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July 22, 2008

Shayna Bazsler

Cristiane Cyborg

Douglas DeLuca

Mitch Graham

Robbie Lawler

Scott Smith

MITCH GRAHAM: Good morning, everyone. I won't take up too much of your time. I want to say from the CBS side of things we're excited to bring MMA back to CBS for our second prime time broadcast. The first fight that we had back in May was a great success for all of us, and we couldn't be more thrilled with the card that ProElite and EliteXC have put together. And we're happy we're able to do this unique programming model with SHOWTIME. So from across the board we're really excited for a great night of MMA action on both SHOWTIME and CBS.
So with that, I'll now turn it over to our executive chairman of ProElite, Mr. Doug DeLuca.
DOUG DeLUCA: Hello, everyone. Thank you as always for coming to the call. I'll make it brief because you guys have now probably heard from the preamble a number of times since we've done a number of conference calls. We are really excited about this fight card and all the fighters that are on the card.
We are excited that this is a follow-up to our May 31st event, which did spectacular in the ratings, and we wanted to keep moving on the momentum of that. We're also happy that this is a first for us and for MMA where there will be an hour of premium television that goes into two hours of network prime time television.
So that's all great things. But most importantly is the fight card and the fighters. The headline fight here the Lawler/Smith rematch which arguably should have been the headline fight of the first CBS show was just a world-class fight. Probably the best fight of the year. And a rematch that everyone wanted to see. We're excited because we believe we have two of the best 185-pounders in the world in Robbie Lawler and Scott Smith. So we're excited about that.
We're excited about Shield/Thompson. Again, we believe Jake is one of the top fighters in the world in his weight class. Nick Diaz and Thomas Denny is exciting; and our girl fight, our female MMA fight, which is Baszler versus Cyborg, we think is going to be another example of what women's MMA is and can be and show that EliteXC is committed to that.
Johnny talked about our SHOWTIME card. We have a great matchup in Feijao versus Galbraith. Two great jiu-jitsu guys. You'll see a lot of strategy and see some great fighting and they're both ready to go at it. And Wilson Hayes is another great fighter against Brian Caraway. We're excited for that. And, of course, Antonio Silva fighting for the first EliteXC championship is exciting as well.
So that is very good and he'll be up against Justin Eilers, a tough opponent. Excited. Great card. Can't wait for it to get here. Excited to be going to Stockton going to the brand-new Stockton arena, whoever is coming to that fight will see it's a beautiful arena. It's going to make great TV.
THE MODERATOR: Let's get opening comments from Robbie and Scott.
ROBBIE LAWLER: It feels good to be back on CBS. Feels good to be fighting again and I'm going to get one more workout in and pack my shit and get ready to go.
THE MODERATOR: Scott, opening comments.
SCOTT SMITH: I'm excited about this fight. Let me get three-quarters of the question out of the way in one shot. My eye is 100% and my foot is 100%. It was a nonissue. I was back practicing running a week after the fight so the foot was no problem, no breaks. And the eye was just a little blurry that night. It was fine the next day.
So I'm 100%. I've been training hard, and I'm ready for another exciting fight. And glad to be on CBS again. This is an honor.
THE MODERATOR: Cris, what are your thoughts on returning to the cage? You haven't fought for a while and fighting a terrific opponent, Shayna Baszler, and your thoughts on fighting on CBS and what are your thoughts going into this fight?
CRISTIANE CYBORG: I'm ready to fight. I thank you for the grand opportunity from EliteXC and I'm ready for it. I'm going today. I'm leaving for Stockton today at 4:00.

Q. Robbie, first things first. This fight obviously is a rematch. You guys didn't have the ending you wanted the first time around. Does that help you in preparing for this fight knowing that you fought Scott before, to get that experience? Or would you rather have kind of a fresh match where it's just a whole new opponent? What's the better perspective for you?
ROBBIE LAWLER: Really I don't care. I look at it as a new fight and I kind of look at it as we've never fought before and I'll be ready to go.

Q. Robbie, as a fighter, seems like you've grown a lot in the last couple of years. Going to 185. Seemed like early in your career you seemed to fight with a lot more emotion now you've been a lot more reserved. You seem a lot more technical. Is it just a matter of growing up in the sport? What has changed that has made you seem like you've really grown as a fighter over the last couple of years?
ROBBIE LAWLER: I don't know. Just more bouts under my belt and just training a little harder, a little smarter and working on aspects and working on the mental game.

Q. Doug, just a couple of questions for you if you could, recently I think it was George Greenberg I think his name from FSN made a comment they were going to start broadcasting EliteXC on FSN and can you comment on any potential deals with Fox Sports and EliteXC?
DOUG DeLUCA: We're not prepared to really talk about anything in detail, but we certainly are talking. So I've been -- I've been friends with George now for a while and we've been talking about MMA for a long time. So we're definitely talking and you'll probably see something soon.

Q. Doug, could you make a comment, I know you have Eddie Alvarez under contract. He had a phenomenal performance over the weekend. Unfortunate with the injury. Can you comment on Eddie's performance in the Grand Prix and your hopes for him and EliteXC hopefully for the end of this year?
DOUG DeLUCA: Eddie is an amazing fighter. We knew when we let him go fight in Dream, as we often do, let other fighters fight in other promotions when it's good for them and it's good for the sport, obviously, and for both promotions.
So when we sent Eddie we knew he was going to be great and we knew he was going to do well over there. And we hold really high hopes for Eddie. I mean, he's a great fighter and I think he speaks to that new breed of MMA fighter, a guy so well-rounded a fighter on this card, well-rounded on all aspects of MMA and all disciplines of the sport. And you're going to start seeing that super athlete emerge more and more. And I think Eddie is one of the poster childs for that. And we're really happy to have him, exciting fighter, and he's a great guy and we're looking forward to getting him on an EliteXC card soon.

Q. Eddie Alvarez, in the ring after the Dream card ended both he and Joaquin Hansen indicated that they thought they would fight each other next. Is there anything with Eddie Alvarez's contract that would prevent that from happening?
DOUG DeLUCA: The way his contract works and the way we work with most of our fighters is when a fight arises that they really want to take or will help their career they come, they talk to us and we sit down and we see if it's the right move for everyone.
So, I mean, it's a potential, but it has not been brought up yet and it's nothing that we've discussed. So I can't really comment on it specifically. Certainly we'll entertain all thoughts and all coments.

Q. I wanted to ask Robbie, could you just describe how you think you have changed as a fighter since you were in the UFC? I think you were like 22 when you left UFC. And I imagine that you feel like you've improved as a fighter since then. Could you just talk about that a little bit?
ROBBIE LAWLER: I've been working on my game like professional and just trying to work on every aspect. And work on my mental where I think about fighting all the time and I guess it made me better. I don't know what to say.

Q. Is there any particular aspect of your game that you think you've improved upon?
ROBBIE LAWLER: Probably just knowing how to relax in the ring. Before, I was just going out there trying to kill the guy. Now I just try to pick him apart and look for my chance instead of just going out there.
THE MODERATOR: Shayna Baszler, can you give us some opening comments?
SHAYNA BASZLER: My training's peaking perfectly. I'm feeling good. I'm training the same as I always have. And I'm really, really pumped to finally be on a really visible card like this. CBS card is amazing and I think it says a lot about EliteXC to showcase women on both the cards that they've had. It says a lot about female fighting and showcasing the talent. I'm honored to be a part of that.

Q. What do you know about your opponent?
SHAYNA BASZLER: I know that she's very aggressive and she's very much the Chute Box template. She's one of the best that Brazil -- one of the best fighters that have come out of Brazil. And I dig that. I'm honored to fight her. I've always said throughout my career I want to fight the best in the world. And she's one of the best out of Brazil. So I think that fits right into what I want to do. So I think it's going to be a great fight.

Q. I have a question actually for both of the female fighters. I spoke with Dana White of UFC asking if he has any interest in setting up any female divisions in the UFC. He politely questioned the depth of talent -- so I'm sure both you would have responses to that. What would you say to that? The question would be Dana White recently questioned the depth of talent within women's fighting and said that's why he wouldn't be interested in starting women's fights within the UFC. What would be your response to that?
SHAYNA BASZLER: I don't care what Dana White has to say. If he wants to question the depth of talent, that's just going to give companies like EliteXC one more thing to tap into that he's not. He wants to question the depth of the female division, but every fight, every female fight that ProElite has put on has been a showcase of women's talent and has been "fight of the night" type material. If he wants to give that avenue to someone else. The more the merrier. I don't care. I just want to fight the best, like I said. And I don't know, if he wants to question that, then I'd question the talent of his heavyweight division.
CRISTIANE CYBORG: I'd love to fight Dana White to show him how tough women are.

Q. In the Olympics coming up, there will be some people in some disciplines. Of course there's women's wrestling in the Olympics and Judo. And Rhonda Rousey, the medal hopeful for U.S. Judo, has expressed some interest in going into mixed martial arts. Are you familiar with these Olympic athletes and would you be interested in seeing them come into your ranks?
SHAYNA BASZLER: I follow a little bit. I'm just familiar just because of the Olympic year's coming up and I like to watch that sort of thing. And I say the more talented combative females we get, the merrier.
So I would love to see them. And I would love to see people of Olympic-caliber talent coming in and showcasing that in MMA. I'm totally down with that.
CRISTIANE CYBORG: I know to go to the Olympics they have to be the best at what they do. But to fight them in May they need to know a little bit of everything. So maybe in the future they'll be able to fight MMA.

Q. I had a couple of questions for Cristiane Cyborg and Shayna Baszler. First off, with Gina Carano being on the last CBS card beating Kaitlin Young and some people feeling her win was tainted coming into the league, how do you feel about this opportunity to be the next face of women on the mat?
SHAYNA BASZLER: I don't want to be any next anything but the next Shayna Baszler of MMA. I think Gina is doing her thing and it's awesome. And it's opened up a lot of opportunities for people like me.
But I want people to know who Shayna Baszler is based on me and not necessarily based on Gina, I guess. So I think it's a great -- like I said before, they're showcasing other females on CBS now. So people are going to know other names besides Gina really soon here. And I think that's awesome. So rather than like replacing and being the next face of women's MMA, I want to be another face I guess I'm saying.
CRISTIANE CYBORG: I echo Shayna's comments and I'd also indicate that it's an honor and pleasure to be a part of it and an additional female fighter in MMA and the female face of the Shoot Box Academy.

Q. Robbie and Scott, was there any doubt after the way the last fight ended that either of you didn't want -- did you both want to fight each other right away after the way the last fight ended? Scott, are you there? After the way the last fight ended, did you have it in your mind you just wanted to fight, get a rematch right away?
SCOTT SMITH: Yeah, definitely, and the fact they told me in the ring before they even announced the decision, don't worry, you guys will do it again. I kind of knew it was coming. I'm glad neither of us had another fight in between. There's always a chance of injury and this is some unfinished business we have to take care of. And I don't want to take the chance of it not happening.
So I'm really glad it is happening as soon as it is. I didn't think it would be as quick. But I figured it would be both of our next fights.

Q. Is the turnaround, is that good for you, the May 31st, July 26th, that's good time-wise for you, Scott?
SCOTT SMITH: That's perfect for me. Doesn't give me a chance to get fat and out of shape. I took about a week off of training, just to make sure that the foot was fine. I started running a week later and then a week after that I started back to my Muay Thai and grappling. I never had a chance to get in shape. Instead of starting my training camp out by getting in shape, usually I take a couple weeks to get in shape. I'm starting out my camp by learning and staying in shape so I'll be a better fighter this time now.

Q. There's been some talk that it's going to be difficult for Saturday's event to draw the type of ratings that the first EliteXC event did, just because there was so much marketing and everything for that event. Can maybe Mitch or Doug comment on what you expect in terms of rating and what it would take for you to deem it a success?
DOUG DeLUCA: I'll take the first part of that and Mitch can talk for the CBS side. We certainly are managing all of our expectations. It is summer. And we did have a number of good PR items going for us on the first event. It was the first event on prime time network television ever. So that alone drummed up a huge amount of press for the event and a lot of people were interested in seeing.
But, look, I'm confident in our fight card. I'm confident in mixed martial arts and I'm confident at what we can do at EliteXC in terms of producing events and our PR team is second to none. So we've got a lot of press for this event as well.
So, look, we understand the numbers might not be as big as the first time, but we're all expecting to do some good numbers. I really couldn't tell you, you know, what is a success or what isn't a success. I'm just looking forward to putting on the best event possible and getting as many people out to watch it as we can get.

Q. Same question, what would it take for you to deem it a success?
THE MODERATOR: He must have cut out for a second.

Q. Last week you mentioned the possibility of a swing bout being added to the card. Have you guys gone through with that?
DOUG DeLUCA: We're definitely -- we're definitely adding a swing bout to the card. We're still working on it. The bout that we had thought we might do, you know, one of the fighters got hurt and we were unable to do it. So we're still working on it. We should have something in the next day or so.

Q. Doug or anyone, how big is the Stockton arena and how many tickets are sold so far?
DOUG DeLUCA: The Stockton arena, it fits 10,000 fully built out. I think we have it scaled for either 7500 or 8,000. And we're up over definitely -- well up over half sold already and that was as of the weekend.
So I know we picked up a full head of steam on Monday. I'm not sure where the exact ticket sales are, but we're fully expecting it to be completely full.

Q. Following up on that ratings question, one of the things that was interesting about the first show is how many people from start to finish gained, and I mean what do you attribute that to and do you think that's possible to duplicate that? Do you think that's because of the mystic of Kimbo or do you think that's because of MMA or a combo? Because your start number was decent but your finish number was tremendous.
DOUG DeLUCA: I think first and foremost speaks to MMA. I mean, it's something I've said a lot to many people is anyone who gives this sport a chance and watches it with an open mind will be drawn in and will become a fan. So I think a lot of what happened is you have a lot of people that were interested on the periphery that came in, watched, and then the next thing is they just see great fight after great fight after great fight. What are you going to do? Are you going to turn away when it gets better and better? And first and foremost had to do with the sport, just being a great sport drawing people in. Secondly, it had to do with the fights the fights just kept getting better and better, and it will be the same case with this fight card.
And, look, you can't not say that some people were interested to see what Kimbo would do. And I know those people tuned in as well. If you watch the viewing patterns, people came and the momentum just kept building and building and building and nobody left.
So I think it speaks volumes to the fighters. Speaks volumes to the sport.

Q. And also is KJ Noons going to be in the arena and is there going to be any kind of footage shown of what happened in Hawaii with KJ Noons and Diaz as part of the package of the Diaz fight?
DOUG DeLUCA: You know, what happened in the ring in Hawaii is not something that ProElite or EliteXC is proud of. I mean, that's not what the sport's about. I mean, the one thing that impresses me on a daily basis, and I never cease to be impressed, is the sportsmanship of these athletes. Just the respect and discipline of these guys the way they care for each other. This is a community here and it's not something that we're looking to underline what happened there. That was an unfortunate circumstance.
There was a little bit of bad blood, and I'm sure those two are going to get a chance to work that out in the ring down the road. But I don't know if KJ is coming, and I don't think you'll be seeing the melee in the ring in Hawaii.

Q. After this show, what dates does EliteXC have coming up on the schedule so far?
DOUG DeLUCA: I don't have the dates right in front of me. But there's an August date. A Show XC, our Elite Challenger Series, that happens at Table Mountain Casino August 15th.
So, listen, to give you a bit of a tip. You'll see an EliteXC show in September. And we'll announce that. We'll announce that fully I believe on Saturday. And then, you know, you're probably going to see another CBS show down the road.

Q. Shayna, you've won all your fights by submission. You won four straight in the first round by submission. It seems like you've really raised the level of your game the last year or so. If you win this fight, do you want to fight? Would you like to be in the first women's EliteXC title fight if and when that happens and against Gina Carano, is that something you'd like to do?
SHAYNA BASZLER: Obviously that's the end goal. I mean, I think every fighter in whatever organization they're fighting in, their goal should be to be the champion. And clearly Gina's put on the fights to show that she's at the top of the division. I think I've done the same.
So, you know, that's obviously something I'm shooting for. I want to be the champ. I want a chance to show that I can be the champ. Yeah, I would love that opportunity.

Q. What do you think your advantages are going into this fight?
SHAYNA BASZLER: I think that my experience is one big advantage. I think that I've fought the top women in the world and I've been pushed to my limits and I've been put in bad situations. So I know how to handle myself there. I don't know that anyone has really come back at Cris and really fought back with her the way that people -- some of the fights I've had have just been wars against the best in the world.
So I think just my experience is probably my biggest advantage in this fight.

Q. Cris, do you treat this fight as sort of a title eliminator, maybe the winner fighting Gina Carano down the road maybe for the first-ever EliteXC women's title?
CRISTIANE CYBORG: Absolutely I see this fight as a title eliminator. And while I don't think about anything beyond the fight upcoming with an opponent as qualified as Shayna, I believe anyone that would be, be it myself or Shayna that wins this fight, the winner should be in a position to challenge Gina for the much deserved title shot.

Q. What do you feel your advantages are going into this fight against Shayna?
CRISTIANE CYBORG: In addition to my experience in fighting some of the toughest women in the world in Brazil, that is, I also come from one of the most famous fight camps in the world, namely Shoot Box, and under the direction of Masters Hugimar as well as Rafael Cordeiro, that I feel -- this is all with all due respect to Shayna's training regimen, I feel I come from a camp and a disciplined group of training partners that are second to none.

Q. Robbie, I'm guessing some folks see it as unfinished business. Do you look at it that way when they stopped it last time? What were you thinking?
ROBBIE LAWLER: Really I haven't thought about that fight for a long time. I've just been focusing on the future. But at the time I just thought, oh, shit, they're going to end it right now. For some reason I just knew the way the doctors were acting that they wanted to stop it because of a cut on my head that wasn't even dripping. And I was like, you're not stopping this.
So as soon as the doctor came in, I don't know, I just didn't think it was going to last.

Q. In looking at the cards at the time, they were two even and I think you were slightly ahead on one. Do you feel that was the way it went?
ROBBIE LAWLER: Really, I'm not focusing on that anymore. I'm focusing on this next fight. And I don't care how that last one went. I just need to go out there and get the job done on Saturday.

Q. Scott's been quoted as saying he made a lot of mistakes and he can certainly improve on things. Do you feel like you can improve or will that get the job done, what you brought last time?
ROBBIE LAWLER: There's always room to improve. So every day I'm trying to improve. Every day I'm trying to get better. And I believe any mixed martial artist is trying to do the same.
And, yeah, I needed to improve and I think I can change some things.

Q. Do you notice on fighting on CBS you get a different reaction; is there more response from people than your previous fights?
ROBBIE LAWLER: I don't really do much except for training and hang out at home.

Q. But you go he into the local store and somebody goes, hey, I saw you on CBS?
ROBBIE LAWLER: Yeah, a little bit. But I don't go out that much.

Q. Scott, what do you think? You said you could probably improve on that. Have you taken some steps to make yourself better for this one?
SCOTT SMITH: Definitely. I started fighting full time about two years ago. And ever since then I've improved every day and every fight as a fighter. And I've made some big mistakes in that fight. Obviously in the first round of the last fight Robbie kicked my ass. And I felt throughout the fight I improved a little bit. And I'm just trying to keep that going and be ready for Saturday night as a different better fighter.

Q. Not only are you bringing your A game but you're bringing some folks with you, a little closer to home, huh?
SCOTT SMITH: Yeah, my last three fights have been in New Jersey, Miami and Ireland. My family and friends haven't had a chance to go. I have a very big local support here, and I'm excited that everybody gets to make it out to this fight. It's going to be big.

Q. Do you notice a little different people reacting to you that you're on broadcast network?
SCOTT SMITH: Yeah, definitely. Before everybody just knew me because of my big knockout in UFC with Pete Sell. Now everybody is talking about how great a show me and Lawler put on last time. And I think that's great. That just shows there's going to be a lot of people tuning in to watch a great rematch.

Q. Doug, most of the businesses use the Pay-Per-View business model. Do you see the network deal with CBS as a jumping-off point to Pay-Per-View to monetize the promotion? And, if so, what kind of time frame did you have?
DOUG DeLUCA: Absolutely. The Pay-Per-View model is the goal for most people in this sport. So, yes, it's our goal, too. And the exact plan is broadcast television drives the Pay-Per-View. Build stars. SHOWTIME. SHOWTIME to CBS. CBS to Pay-Per-View. Build stars, build the interest in the stars, let people know even more than fighters these guys and gals are people and they have real stories and make people fans, make people care about them and drive the Pay-Per-View. So that's absolutely the goal.
As far as timing goes, you'll probably see a Pay-Per-View from us early in '09. Just not sure when yet and not sure who.

Q. I know a lot of times co-promotion is a buzzword. Other than the last Strikeforce card on the deal, are there any negotiations or conversations that you might be having with the other parties about doing co-promotion?
DOUG DeLUCA: You know, we speak to everybody probably except one competitor in the sport. We speak with everybody. We're friendly with all the other promotions, and we've all talked about doing co-promotions.
We've done two co-promotions with Strikeforce. We will definitely do more. And, like I said, we talked to everyone. There's nothing definitive in the works. We've talked to Dream about doing a co-promote in Japan. We've actually co-promoted with -- we co-promoted with FEG when we did that best fight at the Coliseum last year.
So we're no stranger to good promoting and it's something we really like to do. I think it's good for the sport. I think it brings all the organizations together as a community and it gives the fans an opportunity hopefully to see the world's best fights and the world's best fighters.
So we're up for it.

Q. Seems like you had an excellent piece of real estate as far as the network deal that got published before.
Doug DuLuca: We're really very happy with our partners at CBS and SHOWTIME and they're supportive of it and it couldn't be a better thing for the sport than to get big eyeballs, a lot of eyeballs watching and learning about it and caring about it.
THE MODERATOR: Closing comments.
SHAYNA BASZLER: I just want to thank everybody for tuning in and being so interested in the female fights that EliteXC puts on. I think it says a lot to people along the lines of Dana White that are doubtful of women's MMA, that it's a draw and we have talent and we put on fights and fights that people talk about for a long time afterwards.
So I'm excited about that history that EliteXC has laid down and just thanks everybody.
THE MODERATOR: Closing comments from Cris, and I have a question for her in her closing comments, not that I would challenge her because I know she's tough. Why did you decide to choose your husband's nickname as opposed to your husband's last name?
CRISTIANE CYBORG: Nicknames aren't chosen, they're given. That's not my married name, that's my nickname.

Q. That's your fighting name?
CRISTIANE CYBORG: That's my fighting name. My husband's last name isn't Cyborg either.
THE MODERATOR: Closing comments.
CRISTIANE CYBORG: I wish to thank all organizations involved, obviously ProElite and EliteXC and people that supported this from day one. I also wish to thank Shayna for accepting this fight. It's an honor not only to be on TV in America but to be fighting an opponent of Shayna Baszler's caliber. And with that in mind I look forward to an incredible event on Saturday in times to come and once again appreciates the opportunity to put the place of female shoot box on the map in the United States if not the world.
SCOTT SMITH: I wanted to thank everybody for supporting this and it's going to be a great card. I am excited to get in there and fight again. Encourage people to come out and watch the fight in Stockton. It's a great fight town. And I've watched fights in that arena. It's a great arena. There's going to be some fireworks that night. If they can't make it to the arena, encourage everybody to tune into CBS to watch another great card.
THE MODERATOR: Robbie, any closing comments?
ROBBIE LAWLER: Not really. I'm going to go out and fight my hardest and I've been training pretty hard for this fight and I'll give it my all and that's what I plan on doing on Friday. Tune into CBS or come to the show. Peace.
THE MODERATOR: Doug and Mitch, closing comments.
DOUG DeLUCA: First I want to thank Robbie. I want to thank Scott. I mean, these guys are warriors. These guys are competitors at the highest level. You fought your heart out the last time. I personally and ProElite really appreciate you guys getting back in there and doing it again. I wish you guys the best of luck and I want you to have, come out healthy on the other side and just have a great fight and enjoy and thank you again. So good luck there.
To our gals, to Shayna and to Cris, I mean, you put a lot on your shoulders when you say you're coming out and you're going to support and push forward female MMA, women's MMA and you guys are both doing a great job of carrying that torch. And we appreciate that as well.
Shayna, you answered the questions perfectly about why the sport of women's MMA is growing and should grow. And I loved everything you said. And I agree wholeheartedly. If you look at the fights, the fights speak for themselves.
If you look at the athletes and the competitors, they speak for themselves. So good luck to both of you guys and thank you for coming out and fighting.
For all the press, thank you for your interest and thanks for writing about us. And like Scott said, tell everybody to either come out and watch or watch on SHOWTIME and watch on CBS. It's going to be a great night of fights. Thank you.
MITCH GRAHAM: I just want to sort of reiterate what Doug said. It takes a lot of people to put this show on and thanks to everyone so much for all your support. We're very excited for this Saturday night and that's it. That's about all we can say.
So come out July 26th, 9:00, prime time. Starting on SHOWTIME, 8:00. So thank you everyone again.

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