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May 7, 2008

Timothy Bradley

Junior Witter

The New Generation returns to the United Kingdom this Saturday, May 10, with an outstanding world title showdown and a promising undercard bout featuring two undefeated prospects.
On a special Saturday night edition of the popular SHOWTIME boxing series, World Boxing Council (WBC) Super Lightweight Champion Junior Witter will defend his crown for the third time when he takes on WBC No. 1 contender Timothy Bradley at the Trent FM Arena in Nottingham, England (same day tape delay at 10:45 p.m. ET/PT on SHOWTIME).
If triumphant, Bradley will become the 25th ShoBox alum to capture a world title.
In a spectacular co-feature pitting two young, unbeaten Brits, hard-hitting John Murray will take on the slick John Fewkes in a 10-round lightweight bout. The event will be promoted by Hennessy Sports.

JOHN BEYROOTY: Thank you very much for being patient and holding on. As you know this Saturday, May 10 at 10:45 p.m. Eastern/Pacific on SHOWTIME we have an outstanding double-header. Leading off the telecast will be two undefeated lightweights, John Murray who is 23-0, and he'll be fighting John Fewkes who is 17-0. In the main event, very eagerly anticipated and highly anticipated, WBC's 140-pound Champ Junior Witter will defend for the third time against the Number One WBC undefeated Timothy Bradley. Junior's 36-1-2 with 21 KOs. He is from Bradford England so he'll have home fans in front of him. Timothy who is 21-0 with 11 resides out or near Palm Springs, California. This is going to be a sensational fight and a great double-header. With us on the call we've got Chris Deblasio, Director of Communications at SHOWTIME, the promoter for this event, Mick Hennessy, The Champ Junior Witter, Alex Camponovo with Team Bradley and Timothy Bradley. So before we go to the actual fight participants and Mick we're going to begin with a little update from Chris Deblasio on the upcoming SHOWTIME schedule which as usual is fantastic. So Chris.
CHRIS DEBLASIO: Thank you, John. And thank you everybody for being patient for the call. Special thank you to the fighters of this May 10 special edition of ShoBox, Junior Witter, The Champ, and his challenger Timothy Bradley. Mick Hennessy, from Hennessy Sports, thank you for making this available to all the fans in the U.S. We think it's a special treat to see Timothy Bradley back for his fourth time on ShoBox. It's wonderful and to have a super lightweight championship bout just to boot, really makes this a special edition. Goes off at 10:45 in the U.S. both Eastern and Pacific. That's a slight tape delay from the live event in Nottingham. SHOWTIME continues to put the best fights on television making boxing the most thought out, meaningful, thrilling match-ups that we can buy and give them to our subscribers, to the largest viewership possible. That's our goal. That's been our mission since 2005; 2004 even before my time here at the network under the guidance of Ken Hirshman and our Executive Producer David Denkin, Jr. We continue to deliver the best fights on television and the best fights that our budget can buy. On June 7 Championship Boxing will feature Vernon Forest and Segio Mora for the WBC Super Welterweight title, an exciting rematch with a lot of entry there. Carlos Quintana who scored big upset over Paul Williams, they're going have a rematch for that WBO Welterweight championship. That's June 7 on SHOWTIME from Mohegan Sun. We come back with another great ShoBox, this time from a special location again, the Cayman Islands, Grand Cayman, featuring Olympic Medalist Andre Ward and Jerson Ravelo, and an under card to be announced. That's June 20 on ShoBox. The very next night another intriguing and could be thrilling and possibly really brutal rematch, Arthur Abraham and Edison Miranda at a catch weight 166 pounds. As many of you know, those two fought a pretty rough battle with a lot of fouls and there seems to be some bad blood there. So we're going to deliver that to you June 21 live at 9 p.m. from Hollywood, Florida. So we appreciate all your support, recognition for the outstanding work that Ken has been able to do putting these fights are and we appreciate you letting your viewers know they need to tune in to see the best boxing on SHOWTIME. Thanks, John.
JOHN BEYROOTY: Thanks, Chris. Now we'd like to begin with opening comments from the promoter of this event, Hennessy Sports and Mick Hennessy. Mick, welcome to the call.
MICK HENNESSY: Thank you very much. Welcome everyone and thanks for tuning in. I'm very proud to be putting this show on in the fabulous city of Nottingham. It's a great card from top to bottom. And one of the very, very best super lightweight tests for a long time with Junior Witter and Timothy Bradley. And neither of these fighters had to take this fight at this stage. Junior's mandatory is not due until September, so he didn't have to take on such a dangerous fight so early. And Timothy Bradley didn't have to step up to the plate so early. So fair play to both of these fighters. Both true warriors, and it promises to be an incredible fight. Also, we've got the brilliant young prospect John Murray in an excellent fight. And also the sensational Carl Froch who is obviously the mandatory challenger now for Joe Calzaghe's WBC title. It promises to be an explosive night and I really would like to thank ShoBox for their support. We're very, very proud to know this is going out to such a large audience in the U.S. It means a lot to us. So thanks to everyone.
JOHN BEYROOTY: Great. Thanks, Mick. Junior, can we have opening comments on you? How is training going? Your thoughts on defending your championship on ShoBox on SHOWTIME, and your thoughts on the challenger, Timothy Bradley.
JUNIOR WITTER: Well I'd like to say it's great to be getting back in the ring. I mean, it feels like a while since I've been here. Training's gone very well. It's been a long hard slog, and I'm just raring to go. Timothy Bradley, obviously accomplished in his own right. He's done quite well for himself, and he's going to find out on Saturday night that he is in with the champ.
JOHN BEYROOTY: One quick question before we go to Timothy. You have improved like a thousand percent since the last time you fought on SHOWTIME. What do you credit that to, Junior.
JUNIOR WITTER: I put it down to dedication, hard work and listening to my trainers.
JOHN BEYROOTY: Simple enough. Great. Timothy, welcome to the call. What are your thoughts on finally fighting for the World Championship and trying to become the 25th ShoBox alum to win a world title.
TIMOTHY BRADLEY: It's a dream come true. You know, I've been waiting on this pretty much my whole life. And going to be a very exciting fight, expecting the best. Junior Witter is not the same fighter he was eight years ago. He is at the top of his game, and I feel I'm in the prime of my game right now, and it's going be an explosive night. You know, I'm confident I can win the fight and that I'm going to win. And I'm just really anxious to get in the ring right now. Because the Castillo fight fell through, his fight fell through so we decided -- the warriors that we are we decided, hey let's get in there and let's do this you know. So everybody pretty much is running for Junior Witter and he has something that I want and that's the WBC title and I'm going go get it.
JOHN BEYROOTY: Great. Thank you. While we're waiting for our first question, Junior, is there anybody that you fought that you can compare to style-wise to Timothy Bradley? And what kind of a fight do you expect from Tim?
JUNIOR WITTER: I'm not really counting on anything. I've seen him box. He is aggressive enough. He's got quick hands. He's got decent power. I'm just taking it as it comes.
JOHN BEYROOTY: Okay. Timothy, I'm going to give ShoBox a little plug here. ShoBox is less than seven years old and we've already had 24 World Champions, when you think about it, who have evolved from the program. So when you think about it, the job Gordon Hall has done putting together the fights on ShoBox and SHOWTIME has been rather amazing. Timothy, what's it going to be like fighting in England? Have you prepared differently -- because basically you are going to be the bad guy wearing the black hat. Does that bother you at all.
TIMOTHY BRADLEY: No, it doesn't bother me at all. Coming from California and California being predominantly Latinos and me fighting a lot of Latino fighters, you know, pretty much you, you know, you are like the underdog any ways. They always cheer for their guy. And I'm use to it, you know. So I'm use to the oohs and ahhs and the boos and people telling me that you are nothing. It doesn't really bother me, man. You know, once I get in the ring man and I just start doing my thing I earn my respect that way. So you know I'm not really worried about that.

Q. Question for both of you. Can you guys just talk a little bit about your opponent and what about your opponent kind of impresses you from the films?
TIMOTHY BRADLEY: What I notice in his film is that he's multi-versatile. He can fight from any position. It doesn't matter where he is in the ring or what position's he's in. He has really good power and speed. So it's going to be really challenging in to get there and figure him out and to break him down.

Q. And Junior?
JUNIOR WITTER: Well I'll say what I've said already. He's got good hand speed. He works well when he goes to work. His belief. He's got desire. And he's going to be good to face, and one who thinks he can do it.

Q. What about ring rough. I know you both haven't been in the ring for a little while. Is that a concern or what are you guys trying to do to overcome the lack of ring time?
TIMOTHY BRADLEY: For me, I mean, I put in the work in the gym. So, you know, it's like I sparred over a hundred rounds for this fight. So, you know, that will be out of the question. My timing is on. It's on point. So, you know, I'm not really looking forward to having any ring rust in the ring coming May 10.
JUNIOR WITTER: For me, ring rough is not even a question or a thought in my head. Remember when I won the world title I had eleven months out of the ring before that, and I got in and I boxed fine. I boxed again -- my last fight was in September, which is, yeah a few months ago now, since my last fight, but the way I train, I am in the ring all the time training. It's not like it's something under consideration.

Q. Tim, this question's for you. You just mentioned you put in like more than a hundred rounds of sparring in the gym. Can you tell us who were some of your sparring partners if they're known at least in the Southern California area? And, you know, were they trying to emulate Bradley's -- I'm sorry -- Junior Witter's style?
TIMOTHY BRADLEY: I was sparring against Dominic Salcedo. He's a very good fighter. He switches a lot. He can punch from any angle. You know, he has a really, like a known style. You know fast feet, you know, gets out the way, moves out of the way kind of like Witter. So, you know, I had really good preparation for the fight. I sparred a lot of rounds with him and made sure my time was going on be to point.

Q. Is Witter more of just a switch-hitter though? I mean would you consider him to be unorthodox or unpredictable?
TIMOTHY BRADLEY: He's unpredictable. Like I said he can punch from the any position he's in. If you think you are in the clear you're not because he is so fast he can leap in with punches. So he is a very dangerous champion. And that's why nobody wants to fight him.

Q. I would agree with that. Do you feel that maybe you are taking this fight a little bit too early? You know, you're undefeated, but you still pretty much regarded as a prospect. You are getting ready to challenge for a world title, and most experts would not have considered you to be a contender yet, not a top ten contender. What are your thoughts on that?
TIMOTHY BRADLEY: I really don't care about the critics, man. It doesn't really bug me at all. You know, I know what I can do. I know when I get in there with someone that's, you know, that's really good I know I step up to the plate man and I take the challenge, you know, and beat them. So beating the champion. So, you know, I really don't care about what the critics and the people are saying, man. You know, you don't know until you get in the ring, man. So that's just pretty much it. You know, you really don't know what you can do until you get in there. I mean, I'm at the peak of my career right now. I'm 24 years old. I've got 21 fights. 11 KOs and I am a hard worker, man. And I been working hard for the past three years to get to this point.

Q. There's no doubt about that. And beyond what critics would say, or the media or even the fans, do you yourself feel that maybe -- or do you yourself think you would have like to have more seasoning, some more quality rounds under your belt? Or do you just feel ready? You feel like you're ready to fight for a world title right now?
TIMOTHY BRADLEY: No way. I'm ready man. I've had some tough fights, you know, it's all prepared for me for this. Mentally, physically, emotionally I'm ready for this next stage. And you guys will see on may 10th. You're definitely going to see.

Q. Thanks, Tim.
TIMOTHY BRADLEY: Not a problem.

Q. First question I have for Junior. Junior, this fight is going to be on in the United States an SHOWTIME, and, I believe in the U.K. it's going to be on ITV as well. So you are going to be getting a tremendous amount of focus and attention. Does that affect the way that you are going to fight? Do you feel the need to not only win but make a statement about yourself in this fight?
JUNIOR WITTER: It's not going to change the way I fight. It's just I'll be focused in on what I'm doing, the way I prepared for it. I know it's an opportunity to show the world what I can do. And reinforce the fact that I am the best light welterweight there is throughout all the federations and so forth. And it's just been focusing on what I'm going to do. I'm going to get in the ring and I'm going to do what I do best.

Q. What was the reason that after the Vivian Harris fight in September, it's been so long since you been in the ring? I know you been calling people out who haven't wanted to fight you. Is it because of the politics of boxing or was that planned?
JUNIOR WITTER: It's the politics of box. I had a slight injury that I had to deal with straight after the fight. And it took me a little bit to get back to fitness where I thought I was ready to fight. And then since then we've had a couple people pull out. I mean like Demetrius Hopkins.

Q. Question for Timothy. This fight, obviously it's going to be in England and the fans are going to be pretty much all rooting for Junior Witter. How is it guying to be for you challenging a world champion pretty much on his home turf without having a lot of experience on a professional level in that situation?
TIMOTHY BRADLEY: Just staying focus, staying with the game plan, listening to my corner, listening to my trainers, you know. I'm just here to do a job. And, you know, I'm just going to be completely focused on Junior Witter.

Q. He's obviously a high-level fighter than you have faced before in your professional career. You sound extremely confident. What is the actual source of that confidence knowing his record and his experience?
TIMOTHY BRADLEY: I'm just confident in my abilities. I'm just confident I am a hard worker. I have talent and I put in the work. You know, I put in the miles. I put in, you know, the hours of studying videos. I put in, you know, I'm just dedicated to the sport, man. And that's what builds my confidence. That hey I'm ready for this big stage.

Q. Do either of you want to make a prediction for the fight? Junior or Timothy?
TIMOTHY BRADLEY: My prediction I just want to win. That's it. That's just hands down. I don't care how I get the W, I just want to win. That's it. I don't really make predictions. You know, fighters can sit here and say I'm going to knock him out, I'm going do this, I'm going to do that. But it's whole different ball game once you get in the ring.

Q. And, Junior, you want to make any predictions for this?
JUNIOR WITTER: I predict an exciting fight. And the champion remaining the champion. I'm going out there and I'm delivering some pain. Not about to give in.

Q. Good luck to everybody?
JOHN BEYROOTY: Along the same lines for Timothy, since you are fighting on foreign soil, do you feel like you have to knock Witter out to win? Are you concerned about a close fight not going your way or a decision.
TIMOTHY BRADLEY: No, I don't have any thoughts about that. They have judges who judge the fights, you know, and they have the fight fans who judge it. They have their own opinion. And, you know, the winner, whoever wins the fight should win the fight definitely. It doesn't bother me at all. I never really think about, you know, if it's close fight or this and this you know I should win, I should have won the fight, you know. At the end of the day, you know, when they make the decision, then that's the decision that I have to live with.
JOHN BEYROOTY: Is your mindset then to go out and win rounds and leave no doubt?
TIMOTHY BRADLEY: Oh yeah definitely. Definitely man. It has to be do the. You know, you got to go out and when you go out you got to beat the champion. You just can't dance around the ring and don't do anything at all. You take it to the champion. It has to be precise an that's what we're planning on to do.

Q. I have a couple questions for Junior Witter. You had surgery after your last title defense against Harris in September. When exactly did you injury injure your knee and how is it holding up in training camp?
JUNIOR WITTER: I did about six weeks before I boxed Vivian Harris. Surgery was the week after. I'm fine now. Not had a problem with it.

Q. Very good. Timothy Bradley has been unbeaten, top seeded WBC mandatory. He's fought exclusively in California. How much do you know Tim as a fighter.
JUNIOR WITTER: Not loads and loads but I'm not studier of boxing. I'm not a studier of boxing and what everyone's doing. I look at who you are right now. I find a weakness in that and I exploit it.

Q. After you fought June of 2000 you showed the boxing world that one day you'll eventually become a world champion. However that took six years. Why did it take so long?
JUNIOR WITTER: The politics of boxing is scary. (Laughing). That's why it took so long. No one wanted to give me a shot after that. They realized that I was good. And they were managing to find a way to avoid that. But I went on to become the European the International title and it's case of I did everything I had to do. I took the long road because it was the only road that was really left for me and it's just gone that way.

Q. Timothy, again it was already mentioned this is your first fight out of California. Do you feel any kind of pressure, not so much for, you know, trying to win by knockout or anything like that, but just fighting in obviously a country that you've never been to before. I mean do you feel any kind of nerves being in a fight like that?
TIMOTHY BRADLEY: Of course you are going to have some nerves, man. You know this is a fight, you know, it's not dancing. You are going to have some nerves. But, you know, I've had people around me to keep me focuses and keep me on with the quest that's ahead. So I'm all right, man. I'm just relaxed and just really anxious to get in the ring.

Q. And for Junior, I snow you've been calling out a couple other fighters right now specifically Ricky Hatton. Do you feel by any chance you may be taking Timothy a little lightly. Are you looking forward to calling some of the other guys in your division out?
JUNIOR WITTER: Not at all. I've called out a couple of people. No one's really stepped up to the plate the way I would have liked them to. I accept that and I will do the job on Saturday night.
JOHN BEYROOTY: Junior, if you win this fight, who would you like to fight? Who are some of the guys you'd like to fight besides Hatton. And do you think Hatton will ever fight you.
JUNIOR WITTER: I think that fight will happen. It's that much of a big demand in the U.K. from the boxing world unit. And I think the pressure's on him for him to take the fight. The other names out there you can tell me. There's Torres. Then there's obviously Mayweather, Kotelenik so there's plenty avenues for me to go down apart from the Hatton one - --
JOHN BEYROOTY: So that's Andres K-o-t-e-l-e-n-i-k he is the WBA champion. Riccardo Torres is the WBO champ right.

Q. I know this is most of your fights have been road trips, what kind of adjustments has it been preparing for this fight now that you are in England? What's this week been like so far?
TIMOTHY BRADLEY: Just pretty light week. Just, you know, shaking out the last week all the hard work's been done in the gym. So just pretty much you know breaking a sweat and that's just pretty much it. Just lots of rest, eating quality food, and that's just pretty much it. Just staying focused on the game plan and that's all.

Q. I know when we talked about your first fight on ShoBox, you know, they said that you had some nerves and maybe the fight was closer and you weren't able to show yourself as the fighter that you'd like in that first time you fought on ShoBox. What did you learn from that experience and what do you take from that into this one which is your first title fight?
TIMOTHY BRADLEY: That, you know, I just got to get in there and do my thing. I just got to stay relaxed, stay calm, stay focused and fight like a champion. That's just pretty much it. My first ShoBox fight you know being on a big network, being with a new promoter and stuff like that, you know, and, you know, thinking that I had to like prove myself to like everybody and, you know, and things like that it just kind of bit me in the ass. But now you know that I've been through that it's not a big deal. It's just like hey it's boxing, it's what I do. This is what I do for a living, you know. I'm going to get in there and I'm going to do what I do. And I just got to stay relaxed and that's it.

Q. I know you're always really fit. Did you have your body fat measured?
TIMOTHY BRADLEY: Why I'm about 3% right now.

Q. You're at 3% body fat?
TIMOTHY BRADLEY: 3% body fat.

Q. My first question is for Timmy. Timmy everyone just keeps bringing up today it seems anyway they're questioning the fact if you think you are taking this fight too soon and they just keep bringing up the fact that this is going to be your first fight out of California. You're going abroad. Almost as if they're doubting whether you made a wise decision to even take the fight with Junior and go over to the UK. Does that motivate you at all? You know, seeing that you're almost kind of being put into the proverbial contender role?
TIMOTHY BRADLEY: Oh yeah that motivates me. You know, negative comments always motivates me and gets me up for the challenge. It's just you know like I said I really don't care what people say, man, or what they think. How many people get a chance to fight for the world title as quickly and as fast as I've gotten? I mean, it's taken me a little bit less than three-and-a-half years to get to this point. You know, I worked my way up through the rankings and got to the number one challenger spot. And, you know, it's either sink or swim. It's either you do it or you don't do it. And so I'm going to do it.

Q. My next question is for Junior. Junior, you know, you feel that you are the best 140 pound fighter in the world. You're vocal about it. And Ricky Hatton obviously as you made no secret of is the number one 140 pounder on your list that you would like to fight. But you know you always mentioned a little while ago that you would like to fight Torres or Kotelenik. In none of those fights come through and Hatton for some reason won't fight you or you can't get him to fight you is there any thoughts from your camp of maybe securing a fight with Malachy or would you just rather step up to another division?
JUNIOR WITTER: If the Malachy fight could be done yeah I'll do that not a shadow of a doubt. I just leave that side of the politics to my manager.

Q. Timothy, you're obviously coming over from California with a tame difference of the towers and fighting what will be roughly in kind of afternoon California time. Did you do anything to compensate for the time difference in your preparation?
TIMOTHY BRADLEY: No. I trained at the regular time.

Q. No concerns then on that score?
TIMOTHY BRADLEY: Oh no, no concerns. You know, I don't really do anything different I just trained like I normally trained. And I know I'm going to be probably fighting late here so you know I'm just ready. I'm ready to go. I gotta do what I have to do. I just can't be like oh, you know, it's late I'm going to be tired or feel that way. You just got to think positive, everything's going to be fine.

Q. In regard to the Castillo fight, what were the circumstances like for you on the actual day before word of the cancellation came out? Did you get a little bit of inkling beforehand?
TIMOTHY BRADLEY: Not really. You know, it bothered me a little bit. But, you know, my dream was always to fight for the title, man, and win the title, become the WBC world champion. So Lamandi (sic) granted me the number one challenger spot. He didn't punish me for all my hard work that I've done because Castillo likes to eat a lot of burritos and stuff. You know, so it didn't bother me after all. I got what I wanted. And now we're here.

Q. All the best?

Q. Tim, why is it that -- you come from the desert area and there's not that many people out there where you live. Why do they have so many good fighters? I mean you got several world champions. What's it that breeds all these great fighters over there?
TIMOTHY BRADLEY: The heat. (Laughing). I guess it's the heat man. I'm not sure. You know, just having about six or seven local gyms in the area. It's just having you know Palm Springs and every location, every city in the valley. I just think that, you know, we just have some great trainers come through that desert man. And, you know, just basically pushed us and, you know, like I said we train in the heat and it's really challenging for us. So we come in great shape. And, you know, we're hungry fighters, man, because we definitely want to be the best, man.

Q. When you are out running, do you ever worry about rattlesnakes and stuff?
TIMOTHY BRADLEY: No. I never worry about that. You know, I do a lot of my running in the hills, the mountains, and on the track. So when I do my distance sometimes I like to run on the street. I run too much in the sand. Rattlesnakes like to come out in the heat, man, so I really don't do too much running when it gets like midday. That's when they're out.

Q. I have a question for Timothy Bradley. You're fighting Junior Witter his home turf. Obviously, you are the underdog going into this fight. Have you embraced the role of being the underdog? I mean do you feel any kind of pressure or anything?
TIMOTHY BRADLEY: No. I don't feel any kind of pressure. I really don't get into all the odds and stuff like that and listen to all that stuff. I pretty much think positive the whole time. You know, I am on his home soil you know. Of course I'm going to be -- I'm definitely going to be not the favorite. So I expected that, you know. I definitely expected that. So it doesn't bother me at all.

Q. This is the biggest stage of your career. This is going to be your first fight out of the United States. Your first fight out of California. Is there any kind of pressure going in to this fight? Is this just another fight? Or is this the fight of your career at this point?
TIMOTHY BRADLEY: This is the fight of my career. This is the big stage, man. It doesn't get any higher than this. You know, it's just I'm taking it as an opportunity, you know. And I thank and I oblige that Junior Witter and Mick Hennessy for putting this show on, man. It's exciting for boxing. It's exciting for me. And going to be a great fight.

Q. Mick, I had a question for you. Junior Witter and Collin Froch, two of your fighters, both had different opponents scheduled originally for march on two separate cards. I just want to hear from you your efforts in basically keeping everyone in good spirits knowing that, you know, they were suppose to fight in march and now they're fighting in May and basically your efforts in base piecing this card together to put together the card that you have?
MICK HENNESSY: It's kind of been a rough time really, chaotic. Ken pulled out the 29th day it was a big deal over here. It was an ITV one show. And ITV, they support the situation and they rescheduled the show. And basically, you know, obviously Junior's fight for that with Demetrius Hopkins. And I seized the opportunity to put that fight together very quickly. Obviously Timothy lost out on the Castillo fight, Junior on the Demetrius Hopkins fight. Basically I put, you know, Karl and Junior on the same card and strengthened it. It just worked all around really. Because if there was any problems like pulling out for a second time the show still goes forward basically. It's still a brilliant card. So it's been a hard time but we've held it together. And we got, you know, a brilliant show. Most people over here are talking about it as one of the best shows for many years. So know we're looking forward to Saturday night.

Q. I have the same question for bother fighters. Junior, just how you go from training for someone like Demetrius Hopkins and training for Tim Bradley. Basically two different fighters height wise and style wise?
JUNIOR WITTER: I basically do the same training route to the end. And then I'll just tweak my style for me opponent. And I've got to that level I'm just about to tweak and the fight got cancelled. Took a little bit of time off. Just eased off a bit. Kept fit, kept sharp then just tweaked at the end for Tim. So I'm cool.

Q. Tim, you literally went from the scales thinking you are fighting Jose Castillo and all of a sudden going into training camp fighting Junior Witter a far more better fighter at this stage of their careers?
TIMOTHY BRADLEY: Yeah. You know, I just trained for the Castillo fight and took about a week off. And I heard, you know, they were negotiating and stuff like that and I went back to the gym and been in the gym ever since. And now we're at this point. You know, when you train so much, you train so hard and it's just -- you know, you get hungry. You get hungry. You want to fight. You need to release, you know. And we're going -- we're both going to be in prime time may 10th, man, you are going to see some fireworks, definitely on may 10th.

Q. Thank you very much and best of luck to both of you and thank you to SHOWTIME for continuing to show the fights that HBO refuses to get involve in.
JOHN BEYROOTY: A reminder the fight will be aired on SHOWTIME this Saturday, may 10th, at 10:45 p.m. Eastern and Pacific. And its 'going to be a terrific world title fight on ShoBox. This is truly a special edition of a great, great series that began in July 2001 and has already produced 24 world champions. And Timothy Bradley's attempting to become the 25th. No easy task. This is going to be a great, great fight indeed.

Q. Hi, Junior. I wanted to ask if you have a particular routine for fight days that you've developed over the years?
JUNIOR WITTER: I chill. I'll have something to eat, go for a little walk, have a rest, have something else to eat. Bob comes over and cuts my hair. Then I just relax, do very little.

Q. What time do you like to get there to the venue?
JUNIOR WITTER: Anywhere to about two hours before. Play the music, get into the zone, and get ready to do my stuff.

Q. All the best, Junior. Thanks for your time.
JUNIOR WITTER: No problem.
JOHN BEYROOTY: Timothy, how long have you been in England?
TIMOTHY BRADLEY: I've been in England since Sunday.
JOHN BEYROOTY: And acclimation wise you feel fine.
TIMOTHY BRADLEY: Oh yeah. Definitely. I'm sleeping at night, waking up early. I'm fine.

Q. This question is for Junior. Any plans on coming into fight here in America? I know Haddon had made mention that he -- that was one of his goals was to headline in Vegas. Do you share the same dream of coming over here head lining a big card?
JUNIOR WITTER: Yeah, to headline a big card over there. But for me it's a case of get me the next fight. The next fight that can be done as soon as it can be done. If you can do one over there, brilliant. If the next one can't be over there, it can't. Just get me another fight.

Q. Earlier Mr. Bradley said that this is the biggest fight of his career. I mean, this is it?
JUNIOR WITTER: Understandable.

Q. But for you, Junior, do you feel the same way approaching this fight on Saturday? Or is it just another fight?
JUNIOR WITTER: It's another dangerous fight. It's not the biggest. It's not going to be the last. And I'm going to remain champion. That's what I've got to do.
JOHN BEYROOTY: At this point, we'll go to closing comments. We'll begin with Mick. Mick, do you have any closing comments on the event that maybe you might not have touched on at the outset of this call?
MICK HENNESSY: I just want to say it's fantastic arena. It holds 9,000. We're on our way to having a capacity crowd. And, you know, it's going to be a hell of an event, a hell of an atmosphere. And very, very explosive. So I'd like to congratulate both fighters on taking this fight. You know, true, true fighting warriors. And, you know, thanks again to ShoBox. Brilliant series and this is a ShoBox special. And they've got something special here. So thank you everyone for tuning in.
JOHN BEYROOTY: Champ, do you have any closing comments?
JUNIOR WITTER: I'm glad you took the fight. I'm glad you came over. It's not your night. It's not your month. You might come again. I'm still going to remain champ.
JOHN BEYROOTY: Timothy, can I get some closing comments from you.
TIMOTHY BRADLEY: You know what, I'd just like to mention I want to thank my promoter Gary Shaw and Thompson Boxing Promotions and know for making this fight all possible. And I just want to thank Hennessy Sports and Mick. Thank you for making this fight possible for me. And I just want to thank the champion for giving me a shot at his title. And all praises to the Lord Jesus Christ and let's do this.
JOHN BEYROOTY: Chris Deblasio do you have anything to add.
CHRIS DEBLASIO: No. Thank you, John. Take care everybody. Good luck.
JOHN BEYROOTY: On behalf of everyone involved with this great fight card, special edition of ShoBox and SHOWTIME this Saturday night at 10:45 p.m. we want to thank you again for your continued support for SHOWTIME each and every show we have and we look forward to a great event this Saturday and in upcoming weeks and months. Again, thank you for participating on this call and we'll talk to you all soon. Good afternoon. Good evening.
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