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October 1, 2005

Yemi Babalola

Red Bryant

Dennis Franchione

Courtney Lewis

Archie McDaniel

Reggie McNeal

Todd Pegram

Chad Schroeder

Q. When you guys had that 4th and 1, deep in the territory on the last drive, what was the conversation like in the huddle during the time out?

YEMI BABALOLA: It was pretty much we knew what we had to do we knew we had to get the first down, so there wasn't too much talking. We just knew we had to get the first down to win the game. So we went out there and that's what we did.

Q. Yemi, talking about the first three quarters, Baylor's defense you weren't able to rush the ball, do much. What was Baylor's defense doing that confused you guys?

YEMI BABALOLA: You're correct. Baylor's defense line they played a hell of a game. They're a real talented bunch. It was after we weren't executing place correctly, we just weren't focused like we should have been. We had way too many penalties - holding calls, offsides, everything like that. So I mean, it was just -- I mean, it was just a lot of things that came together to just keep us from doing what we were trying to do.

Q. First year player, at any time did you feel frustration out there with the offense and things not working? Did you ever feel frustrated?

YEMI BABALOLA: I wouldn't really say so much frustrated. I mean it was just -- I guess you could say frustrated. Things weren't going the way you wanted them to go. We knew we were much better offense than what we showed today. Baylor had a good defense, but we just didn't go out there and execute like we should today, offensively.

Q. Yemi, you guys on the offense just have a feeling in the back of your mind that Reggie's just going to make a play. Sooner or later he's going to do it?

YEMI BABALOLA: Yeah, I mean, any time you get the ball in Reggie McNeal's hands, he's going to do something good with it. So, I mean, it's only a matter of time till something good happens. I mean, we got a little concerned, but we were never really too worried. That's why we never pressed the whole game. We were never like we got four now. We're just, okay, we're going to execute our plays. It's going to happen when it happens. So eventually Reggie gets 40 yards on the run and start the job off right for us.

Q. Were your able to see Chad's catch and did you kind of catch your breath when he brought it in?

YEMI BABALOLA: Actually when I looked up, when he was pulling it back in, I was just like, thank, God. I was like thank you. I was so happy.

Q. Todd, I guess it's just getting to be old hat for you kicking field goals getting into overtime or in overtime. Have you drawn on -- did you draw on anything today when you're lining up for what should be a chip shot, but with everything riding on it?

TODD PEGRAM: Actually, I was kind of thinking about the Colorado game. Sorry you got to excuse me my voice, I'm a little horse from being sick this week. But it was kind of the same angle as the Colorado game, same type situation, and I guess that was good to have something to think about from that game, just to say, "Hey, I've been here before." And every night, you know, before the game we do a visualization with Coach Tommerdahl. We always have a game winner. So he said, "You've made game winners by visualizing all over the field, so it shouldn't be a problem." That's the type things I was thinking about.

Q. Now, that we talked about the good, what about the miss? Anything -- was the snap low and did Chad have trouble getting it up exactly how you wanted on their first field goal?

TODD PEGRAM: I think something was a little off there, but I feel like I'm at the point now where, you know, if they get the ball anywhere down I should be able to make it, so... I hate missing field goals, man. It's kind of like somebody told you your dog just died or something that type of feeling, but worse. I'm just glad we ended up winning the game so we didn't have to think about it. I can't place the blame on Chad or Boone, because Chad did a great job on getting it down, and Boone just skipped it back there. When it got back there, I should have kicked it through, so I'll take the blame for that.

Q. All right. Thanks, Todd. Chad, will you just tell us about that last catch you made that kept the game -- kept you on possession of the ball. It looked like the defensive back almost knocked it out?

CHAD SCHROEDER: Yeah, I mean, he made good play on the ball, and hit me right -- Reggie, I mean, put the pass right in my chest, and so it was would have been pretty bad if I dropped it. But the ball bounced out a little bit, and I was able to keep focus on it and put it on in.

Q. Reggie can you describe that catch from your perspective?

REGGIE McNEAL: Oh, well, I mean, when I broke the huddle, I knew it what side they was going to, because, I mean, the way they lined up. I mean, I just, the rhythm, I was just trying to put it where Chad could catch it, and hopefully it came down with it. When I saw him bobble it, I thought, "Oh, no." But he kept focus on it for me. It was a good play by him and DB for Baylor.

Q. Reggie, what did Baylor's defense do those first three quarters to seemingly frustrate you guys and keep you guys from moving the football?

REGGIE McNEAL: What did they do, honestly? All right. They just played hard. Bottom line, we was killing ourselves, I mean, with penalties and little mistakes. But I mean, they just was playing -- I mean, they were just playing a little harder than we were.

Q. Reggie, at Clemson, you had a little off-day passing, came back, hit Chad Schroeder, 31-yard touchdown, took the lead. Today, I don't know what your numbers were, but I don't see how you could spin on this positive. You run for, I don't know, 40 yards, drop the ball mid field. The crowd is going crazy. You end up leading the Aggies back. Is this a something for you, learning how to maybe bounce back from a bad performance early, and then lead a team to a victory?

REGGIE McNEAL: I mean say the question again.

Q. Have you ever done this before Texas A&M, have you ever played as bad as you played in the first half and as good as you played in the last two drives?

REGGIE McNEAL: Have I ever played -- I don't know, have I? Probably not, but we came out with a win. I mean, that's the biggest thing. I mean, so no matter how bad we play or however -- I mean, whatever you want to put it, as long as we come out with a victory -- we made the plays when they had to be made.

Q. Reggie, can you talk what was going on through your mind in that final drive in the 4th quarter?

REGGIE McNEAL: The way I played, brought the ball down the field and scored. I mean, I was -- that's it. I mean, we -- it was either that or go home upset again.

Q. Reggie, can you talk about, you know, all week long we heard about the trash talk from them, from Baylor, and it looked like early on there was still quite a bit of talking going on on the field. Was there?

REGGIE McNEAL: Yep, there was a little bit. I mean, not much, I don't think. But with me, I mean, it didn't -- it kind of made it more fun for me. I mean they're out there talking. We might say a word back, but it was all fun. As long as we don't retaliate or do anything crazy or something to cost our teams, that's fine with us.

Q. Courtney, take us to the last play and when and at what point did you know you were going to make the end zone?

COURTNEY LEWIS: When I first got the ball, when Reggie handed me the ball, I seen the whole D-line crashing to the right. I just bounced it off my (indiscernible), gave me a good block down the field. I ran them, got in the end zone.

Q. Chad, when that ball bounces off your chest, I mean, does your life flash before your eyes? Could you take us right through that moment, what thoughts go through your head at that time?

CHAD SHROEDER: There's really not too much time to think. I was just, you know, focusing on the ball. My goal was catching the ball. And I felt the -- I felt it coming out and kept my eyes on it and was able to get my hands back on it, throw it in.

Q. Chad, how much does this team believe in Reggie?

CHAD SHROEDER: Oh, I mean, that's not even the question. I mean, we have total faith in Reggie, you know. He's won games for us and we know that he's going to get the job done. I mean, he's done it over and over again, and that's not even a question.

Q. Courtney, what do you think the problems were running the ball in the first three quarters, and then getting the big play at the end, wide open, you run in for a touchdown? What happened different at the end of the game and early in the game running the football?

COURTNEY LEWIS: I guess they lost focus in trying to stop the run. And they was focusing on us (indiscernible), like the pass, open it up to run again for us. You know, when I scored a touchdown, it was too late, too late to think about it. We was in the end zone.

Q. Reggie, before you went out to the field with four minutes left in the fourth quarter, when it was 4th and 1, what did Coach Franchione say to you before you ran out on the field?

REGGIE McNEAL: What did the -- what did he say to me? Yeah, we was thinking about punting, but we talked them into going for it. And he said he was gonna put the ball in me or Courtney's hands. I mean, he said, "If I find an open hole, just hit it. Get the first one. I mean, all we need is a yard." So just put the ball in one of two hands and let us make something happen.

Q. Reggie, can you kind of talk about (indiscernible) into overtime, the ball getting into (indiscernible). This one you go into overtime again, were you thinking, "Here we go again."

REGGIE McNEAL: No. I mean, because the way our defense played, I mean, it wasn't no doubt. I mean, I knew the defense was going to keep them out of the end zone. I mean, you look at last year to this year, they didn't play a perfect game like they did last year. So I mean it was just up to us after that.

Q. Reggie, you mentioned the game was fun kind of talking back and forth. More tense than fun? I mean, you guys, obviously struggling a little on offense, but did you feel like the fans kind of cheered in jest a little bit when you got that one first down in the third. What did that feel like? Did you just kind of keep the faith, I guess?

REGGIE McNEAL: Yeah, we always kept our -- I mean, bad game or not, we're always gonna feel like, the next drive, we can still make something happen. But that's what good teams do. I mean we find a way to do it, go down there and score.

Q. Reggie, you said on that 4th and 1 you had to talk Coach Franchione into that. Did you really have to twist his arm? Were you really going to punt or was that something up for discussion?

REGGIE McNEAL: We were gonna punt, and a couple of us, me, Carter, couple of linesmen, we -- I mean, he was like, he asked Coach Tommerdahl, I think, "What do you think we should do?" Coach Tommerdahl was like, "I think we should punt." But we were all like, "Naw, Coach, we got to go." I mean, if we can't get a 4th and 1, we didn't need to be out there playing.

Q. Reggie, it seemed like late in the second quarter and most of the second half, you and Coach Fran were talking quite a bit on how to get things clicking. What went on in those discussions?

REGGIE McNEAL: He was just telling me keep my cool, stay cool with everything. I mean, he knew we weren't playing as good as we could have, but I mean with me being the quarterback, I just got to go out there and continue to lead.

Q. Jason, during the week you guys talked about being (indiscernible) for the defense, but it can't just be the offense. Defense has to keep the other team from scoring to give you guys a chance. I know they gave up a lot of yards, but can you talk about them keeping Baylor off the scoreboard and keeping you guys in the game?

JASON CARTER: Yeah, my thoughts for the defense, I mean, all week, I remember in interviews, people kept on asking, "What do you think the defense can do? Can they stop people?" And I told you, yeah, they gonna go out there and they're going to be fine coming into a conference play. I mean, they went and they played a great game. They kept them out of the end zone. In over time they kept them out of the end zone. They got a goal-line stop at 4th and 1. They got a stop. They did their job. Hat's off to them. That's what a team is all about, because, you know, sometimes we can't score 40 points. You know, defense went out there and played their tail off, gave us the ball time in, time out. Last time they gave us the ball, we got the execute on it.

Q. Jason, kind of evaluate Reggie's play in the first half and then in the second half and specifically what he did for you all those last couple of drives.

JASON CARTER: First, you know, Baylor just applied pressure, a lot of pressure. He was getting hit. I mean, you know, you getting hit sometimes takes a toll on you. In the second half, you know, I remember going to him and saying, "Just protect yourself. Go through your read, and if you have to, take off running. Just protect yourself." He took off about forty yards, I knew what time it was then.

Q. He did take a beating early, but he looked pretty fast and strong on the 40-yard run. If anybody did have questions about his toughness, what do you think he showed them today?

JASON CARTER: You know, that he will stand up on the first that comes and he not gonna fold. I didn't think none of us was ever gonna fold.

Q. Have you thought this week about the nightmare for a full year and reliving that. Did that cross your mind at all in the 4th quarter when they took the lead?

JASON CARTER: Nope. Finally I knew when 11:30 came, it was time to play ball. All that talking they did, it was time to play ball then. Like when they got the lead, and we didn't have 90-yard drives before, that's the same thing I was thinking of, time to go score. And that never crossed my mind one time.

Q. With that said, Jason how demoralizing or how whatever way you want to put it would it have been to have gone another year carrying around that weight having lost to Baylor again?

JASON CARTER: I don't think like that. I knew the game was won when we stepped out there on the field today.

Q. Were you hurt in overtime, were you hurt or?


Q. Yeah, the way the rotation went.

JASON CARTER: No, in some formations, I'm not in, and that's all it was.

Q. Jason, you mentioned with all the talking going on during the week. After the game I saw Dominique Zeigler over there talking to a lot of you guys. I saw him talking to you, and I saw you put your hand to your lips. What did you tell him?

JASON CARTER: I told him, "Don't talk before you come play football games, especially don't come here talking." I mean, you can go anywhere else you want to go. Don't come into our field talking. Go back home and talk."

Q. Did you have to bust down one of your good motivational speeches for Coach Franchione to tell him to go for it on that 4th and 1?

JASON CARTER: Well, when I heard him say he was gonna punt, I looked at Reggie and I said, Reggie, get up there and say something." I wanted to go for it. I didn't want to put our defense out there. They could have been tired. I want the ball to be in our hands. I want to control our own destiny. So I told Reggie, I said, "Go say something, because if he's gonna listen to anybody, he's gonna listen to you." Reggie went up there and talked to him, then Coach gathered us all up and said, "What you all want to do?" We said, "We want to go for it. We don't want to punt the ball."

Q. Jason, you've been known for some of your halftime speeches. Didn't seem like you waited till the half. It seemed like sometimes in the second quarter you started jawing on them?

JASON CARTER: I gave one before the game, and I gave one -- you know, when I feel like I need to say something, I say something. Halftime, I didn't have to really say nothing. My big partner Red, he said something today. I was about to start and Red started, and he said if they had to put an IV in him, he was going to play hard, and that was enough to motivate me. I talked to the offensive linesmen, and I told them, "You all protect Reggie the second half. I'll take you all out to eat," so...

Q. Can you talk about Pierre Brown, young guy making a big catch and what that shows for him.

JASON CARTER: I think that's just the beginning of what Pierre's doing, which I don't (indiscernible). All week in practice, he come out, had a good week. He played and stuff and he got focused. He's my roommate in the hotel. He always tell me, "I'm gonna do this. I'm gonna do this." I said, "Hey, man, you get your chance, you got to go out there and make it." When I saw him catch the ball, you know, it made me feel good inside because he told me all the time he was going to do it. He deserves it. He deserved to catch that ball. What better time to catch it than then?

Q. Jason, do you all feel lucky to have won this game?

JASON CARTER: Nope. I think, you know -- I'm not gonna say that --

Q. Oh, go ahead.

JASON CARTER: Naw, naw. I'm not gonna say that. I'll show a little bit more class. We just glad to be 1-0 in Big 12 play. If I was classless, I would say something, but no need to be like that. We let Guy Morriss talk and we'll see what type of pep talk he give his guys on the way home, you know 0-1.

Q. (No microphone)?

JASON CARTER: I know Cody. I'm taking Cody and probably Yemi somewhere Monday night, then Jami somewhere Tuesday night, yeah, I got (indiscernible).

Q. Red, can you tell us a little bit about what was different about this game? Seemed like you had a lot more pressure, you were able to keep them out of the end zone a lot, make a lot of plays. What was different for the defense today?

RED BRYANT: I feel like we had a great week of preparation. You know, Sunday, Tuesday, and Wednesday was extremely hot days. No one made excuses. Everybody came out and knew what they had to do. We was just trying to get the job done, and it was just a great game to be up front.

Q. Red, what did you tell the team at halftime?

RED BRYANT: I just told the team, "It's going to be a 60-minute contest." Baylor came in confident. They was 3-0 in the preseason. They had every right to come in confident. I told them, "If Baylor gonna play for 60 minutes, then we gonna have to play for 60 minutes." I just told them, "Leave it all out on the field." I feel like that's what the guys did.

Q. You mentioned something about an IV. Did you have dehydration problems?

RED BRYANT: No, not really. Just, you know, I feel like, if I just give it all I have, you know, sometimes that's how it gonna be. You know, like probably top of the third quarter, I started, you know, getting cramps and stuff. The trainers felt like they should give me an IV.

Q. Archie, I know you guys obviously respect Baylor, but back-to-back games like this, does this kind of make you guys look at them a little bit different?

ARCHIE McDANIEL: I mean, how do you say, you know, Baylor came in here. They had a lot of confidence. They were 3-0, like they said before. They've been playing well. We never overlook Baylor or any opponent we play. We prepare for them the same way we prepare for Texas or Oklahoma or Clemson. We came in know they were going to have a lot of confidence behind them. We just wanted to try to try to do our best defensively to help the team get a win.

Q. Archie, tell us what you feel like the defense showed, maybe not just the people in the stands and the media and the fans, but what you showed yourselves today?

ARCHIE McDANIEL: I think defensively what we showed is just like Red said early on, we practiced all week, you know. Today's weather compared to Sunday, Tuesday, and Wednesday, today, you might have said we played in air conditioning. I think it shows the heart and determination we have to be a good defense. I tell them every day, "Today at the conference play, let's take the first steps to try to be the best defense in the conference." Anything less in my eyes and in Red's eyes and everyone else's in the defense is unacceptable. Our primary goal is to get to the Big 12 championship. To do that, defensively we have to play well every week.

Q. Red, could you speak to Jackson's tackle in overtime that Baylor ran a reverse, you kind of lifted the guy up on the sidelines there?

RED BRYANT: It was a great tackle, one of the best tackles that I've seen, you know. Baylor we really weren't speaking to the (indiscernible). I'm just glad Jason was there to stop him, and rally the defense and we came up with a big stop.

Q. Can you talk about your defense and the way you guys -- Baylor moved the ball on you guys. When you got down there toward the end zone, you were able to either come up with a fumble, were you able to deny or something. You guys always came up with some way to turn them around.

BROCK NEWTON: Like these guys said, we worked hard all week, and we know whenever we get in a red zone, we got to step up our game. That's the main thing we did. We just stepped up. Every time we needed to make the play, we did.

THE MODERATOR: Ladies and gentlemen, got coach Dennis Franchione, got Dennis Franchione helping us with a quick comment.

COACH FRANCHIONE: Well, we're kind of the king of the ugly wins so far right now, but that was a hard fought game. Baylor certainly played a fine game. You know, their players played hard and played well. That was a tough one for either team to lose today, and fortunately we don't have to go through that. But, you know, we did not move the ball well offensively on any kind of consistent basis, but we did make a drive from the six yard line when we needed to to tie the game. And then we made the good plays in the overtime. And, you know, the defense, I thought you all took your shots at them last week, so you all need to say some good things about them this week because they rose up and played much better today, you know, kept us in a position to win. As I told the team today after the win last week, you know, "Some days it's going to be the offense, some days it's going to be the defense. We just need to win by one more point." It's like, I said earlier in the week, 51-50, we'd take it, and 16-13, we'll take, because they all count one, and we got one. I was really proud of the defensive coaches and the players, the way they bounced back. We still got work to do, but they bounced back and played much better today and held them when we needed to. And offensively, we got done. Our play maker, Reggie, made some plays in the final drive, big catch by Chad Schroeder, and Todd Pegram kicked it in for us to get it to overtime. I'm disappointed we didn't get a touchdown, but at least we got the add on it.

Q. Coach, can you take us through the decision on 4th and 1, take the timeout, putting team goes out first. Take us through that decision. Obviously it was pretty big.

COACH FRANCHIONE: Well, there were four minutes and, what, 30 seconds, 26 seconds, something like that, to go. I think we had two time-outs remaining. If you punt the ball, you're going to get it probably back with bad field position again, and you're not going to have much time. So I was gonna punt. I think our bench was unanimous in wanting to go for it. There are a lot of times they're unanimous, and I'm not in agreement. But I just felt like the way the day had gone, that if we're going to win this game, we're going to have to make a play sooner or later. Even getting down there didn't guarantee us we were putting ourselves in a position to do it. But at that point in time, I just felt we needed to make a first down and continue the drive, and the kids made the decision to look good.

Q. Coach, talk about Reggie McNeal's toughness in relation to specifically him carrying the ball. He took a pounding early, but I think you could argue he won the game with his running late in the game?

COACH FRANCHIONE: He did. His decision-making and his running. He didn't force any in the second half, and he ran the ball well. You know, the big play in addition to Chad's catch was Reggie pulling the ball down and running for, I don't know what that was, 30 yards or so, 40 maybe. That was a big play, and about as a big a play as we had in the day in a lot of respects. You know, Reggie can beat you in a lot of ways. I know their job or their task was to contain him coming into the game, and that was -- they didn't let him out very many times, but they let him out that time and they paid for it.

Q. Coach, did you wipe your brow when Chad, the ball bounced off his chest but he had the composure to gather it back in?

COACH FRANCHIONE: There wasn't really time to wipe your brow. You had to be ready for the next play. I just had an opportunity to think about that when I did my radio show, to be honest. All I heard or saw was that we had a catch and we had a first down, and we had to get ready to think about what we needed to do next. But that certainly was a big catch. There's no doubt about that. I don't think it was clean, was it? Did he juggle it? Yeah, I thought so. Quite a bit.

Q. After a game like this, can you express the emotions coming through a game like this, especially coming off that loss last year?

COACH FRANCHIONE: Well, if we'd have lost, I'm not sure anybody would have kissed me or hugged me. Kim's leaving town tomorrow. She said she wasn't sure she'd leave town and leave me alone if we hadn't have won. You know, overtime games, when you lose it, you are deflated immediately. And when you win it, you are elated immediately. And you have to be a coach to understand, or a player to understand how that quick (snapping fingers) it all changes one way or the other. And I just admire our coaches and players for just hanging in there and playing all the way till the end and making one more play.

Q. We didn't see a post-game handshake. I'm wondering about the rivalry that these two teams have kind of built up in the last couple years now.

COACH FRANCHIONE: Well, I tried to find Coach Morriss after the game to tell him good game. I thought their team did very well. I couldn't find him. I don't know what happened there. And we've had two overtime games, so they've been two hard-fought games. I think, you know, everybody in the South is somewhat of a rival, but our rival is the University of Texas, and, but every Big 12 game carries its own identity.

Q. Coach, can you talk about back on your own six, you had to go through, you had to go 94 yards. You had a couple of 4th downs you had to convert, just what that said about your team to have to go through that to at least send it to overtime?

COACH FRANCHIONE: Well, I think this is -- I think this is always a game that you can -- you can put in your memory bank and recall when you get into other tough situations. You tell your players all the time to play every play and don't take a play off and games can come down to one play. And there's a lot of things we tell them that, until they live it, they don't fully appreciate it. And they lived it today. Some of the older kids, obviously, have lived it. They've been in overtime games since I've been here. And, you know, it's something you -- I think you can build on when you get in this situation again, and hopefully we'll be able to take something from it.

Q. Coach, can you talk about sticking with the option, the running game, even though Baylor was containing it pretty well early on.

COACH FRANCHIONE: Well, you know you've got to ride the horse that got you here. It's not like we were going to draw up some new plays. And some of it was, we needed to block better and execute it better. We changed the scheme of the way we was blocking it a little bit. And I think the worst thing we could have done is get away from it too soon. Time in the 4th quarter still didn't get us away from it. We ran one or two in that last drive. You know, we've got to be what we are, and I try to get away from what we've done well. You know, this is an offense that can move the ball. As I tell our guys all the time, "Don't panic and don't get frustrated, because we've got enough ways that sooner or later we can get to something that we can get going on and we can make big plays." And they believe that. So that's what we had to do.

Q. Coach, you and Dominique Zeigler and several others Aggie players had what looked like a warm exchange with the Baylor wide receiver. Can you describe your exchange with him after the game.

COACH FRANCHIONE: He said, "Good game." And I said, "Good game. You guys played good."

Q. Coach, were you anticipating the way things were working out that that play that you called to win the game, that you would be able to pop it on that or is that something you got a good break on or something?

COACH FRANCHIONE: Well, I think they may have misaligned 'cause there was no support player over to that side. And as soon as we broke the huddle and got to the line of scrimmage, Coach Koenning said, "If you bounce this outside, we'll score." And I said, "I hope you're right, Les." And maybe they had a different call, but I would have anticipated somebody to be there. I don't know for sure. I think the thing that you might need to understand is we needed a field goal to play again. So your thoughts of what you're going through is you want to get a touchdown to win, but you don't want to put yourself in a negative yardage situation, take a sack and have to try too long a field goal where you can't at least get to the second overtime. And that's the advantage of going second is that you can play in a manner such as that, with those kind of thoughts. When you play first, you have to play for a touchdown, so...

Q. Coach, do you all feel lucky to win this game?

COACH FRANCHIONE: Well, I think any time you play in overtime, you always feel a little fortunate. I don't know how much luck played into this. Players on both teams fought hard today. Coaching staffs of both sides coached hard today. You know it wasn't always pretty for either team today. I think any time that you've got to go 96 yards to tie the game, to get it to overtime, you know, you feel like -- I think our guys feel they can do it, but you always know that you don't do it all the time. And, you know, the game's not over till they put zeros on the clock, and in this case it wasn't over then.

Q. Coach, Baylor ran a reverse there in overtime and Jackson made a nice tackle. He's a tough guy, went down and then came back into the game. Could you speak to that tackle in particular on that reverse?

COACH FRANCHIONE: Well, if he doesn't make that tackle, it's probably a touchdown. And obviously he makes that tackle and we force them into a field goal. You know, our defense has forced people to kick field goals inside the ten yard line several times this year. I know in the Clemson game we did, and again today, we held them seemed like early once and maybe that one there. And, you know, holding a team to a field goal in overtime changes the complexion of what the offense has to do so much. That obviously was a big play and then we had to make three more big plays to put it into a field goal situation.

THE MODERATOR: Anything else? All right. Coach, thank you.


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