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April 8, 2008

Guy Forget

Richard Gasquet

Michael Llorda

Paul-Henri Mathieu

Jo-Wilfried Tsonga

ERIC SCHUSTER: Questions in English first, please.

Q. Could you talk about the options you have and the various scenarios that you could put together for the tie this week?
GUY FORGET: Well, it's pretty difficult actually because I have -- I'm fortunate enough to have a lot of good singles players and a lot of guys that can play doubles as well.
I been asking these questions for the last few days and I still haven't made up my mind yet. We wanted to play on the court to see the speed and see who was getting used to the speed of the court.
But, as you can imagine, I'm not going to go through every single player, but knowing the ranking and the ability that they have to play doubles together, this is what I went through the last few days. It's still not clear in my mind yet.

Q. So you'll wait 'til Thursday?
GUY FORGET: Well, I probably will tell them on Wednesday night. Try to wait as long as I can. But I mean, they all know that -- they're all very close to each other. Since they get along well, I hope they'll accept my decision.

Q. Could the players all talk about their impression of the surface, how fast it is.
MICHAEL LLODRA: For me it's very easy. I like the court, the speed of the court. I don't know if I'm going to play, but I'm ready to play. We'll see.
RICHARD GASQUET: Yeah, we like the court. It's a little bit fast, but it's not a problem for us. Me, I like to play on this kind of court, so it's good for my game.
PAUL-HENRI MATHIEU: No, I think, yeah, it's a pretty fast court, but we all like to play on this kind of courts. I think all four of us can play a good match on this kind of court.

Q. Would you say it's faster than grass?
PAUL-HENRI MATHIEU: I think it's so much faster than grass. On grass the bounce is maybe lower, but the speed is faster here.

Q. For Guy, I wanted to ask you about Andy Roddick's game. Why do you think he is playing so well? What do you see in his game that he's elevated?
GUY FORGET: Well, I think Andy has been playing well. Like everybody he had ups and downs, but overall he's been pretty consistent. You know, being a tennis player you go through these stages sometimes where you get that extra confidence, and in some big points you don't ask yourself what you should do, you just do it, and with a positive attitude.
I think that's probably what he's going through right now. He had a really good start. He won Dubai and is playing some really good matches. He played well last week. He's the kind of player when he's on and he plays well you just have to watch him play or wait that eventually he does a few errors. When he doesn't, then he's almost unbeatable.
But on the other hand, we try to focus on what we can do as well and the problems we can offer to -- whether it's him or James.

Q. For Guy and the players, is there a different mindset for coming into Davis Cup rather than a tour event?
GUY FORGET: If I can speak for myself, I think Davis Cup is different in the way that it's a team event. You get together and you have to share everything for like a week. You can lose one match and still you'll win the tie. That doesn't happen in any slam or tournament.
That's a great opportunity to know that your friend can save you in a way and give you like a second life on the Sunday if you -- and that's what makes Davis Cup so special.
I'm sure on the weekend we'll see a lot of screaming fans here. The atmosphere in any Davis Cup tie we play is a lot greater than the ones we see in a lot of ATP tournaments. Even the guys that's in the locker room. Arnaud Clement who is the fifth player, he feels concern and he's been thinking about this match for the last few weeks.

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