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September 22, 2008

David Moosman

Q. Are you able to switch on, or is that just a state or mind or what is it?
DAVID MOOSMAN: It's something you have to practice. We've been trying to get our technique right and do everything that we need to do as fast as we can in practice so that we're ready to do it in the game. It's also a mindset that you give a little bit more during game time, especially rivals, and now coming up Big Ten. But something you have to practice and make it a habit of playing hard and physical every play.

Q. How much do you guys draw from the offensive line (Inaudible)?
DAVID MOOSMAN: Well, we really just want to get better each game. Now that we've been up against Notre Dame, we really want to keep that up, especially against Wisconsin. They've got a tough defense coming up. They're going to try and pressure us. It's a good confidence builder, but we just came out last week and we're going to come out this week and try and get better and perfect our technique.

Q. Coach was talking about how important it is to have five guys who play consistently together because of communication and that type of thing. Do you notice that if you guys can get to that point it'll make a big difference?
DAVID MOOSMAN: Definitely. Especially on the offensive line we have to be a cohesive unit. Once we all get on our tracks, the same tracks, and get going in the same direction and think as a whole instead of five individual parts, we'll definitely create some more things back there for the other guys to run through when we're all on the same page.
And then with the other teammates out there, as well, the quarterback and the running back, we have a good plan going. So once we all get into that and are all clicking as one, then things will be rolling.

Q. Do you work at center at all during practice?
DAVID MOOSMAN: Yes, a little bit. We have a lot of people rolling in a lot of different positions. We've had some previously expressed injuries, so we're always ready for whatever is thrown our way. If I need to play center, I can do that. We have other people that can, as well.

Q. Are you as comfortable there as at guard?
DAVID MOOSMAN: Really, I can play both. I played my career here at center. I played tackle in high school. That's really not a comparison. But I played center for three years and now I'm playing guard, and I'm getting into the rhythm at guard, so I can -- either way is fine.

Q. What do you see from Wisconsin's lineup? Will this be the best line you've faced so far this year?
DAVID MOOSMAN: Definitely. I feel like from here on out, every line -- just about every line is going to get better and better. They're a tough, hard-nosed defensive line. They've got the Wisconsin mentality, just come right at you and never stop. We're going to try and hit them in the mouth and run our game plan.

Q. Is this going to be tough --
DAVID MOOSMAN: And hard-nosed.

Q. How crucial is it to get this first one, especially being at home and being against a Big Ten team like Wisconsin?
DAVID MOOSMAN: It's definitely a significant game, the most important game thus far since the other ones were non-conference and this one is even more for the record books. Also, we lost against Wisconsin last year at their home, and we really want to make a statement this year. I think it's really important for the team and for the players to get this win.

Q. Do you see Threet developing a little bit of swagger, some leadership there?
DAVID MOOSMAN: Yeah, with every snap he gets a little more confidence in his abilities, and if he can just rely on his technique like he's been doing in practice, he'll be just fine. We're going to try to give him as much time and as much protection as he needs.

Q. You mentioned all getting on the same page and thinking as one unit instead of five guys. Where are you at in that process?
DAVID MOOSMAN: Same with Steve, every snap we take, we're getting closer and closer. We're getting more confident in our technique and solidifying little minor details. We're getting there. It's a process, but we're coming along quickly. As you can see, the running game has been going up a little bit better each game, so we feel like it's coming along.

Q. Did you draw encouragement from Augusta's performance at Notre Dame, and is there better depth to this group of running backs than we've seen so far?
DAVID MOOSMAN: Well, as an offensive lineman, we want to create holes and gain yards for whatever is running, whether it's McGuffie or Kevin Grady or Carlos or Brandon or anybody they put back there, even Steve. We've got -- good to see a lot of people getting the ball, and we just want to get them all yards.

Q. A lot of people had this league gift-wrapped for Ohio State. Now that we've seen more non-conference, do you think it's more wide open than people thought it would be?
DAVID MOOSMAN: Yeah, we definitely have a chance. We feel like we have the potential to beat everybody on our schedule. I don't see why we can't. If we play like we know how we can play and be secure in the football, we have a shot against every team. There are other good teams out there, Wisconsin seems to be doing well. We'll see how good they are Saturday. We'll see how good we are Saturday, as well, and see a couple of the teams around the Big Ten. Seems like they can definitely give Ohio State a run for their money. If that's what it's going to be, everybody against Ohio State, so be it.

Q. (Inaudible.)
DAVID MOOSMAN: Definitely. There's a feeling in the air that we want to -- almost like a new opener, a new time for us, so we can show what we've got.

Q. Do you know what you've got? You said show what you've got. Do you have a clue, an idea? I mean, do you have an idea what you have?
DAVID MOOSMAN: Yes, we have a very good idea what we have. I was hoping other people did, as well. We've shown blatant spurts of potential out there. I mean, I guess if you guys can't see it in the details, we've been watching a lot of film and we've seen a lot of instances where an inch here or an inch there can make a bunch more points out there.
We know what we've got, and we've got potential across the board. We just need to come together as a cohesive unit, like coach was talking about, and collect ourselves. Yeah, a good clue.

Q. Are those inches more important in this offense because of the timing necessary and those things?
DAVID MOOSMAN: Yeah, that's more of an intricate offense than detail specific, where we've got very, very specific jobs and reads for everybody, and once everybody gets each one down, all the other ones are a lot more effective, because if you have to worry about more than just one threat, then you have to put your sight and focus on more than one thing.

Q. When training camp ended and then you guys started with the season, Coach Rodriguez said he wished he had a couple more weeks to still work with you guys in practice. Do you think that's sort of where you're at now, now that you've had those extra couple weeks of work, and now you're at the point where it's started for the season?
DAVID MOOSMAN: Yeah, I mean, we've definitely had more time to prepare, even through the games. Those are also learning processes. You don't stop learning through a game. You go out there and you perfect things there, as well. It's a time to shine and a test for your abilities, but you can also gain ground off of what you learn.
So we've had three more weeks to get better, and I think we've definitely gotten better. I guess we've got four. I feel like we've definitely used that time. And will continue, like I said. It's an every-snap thing. Every time you go out there, you get a little bit better. You realize something that you didn't realize before or fix something that you hadn't fixed. It's a continual process.

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