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August 29, 2001

Michael Garten

Gary Glaser

Steve Stricker

Don Tucker

JAMES CRAMER: Good morning, everyone. My name is James Cramer. I am Manager of Communications and Media Operations for the World Golf Championships. I'd like to welcome everyone to this morning's 2002 Accenture Match Play Championship Media Day. Thank you for all for coming. To begin with, I'd like to recognize and introduce the gentlemen that are joining me here on the stage. First off, the Championship Director for the 2002 Accenture Match Play Championship, Mr. Michael Garten. (APPLAUSE) From Accenture, an umbrella sponsor of the World Golf Championship and title sponsor of the Accenture Match Play Championship, we have Mr. Don Tucker, Accenture Partner and Director of Accenture's product marketing in Southern California. (APPLAUSE) Representing the La Costa Resort and Spa, Mr. Gary Glaser. (APPLAUSE) I am sure every one of you, or not every one of you but a lot of you, last week were able to watch Tiger Woods' stirring victory in our latest World Golf Championships event. In that event he had to go seven holes to beat Jim Furyk in a playoff. The thing that struck me about that mostly was the fact that during the playoff every shot counted. I mean, the whole tournament was hinging on the result of the playoff. And when I thought back about it, when you think of the Accenture Match Play Championship, it's that way from Wednesday on. When the 64 players tee up in 32 matches on Wednesday, every shot counts and I think that leads it to being one of the most exciting tournaments each year. And when we were in Australia for this tournament the beginning of this year, one of the most respected golf writers was standing next to me and we were talking. He said that year in and year out, regardless of who's playing in the event, that the Accenture Match Play Championship is one of the five best tournaments each year. So I think that speaks a lot to the format and to the places we have been able to take this event. To give you a little background on the Accenture Match Play Championship, I'd like to show a little video that we have prepared. Thank you. (Video played) I don't know if you noticed that the video credited Tiger Woods with four World Golf Championships. As has been the case, since he's turned pro we had to make changes on the run with that. He has now won 5 of the 9 World Golf Championships events to date. It's my honor right now to introduce the Championship Director for the 2002 Accenture Match Play Championship, Michael Garten. (APPLAUSE)

MICHAEL GARTEN: Thank you very much. Let me start by saying a sincere thank you to all the members of the media that are here with us today. We very much appreciate it on behalf of the Championship office, your participation and your attendance at today's event. It really helps us to promote and build our event for next February. I'd also like to say thank you to all the different corporate sponsors that have joined us this morning and in particular we'd like to say a special thank you to Mike Nolan from Accenture, Julie Rosenthal, and Don Tucker who works here and actually lives in San Diego. I appreciate your being here as well. Last but not least I want to say thank to you La Costa Resort and Spa. There are a number of folks in this room that are part of their staff that are wonderful to work with on a daily basis, and we always appreciate their hard work and effort in partnership with us to produce not only the event like this, but the Championship itself. Just a couple of comments in regard to February 2002. First and foremost I want to say we at the Championship Office staff, including myself, we're really excited to be back not only in Southern California buy in San Diego, California and here at La Costa Resort and Spa. I want to make every effort within reason that we possibly can to have the success we have had in both '99 and 2000 here at La Costa Resort and Spa. So we're excited to be back. Secondly, I just wanted to make mention one particular area that we're really making a big push to improve upon, and that is the sale of tickets for this event. And a couple of notes on that. In the media kit there is some information for any of you that are interested in the details, and let me highlight a couple of items that I think are important. The ticket package for this event is $100 and it's for the week of the Championship. It includes an individual ticket for Monday and Tuesday's practice rounds as well as the Wednesday through Sunday competitive rounds. There's also a couple of promotional notes that the first 2,500 buyers receive a series of commemorative golf balls that commemorate World Golf Championship Series of events as well as an Accenture Match Play Championship event golf towel. Another note is that the ticket package paid with an American Express card receives a 10% discount, so it would be $90 for the week. So we'd like to think there is some value there for those golf fans in San Diego as well as Southern California. With that said, you will have the opportunity for questions after the panel is finished and after we have had Steve Stricker's teleconference. If anybody has any questions that are relative please freely free to ask. Thank you. (APPLAUSE) .

JAMES CRAMER: As I said earlier, Accenture is one of four umbrella sponsors of the World Golf Championships and the title sponsor of the event here, the 2002 event being held at La Costa Resort and Spa. With that, I'd like to introduce Mr. Don Tucker from Accenture who can speak about Accenture's involvement in the World Golf Championship. (APPLAUSE)

DON TUCKER: Thank you. On behalf of the 75,000 employees of Accenture in Southern California or around the world, we thank you for taking the time to come here this morning to be with us, to kick off this magnificent event. This is the fourth edition of the World Golf Championships Accenture Match Play Championship. We're very proud to be a part of it. Accenture does have a long history of sponsoring local golf. In 1995, 1997 we sponsored the Accenture World Championship of Golf. And this was a tremendous event for us. We're very proud of the results of that, very proud of the performance. What we believe is something to be very proud of and that was to bring Match Play back into the world of golf, really bring its popularity (inaudible) so we're very proud of that goal and very proud of our association with it. The most recent golf partnership, the International Federation of PGA Tours has helped us to make the World Golf Championships and the Accenture Match Play Championship a reality. As I said, this reflects our continuing commitment to the world of golf on a local level. Of course, golf is not our primary business. As you might know, we're a global leader in management information technology. We have worked with the world's most successful organizations helping them to create their future. We do it with information technology. We do it for organizations again on a world level. The World Golf Championships featuring the world's best players, playing the world's best courses, sanctioned by the golf governing bodies really parallels, we believe, our business commitment. That is the commitment associated with delivering excellence to our clients, serving their needs on a global scale. Our connection with the World Golf Championships is a very powerful means to communicate the attributes of our brand to those who take an interest in (inaudible). Fortunately we feel the future of this event is very, very bright. And we're confident that it is going to continue to be a yearly format for a long time to come. Among the many locations around the world there are selected World Golf Championships that really stand out, world class destinations and a community with the wherewithal and the desire to really be center stage. The reputation has been earned by this community (inaudible). We believe the combination of such enthusiastic local support, high caliber competition, that have been established at the Accenture Match Play Championship, is really unparalleled in the world. We hope that you, our friends in the media, will take advantage of the opportunities here over the next few months; certainly as they relate to this tournament, opportunities to thank the readers and thank the viewers to really showcase the vitality of the area. We're very proud to be a part of this event; very, very proud to work with you in communicating the news of the event of 2002. We very much look forward to seeing you in February. (APPLAUSE)

JAMES CRAMER: The World Golf Championships are very pleased that we'll be bringing back the Accenture Match Play Championship to the La Costa Resort and Spa. I would now like to ask that Mr. Gary Glaser to speak about La Costa's involvement with the Accenture Match Play Championship. Gary. (APPLAUSE).

GARY GLASER: Thank you, James. It is very important that all the guests here today know how proud we are to be the host of the event. We'd like to thank Accenture and the World Golf Championships team for being wonderful partners. We have had some great integrations and great moments over the past three years and we look forward to the future of them. On behalf all of our 1001 employees, we look forward to the future and we thank all the media for their participation. If there be any questions regarding the golf course, or anything on how we integrate, again after the teleconference, I will be here and available for questions. Thank you for attending today. (Applause)

JAMES CRAMER: Thanks, Gary. Now I ask for everyone's patience while connecting with Steve Stricker. That will take a moment or two. If there are any questions while we're waiting, we can a few.

Q. Will La Costa be a permanent site or host for Match Play at other locations?

JAMES CRAMER: Nothing has been announced at this point. I can say that with our partners at Accenture and the International Federation of PGA Tours, and La Costa Resort and Spa, that we're working on accomplishing that. There will be something announced in the near future. I just got the sign that our next guest is with us. Steve Stricker is joining us from his home in Wisconsin. In January at the Metropolitan Club in Australia, he defeated five higher seeded players on his way to the Championship in which he defeated Sweden's Pierre Fulke 2 and 1. Ladies and gentlemen, it is my pleasure to introduce our defending Champion of the Accenture Match Play Championship, Steve Stricker. Good morning, Steve. Steve, hi, it is James Cramer here with the PGA TOUR.

STEVE STRICKER: How are you doing?

JAMES CRAMER: I am very well. I know that the Accenture Match Play Championship was a very important victory for you in January. Can you begin by telling us what that victory meant to you in terms of your career?

STEVE STRICKER: Well, it meant a lot. That was my biggest win thus far. I really keep looking back at that week over there in Australia and it was a great week for me and my family. It was just a very special win to win a World Golf Championship, the Accenture Match Play Championship, it meant a lot. And I look forward to hopefully getting the chance to defend the title.

JAMES CRAMER: If are there any questions in the room for Steve, I ask you to raise your hand.

Q. No offense but when you hit a bad shot, what is your mental recovery process?

STEVE STRICKER: In Match Play for me it's totally different. It's to the point where I try to use it to my advantage as much as I could, because when you make a par out of the trees or in a difficult situation, it really puts your opponent in a tough situation mentally, for sure, it wears him out if you do it two or three times during the course of a round. So you can kind of use it to your advantage, it almost gives you the uppe rhand or momentum. I kind of would feel that things would switch my way if I made a recovery shot out of trouble, ended up tying the winning hole where you can really use it to your advantage. In stroke-play it is a little bit different where if you do hit some bad shots, you know, they tend to get you down a little bit more. Even though you recover from them, I mean, it kind of wears on you as the day goes along. Where in Match Play you can kind of use it to your advantage.

Q. Steve, winning a million dollars the first week of the season, did it change your approach consciously or subconsciously towards the rest of the year?

STEVE STRICKER: Well, consciously I wanted to back it up a little bit. I wanted to do it the following week right in Phoenix. I had a good week the following week in Phoenix, having a top-10 finish, but I really wanted to win as the season got going, you know, through the rest of the season I wanted to add another win. I still have an opportunity to do that. The season isn't over. But probably subconsciously, you know, you may let down a little bit, but I am always trying to tell myself that I got to keep playing hard and trying to win again and trying to get in contention. I am sure there's things there that, you know, you really don't even realize that are going on in your head, but I have been trying to back it up trying to play well the whole season.

Q. Steve the World Golf Championships are very young relative to other golfing events historically. What do you and other players see this event becoming? Do you have a sense of the future for this event?

STEVE STRICKER: The Match Play event?

Q. Yes.

STEVE STRICKER: Well I hope it continues to grow. And it's a tournament where you have seen over the course of its history, you know, although it's short, you know, anybody can win just because it is Match Play. I think that makes the tournament very interesting and intriguing for spectators and players. Like I say, anything can happen. Anybody can knock off anybody, and I think that's what makes it interesting. I hope the World Golf Championships - and I see no reason why they won't continue to be very popular and very strong among our Tour events - I just think that they are looked at already as a notch below a major tournament probably and the fields are really strong and purses are really high. Players are very excited and get fired up and work on their game in playing those events. So I just see that continuing and making them stronger and growing in the future.

Q. You are in an interesting position because you want to come back and defend this championship but you have to earn your right to defend it. And you are I think 53 in the ranking. Has it affected your schedule at all late in this year, as far as how you are playing or where you are playing, trying to get back here?

STEVE STRICKER: No, it hasn't affected it but it's in the back of my mind, you know, knowing that I still need to get into the Top-64 to make it back to the tournament. So it hasn't affected my schedule but I have been thinking about it, and I surely would love to get back into that tournament, so I have got a lot of time yet -- I have got probably three tournaments this year yet, and then the start of next year to improve on the ranking and hopefully get back into the tournament.

Q. Does the venue for a Match Play Championship matter? Is there such a thing as a good Match Play course, and if so, or if not, can you talk about the merits of La Costa as a venue for that type of golf?

STEVE STRICKER: I am not sure if there's a good Match Play course or a bad one. I mean, because really you are playing against the opponent and, you know, just one individual guy, so it's really you know, the course really has little bearing. I mean, obviously you'd like to play good on it, but ultimately you are just teeing it up against that individual. But I guess if you want exciting finishes, and stuff like that, the better the course, maybe the finishing holes be good and La Costa has that. Last few holes, they are very difficult and 17 being a par 5 and 18 being a tough par 4 adds to that difficulty. Again, I think it's a good course. It's a good course for stroke-play or Match Play tournaments. So I think everybody is excited. I know everybody is excited on the U.S. tour anyway that it is going to be back at La Costa. I think the field is just going to be outstanding.

Q. With a field like this, with some of the best players in the world, can you talk about your mental preparation and how you stay focused throughout the tournament?


Q. With a field like this, with some of the best players in the world, a strong field, how do you stay focused throughout the tournament - your mental preparation?

STEVE STRICKER: Well, I mean, you just -- you are talking about Match Play? Or the Match Play tournament itself?

Q. I am talking about this quality of field like a major or a big tournament.

STEVE STRICKER: Well, I mean, you have to prepare yourself leading up to there. You can't just go Monday of a major week or a World Golf Championships week or any tournament week, you've got to be prepared to go the week before or a couple of weeks in advance or whenever you make out your schedule, you know, you have got to be prepared. Mentally you have got to be ready to go. Your game needs to be ready. Everything just, you know, you have to feel right about going to that particular event and being a major tournament, even makes it that much more demanding on you mentally, you know, you need to be extra focused and just like I say, totally committed because the best players in the world are going to be there and you know they are going to be ready; their games are going to be ready, so you need to put in the time both physically and mentally and prepare yourself, to play your best.

Q. A little follow-up question, could you talk about focus out on the course during a round?

STEVE STRICKER: Well, I mean, I have played this game long enough (inaudible) players playing in a major tournament that it's not very difficult to get focused in a major tournament just because -- it's just something different. There are only four of them out of the year, or four of the World Golf Championships events out of the year and those events, you know, it's easy to get excited, easy to get focused and get prepared just because the fields are so strong. So out on the course, you know, it's -- if your game is in good shape, you know, the focus is very simple just because it means so much and you want to play so well.

Q. Who do you think makes better caddies, men or wives?

STEVE STRICKER: Well, my wife makes a better caddie for me, I know that. She has done a great job for me and we have gotten a long great out on the course. I don't know if that will be the case for most players. I don't know if they can have their wives out there. But we have had such a relationship where it has been able to work very well. This will probably be her last year doing it probably because my girl is getting a little bit older and we're probably going to try to have more kids. I wouldn't recommend it to every player, but for me it was the right combination of having my wife out there.

Q. Following up, was your wife jealous when you won down in Australia with your wife not carrying the bag?

STEVE STRICKER: No, not at all. She was there for two wins out of the three, and she was just very excited and happy for me and, you know, we still go back and talk about that week and she's still interested in what happened during that week. No, there was no jealously on her part. She's just happy as heck seeing me play well and winning again.

JAMES CRAMER: Steve, thank you very much for taking the time out of your schedule to visit with us this morning. We look forward to seeing you in February 2002.

STEVE STRICKER: Thank you. Thanks, everybody. Have a good day. (APPLAUSE)

JAMES CRAMER: Now if are there any questions for myself or any other gentlemen who are here, we'll take them.

Q. Are you surprised at the number of players that passed up a million dollars by not going to Australia?

JAMES CRAMER: Certainly, you know, our expectations were that we were going to get more of the top players. But I think as Commissioner Finchem said during the week there that the date was probably not the best date for people who fly halfway around the world. The players that were there had a great time and the tournament was a fantastic tournament. As I referred to earlier, the golf writer who told me that the Accenture Match Play Championship, regardless of who is there, is one of the five best tournaments of the year. So the expectation was there, but I think we have learned lessons from the past and that come February 2002, this tournament has had 64 of the top 65 players each of the first two years and I think there's no reason to think that we're not going to even exceed that, the expectations for all the Top-64.

Q. Have you ever considered changing the format, to the U.S. Amateur match play format where there's playing the first two days to positions --

JAMES CRAMER: No, I think we're really happy with the format. I think especially amongst the Golf World there's a big interest in this tournament. And it is all or nothing. You get there on Wednesday and there's no guarantee that you're going to be playing on Thursday. And I think that the people following it home, the golf fans in attendance enjoy that. I'd be real surprised if at any time in the future there would be any discussions about changing the format.

Q. Michael, you talk about the big push to increase ticket sales. Why do you think that has been the case? What sort of expectations you have?

MICHAEL GARTEN: I happen to be born in L.A. Cal and raised in Southern California, so you talked to me about this particular topic several times before. A lot of it is just attributed to the Southern California market, especially being the world of sports and entertainment, it is about as competitive as you will find in the entire planet. There are a lot of different things going on, and (inaudible) it's just the fact of life. With that in mind, one of the really what I consider big things that we have done since the event in February 2000 is we have developed a relationship with the San Diego International Sports Council - Torrey Mickelson is here with us today. I work very closely with Ky Snyder (phonetic). A number of you may know Ky. He was the president of the sports council before he assumed the role of the president of the Super Bowl Hope Committee for 2003. The effort, long story short, was to try to penetrate the San Diego and Southern California market more on a grass roots effort as opposed to on along the lines of simple advertising and traditional avenues. Early on we have had some pretty good success with that and hopefully we'll continue to do so. And the other note, I don't know that I mentioned this earlier, unique things about this particular event, some of the obvious pieces, is that Match Play doesn't necessarily allow you to have that many spectators during the course of the week. That might not necessarily be the case with Wednesday but it is absolutely the case with Thursday through Sunday. We've made a decision to limit the number of tickets - they come in a weekly package - but the daily ticket for each day to 7,500 tickets per day. So we hope to provide not only a unique but a very nice experience for the spectators and hopefully the world best players.

Q. Gary, any changes that players that were here back in 2000 expect (inaudible)?

GARY GLASER: Although we haven't had any significant changes, we have worked very closely with the PGA TOUR Agronomy Department to continue to increase the amount of sand that we're top dressing our fairways with. So if we would have a little bit more precipitation than we would like, we expect to have much better drainage and much better overall playing conditions for the players but everything we're doing right now is really big-picture stuff. There have not been any significant renovations in the past year, greens rebuilt. Really just keeping the golf course in top condition, preparing on a year-round basis for the event. We've probably have a little bit of room, but approximately two and a half years ago we did go through a tee lengthening program - both our golf courses are over 7,000 yards and the tournament course I believe picked up approximately a potential for another 60 to 70 yards in length. The advance team chooses what they want the yardage of the golf course to be depending on the weather conditions. If we have had a lot of rain and course is going to be playing slow then they are going to keep the tees up a little bit. I think they really look to keep the courses at a certain length for most of the events, so they don't walk onto a golf course and suddenly have a monster that's playing 7,700 yards and the next week the golf course is playing 6,500. I think they worked very hard to keep the golf course as equitable and playing in very much the same length when they can do that.

JAMES CRAMER: I'd like to thank everyone for attending Accenture Match Play Championship media and sponsor day this morning and I hope everyone enjoys our golf out there this afternoon. Thank you very much. (APPLAUSE)

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