skill. Only take one thing to win this fight. And I have it. I don't know what he said that. I'm going to beat him.

Q. Vitali, could you talk a little bit about your political career and your aspirations, politics.
VITALI KLITSCHKO: You know what is -- actually, I come from Ukraine, and I very appreciate (indiscernible) giving me a chance to travel around the world and to meet many people to help all of this experience, but I'm sure Ukraine is a very young country, young democracy. And Ukraine have great potential. And it's from young people who have a vision with them so many in the future of our country. That's why I'm ready to invest for my country so much energy, so much ideas and examples my contacts and to bring the Ukraine closer to European Union to world union, and I know Ukraine might be in five or 10 years will be in European Union, not just geographically and it will be part of the European Union. And I know Ukraine have great potential and that's why I spent a lot of time in Ukraine and I believe in my country I give my country the best of what I can.

Q. Who have you been sparring with for this fight?
VITALI KLITSCHKO: It's very good sparring partner.

Q. What are the names?
VITALI KLITSCHKO: The name? It's a secret. It's top secret. You know what --

Q. No secrets in boxing.
VITALI KLITSCHKO: They want to know everyone.
SAMUEL PETER: I don't want to know who he's sparring. I'm Samuel Peter I don't want to watch your tape. I don't want to know your sparring fighter. Nobody can fight my style. Jim said I have a sparring fighter like Samuel Peter. Nobody fights like me. Nobody punch like me. When I punch you, you'll remember you make a mistake. So nobody fight like me. So don't tell me that you have a sparring fighter like me. Nobody fights like me. Nobody's like me.
IVALO GOTZEV: Exactly. Let me add this to this conversation, because we've been hearing about how well they're preparing in the Alps, in the big white alps, and the secret and everything is top secret, they have installed their little spies in all angles of the Black Forest. You know what, Vitali, here's where it's going to come down, brother. October 11th it's you and Samuel Peter in the ring. There's no friends, there's no companies, nobody out there helping you because those 12 rounds you better be ready.
VITALI KLITSCHKO: Why you bring these body guards to send Samuel Peter to Berlin arena? You're afraid of me.
DINO DUVA: Vitali, I appreciate it, because honestly I'll expose you in a bad way because you and I had a private conversation in which you went out of line. But that's between you and me. You and me mono-e-mono. We've got friends, many friends. Europe is where I'm from, buddy. So all this country doesn't go up to. You're a foreigner in this country. And talking to the people in the streets, they're cheering for Samuel Peter. And we can't wait to wrap all their friends, if they're existing, we're going to go make our own fans because this is Samuel Peter time right now to shine in Europe, Germany.
SAMUEL PETER: I'm not afraid of any damn man except God. I came to this country. I'm taking over this country. So don't think that I'm bringing body guards or anything. You have to spread your money you have to give out to people. Bodyguard, no bodyguard, nobody can get me. I got God on me. I've got him on my side. So even (indiscernible) you know that.
BERND BOENTE: We're trembling, the new Robin hood is coming from the Black Forest.
STACEY McKINLEY: It's my experience, in 40 years of boxing, either you're going to be a fighter or you're going to be a politician. You can't be both. You going to be a politician you better leave that boxing ring alone. I'll tell you that right now. If you get up there, try to be a politician, judge or governor or whatever you want to be, watch and see what happens. You got to be a successful fighter. That's all you gotta do is fight. That's what you're supposed to do is be a fighter. You cannot be a fighter, a politician singer, a belly dancer, all the stuff you are trying to be. Ain't going to work in the boxing ring. All we know is fight. That's what we know that's what we live for.
SAMUEL PETER: Next time you're going to win election, you come and see me. I'll teach him how to do that.
STACEY McKINLEY: That's right, champ. Teach him how to be a politician. You are not a fighter. You're a big amateur, overgrown amateur, that's all you are. A amateur. You ain't got no skills.

Q. Sam, over the last couple of years we've seen a gradual improvement over your style and the skills that you've been showing in the ring. What specifically have you been working on for this fight, on the defensive side or offensive side?
SAMUEL PETER: I'm moving on to chop the tree down.
STACEY McKINLEY: That's right, champ. Chop a tree down.

Q. Aside from trees, and maybe both of you guys can answer this, what kind of things have you guys --
SAMUEL PETER: Working out and chopping a tree down, the tree is going to go down.

Q. Where do you see Sam being in the next, over the next two or three years? The landscape in the heavyweight division is pretty open. If he comes out victorious against Vitali, what would you like to see him do next?
STACEY McKINLEY: One thing I can promise you is Sam is not looking by this fight. He's not thinking of Wladimir. He's not thinking of the other guys. He's thinking Vitali and that's it. But as everyone knows, Sam and I and Evalo have always said: The ultimate goal is for there to be one heavyweight champion, and we believe Sam is the best heavyweight in the world. But he wants to prove it in the ring.
He wants to beat every champion after Vitali and then unify the heavyweight title in the ring, because that's what Sam wants in the ring. He doesn't want any titles given to him. He doesn't want anybody to step away from him. He wants to get them in the ring and be the universal unified heavyweight champion of the world. That's what I can see in the next two years.

Q. Fighting in Vitali's own backyard, are you in the mind-set you need a knockout, or are you confident that Sam can go in there win a decision if it goes to 12 rounds?
SAMUEL PETER: It's not going to go long. I'm ready for this fight. I don't see this man just step (indiscernible) tried to come to take what I have. This is my heavenly. So a lot of security. He knows that a lot of security is guiding. So it would not go nowhere in Africa.
IVALO GOTZEV: What people don't give Sam credit for is his boxing skills.
SAMUEL PETER: I don't want nobody credit. I'm heavyweight champion of the world. Nobody says you don't have credit. I struggle to be who I am today. You don't have skill. Who is heavyweight champion today. Samuel Peter. Anybody says don't concern me. Samuel Peter is Samuel Peter. I don't want nobody credit. I'm heavyweight champion of the world today. I'm happy.
STACEY McKINLEY: Keep in mind, he out boxed twice one of the greatest boxers of the past 25 years, James Tony. He's not just a puncher. The man can box, too. He does whatever he has to do to win. And I'll talk about the judges in Germany.
BERND BOENTE: Even punches you in the back of the head to win.
SAMUEL PETER: That's why the stupid guy (indiscernible). You see me punching. It was clean punches on the chin. Everybody says I hit in the back of the head. Why do you turn your head? You're a boxer. Don't turn your head. You bob and weave. (Indiscernible) right hand. That's your head.
I'm too fast for them. So those to be tough. I don't care. I don't hit anybody behind the head. I don't need that damn, no damn person behind the head. I hit him right point, get to the target. Nobody be saying I'm hitting behind the head. You want me to insult you.
You're very stupid saying that word. Go on. Say the word again. I don't need hit no damn person behind the head. If you turn your head I hit you, because that's not your face. A good boxer bob and weave. Move side to side behind the head. You want me to hit you, I hit you behind the head.
BERND BOENTE: Wladimir got hit behind the head a couple of times.
SAMUEL PETER: I'm going to hit you. You turn, I'm going to hit you because, a boxer, a real good boxer move side to side. He bobs and weaves. Not turning. Turn your head, where do you want me to hit you?
STACEY McKINLEY: That's right. Turn your head, hit him right behind the head.
SAMUEL PETER: Wladimir, you turn your head, I'm hitting you, I'm telling you right now.

Q. Vitali, I know you got a Ph.D. in sports medicine and you're very much into conditioning. I think you have written books on it. What do you think about chopping wood? Is that good for a fighter? Does it matter? What is your opinion?
VITALI KLITSCHKO: Chopping wood, you know maybe it's good in the movie if -- (Laughter) if Samuel Peter want to practice in that, I have very (indiscernible) in Siberia, a lot of wood. A lot of practice.
STACEY McKINLEY: I have a short story to tell you about chopping wood. I was flying from London once. I think Tyson fought in Manchester in London.
And I was on the flight with Ernie Shaver. Ernie Shaver was going down in history as the most devastating heavyweight puncher ever lived. I asked Ernie when did you discover that you could punch so hard. And he told me when I started chopping wood I found out that my punching power increased twice fold. So don't laugh about this. Vitali, you just don't know the history of boxing. .that's what I'm telling you you're an amateur. Don't laugh about chopping wood. When we chop you in the head you'll see the difference.
SAMUEL PETER: I don't care what they do. This is part of my training that's what I do for a living. Anything I'm going to make sure that I win this fight. I'm going to win anything I do to win I'm going to win it. It doesn't matter. I chop wood or not chop wood but I know the big tree is going down on October 11th.

Q. Bernd, I'm going to kind of break a rule that I have. I usually don't ask about other fights than the one that's happening. But if this fight does not go the way you want and Samuel Peter retains his WBC title, would you be willing to have a rematch between Wladimir and Samuel sometime next year to unify all these --
BERND BOENTE: Not this year.

Q. Whenever, would you set up a rematch.
BERND BOENTE: This is not going to happen. On October 11th we have two heavyweight champions with the name Klitschko. That's the answer.

Q. If it doesn't, if something --
BERND BOENTE: There's no doubt. I'm always telling the truth. This is the truth.
Closing comments
DINO DUVA: I mean, look, this is going to be a tremendous war. I mean I really believe as a fight fan this fight is going to be a great entertaining fight for the fan. There's no doubt in my mind Samuel Peter is the best heavyweight in the world. And there's no doubt in my mind he's going to win this fight.
But Vitali Klitschko is an excellent fighter. And Samuel and his team, no one is underestimating Vitali. We respect him. And I'll tell you, Sam is happy that he's fighting Vitali and his, quote, home base. Because he wants to do that and he wants to show it doesn't matter where he fights you, doesn't matter who it is, he's going to beat you. And I'm just looking forward to it. From a fan's standpoint, it's a great fight. I hope everybody tunes in, if you don't show up at the 02 arena.
STACEY McKINLEY: I'm saying as a trainer, just like Terrell Owens said to the Dallas Cowboys. Get your popcorn ready. Between 1 and 6, this thing is over with.
IVALO GOTZEV: I was amazed by the opening comment by Tom Loeffler, that the media hasn't caught on the two brothers being champions at the same time. That's all I've been reading for the last six years.
I think Klitschkos put a monopoly on that whole title, two brothers being champions. That's what everybody's talked about. I understand it's a lifelong dream. And we all know that there's two kinds of dreams. There's the beautiful rosy peachy dreams where you swim in the clouds. They're so nice, and you're happy to be in those dreams. And there's sweaty, scary, horrible nightmares. On October 11th, you'll wake up to the "Nigerian Nightmare."
TOM LOEFFLER: You can tell from the fireworks on the call, this is really a great fight. Really probably the best heavyweight match-up in quite a while. It's going to be exciting, as Stacy said. You really can't miss this from the opening round. You've got Sam Peter, a great puncher, and so is Vitali Klitschko. I don't think either one will be running from the other one. You'll see a lot of fireworks.
As far as Evalo, as far as the dreams, I think the Klitschko brothers will finally achieve their dream. It's good that Samuel Peter at least got to win the heavyweight title one time and now he's just holding it for Vitali. It will be a great fight either way at the O2 arena.
SAMUEL PETER: I might even beat Don King. Don King would knock him out. So what about me?
BERND BOENTE: We're looking forward to the fight.
SAMUEL PETER: I just want to thank everybody, especially Dino Duva for making this happen. So I'm happy. We're ready to go. I see Vitali Klitschko October 11th.
VITALI KLITSCHKO: I'll see you all in two weeks. This will be October 11th. And I want to say thank you very much to everybody. I look forward, and I'm very happy to fight and thank you very much for your attention and see you in two weeks in Berlin.

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