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September 22, 2008

Zoltan Mesko

Q. In a game like this, field position being so big, do you see your role as being able to make an effort to help your team win?
ZOLTAN MESKO: I think it's big every game. Actually I had that question last game. I say the same thing every game, field position is important. That's what controls the points and how easily you get them.

Q. Coach said that when you ran for the 1st down, that is a read play. Describe what that means to you, how you're going out there and looking and determining what you're going to do.
ZOLTAN MESKO: Well, first we have to have a look to fake it, and the good thing about it is that it's not always going to be where we're going for it 100 percent, because we have the option to punt it.
So it's something that has to be a sure thing, and if I do take off, it's going to be something of a certainty that it's going to go.

Q. I mean, the snap comes back to you, and at that moment you don't know if you're going to be punting it.
ZOLTAN MESKO: Well, I have 15 yards between me and Sean Griffin, the snapper, so it's different when you have five yards like Steve does between the snaps.

Q. You ran it on the second one during the game, though, you thought about it?
ZOLTAN MESKO: Yeah, it was called, and we got off a 50-yard punt and pinned them back. So it wasn't that bad of a play.

Q. How much did you have to really work on this year those rolling punts? You haven't done that traditionally, have you?
ZOLTAN MESKO: Yeah, it was quite a change, but coming from a soccer background, it's something you do every day in that sport.

Q. How is your arm?
ZOLTAN MESKO: It's all right, but I can't let you know about that.

Q. What position did you play in soccer?
ZOLTAN MESKO: I played left forward. I could only use my left foot, so I was like, hmm, maybe punting is an option, too.

Q. How do you approach the Big Ten season now that you guys are -- you're 1 and 2, but starting all over again?
ZOLTAN MESKO: Yeah, Coach Rodriguez was telling us everyone is 0-0 in the Big Ten right now. Our first goal every year is to win the Big Ten Championship. It's a good way to look at it, that everyone is 0-0. Everyone has been playing different opponents of different calibers, so now we get to face each other in the Big Ten, and we'll see what happens.

Q. Have you watched a lot of Big Ten football already?
ZOLTAN MESKO: Yeah, definitely this bye week, too, I sat around all day on Saturday. There's some good competition out there, but there are also some teams that will be exposed because of the schedules that they're playing.

Q. Such as?
ZOLTAN MESKO: No comment (laughter).

Q. What does it mean to you to be a guy kind of moving along, a punter to watch?
ZOLTAN MESKO: Definitely something I take as an honor. I was named to the watch list last year, and I want to improve every year. Just being on the watch list this year is definitely an honor, but I want to move up, because I put in the work, and I feel like I need to step up and improve year by year.

Q. I have one that's a little off the beaten path. Because you're a business school student, are people asking you to explain what's been happening on Wall Street?
ZOLTAN MESKO: Yeah. Basically they announced it last night that Goldman Sachs, and who was it, Morgan Stanley, would be regular banks from now on. Basically the Wall Street era is over. The government has regulated some things on them, which means they're going to be taking less risk so less profit. I don't know how investors are going to look at that, but stocks may go up or down.

Q. What are you projecting?
ZOLTAN MESKO: What am I projecting? Well, Morgan Stanley is up 10 percent this morning. I checked my portfolio (laughter). Yeah, I think it's something that will affect the market in the long run because people will be taking less risk. But people tend to forget about things that happened in the past. I believe ten years down the road, we'll be back on track.

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