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May 11, 2024

Xherdan Shaqiri

Chicago, Illinois, USA

Press Conference

St. Louis 3, Chicago 1

Q. Tough performance. How are you guys feeling?

XHERDAN SHAQIRI: It's clear, first half we didn't play how we wanted to play and we concede the 1-0 out of nothing, out of our mistakes. But yeah, the second half we show much better character. We showed more pride, also, and yeah, in the end, yeah, we scored the 1-1. So we are back in the game, and so we were, yeah, hopefully, but then they came back again, 2-1.

It's difficult to describe now how, but it's in the last couple weeks, it's always a bit like this. Small percentage who are really not good enough to win games, and especially the last two games, and we have to deal better with the intensity of the other teams.

And yeah, the match to be also much better with the ball, come out from the -- yeah, from a pressing team, to come better out, to be more better with the ball, to make less mistakes. This cost us most of the time always these kind of goals where we have to do much better, you know.

Q. As captain, what do you think needs to change for this team, bigger picture, to get back in the race?

XHERDAN SHAQIRI: I think we need to work hard in training and to analyze our game and see what our mistakes and to learn from these kind of mistakes and to do better. I think it's still early in the season everything and can happen. We know MLS, if you win two or three games, you are up there again.

But we have to turn this around now, and now it's the perfect time. I think we have a lot of games. Wednesday, again, a game. We can show a reaction, and I want to see a reaction from the team. Because we have to do better, and be -- especially with the ball, we need to be much, much better. You know, we lose too many balls. We need to secure more the ball.

And yeah, in the end, also like we need to be more clear and make the last pass better. We always miss the last pass to create a big chance. Yeah, that's it. We have to analyze these games, and we have -- the good thing is always if you play Wednesday again, you can react quick, and, yeah, to show a reaction. We try everything, and we don't have a lot of time. We have to close this game, and, yeah, stay positive and try to win the next game.

Q. So one thing that has been going well for the team so far this year, the fans have been showing up. They are on track to break the attendance record. Two home games this week. What's the emergency to fans with the results that haven't been going the team's way?

XHERDAN SHAQIRI: My message is just we are very thankful that these guys are coming on an away game. Always universal grateful to have these kind of fans behind us, even if you don't perform the best, how they like it. But this is football. But we always try our best on the field and try to win games. But this is difficult sometimes. We try our best and give everything because at the end of the day, it doesn't matter tactics. You have to give everything for this badge and for the fans because in the end we have to play for them. And they come and support us in any game, and even at home, they are showing up-and-coming.

So we have to start, also, delivering, and yeah, hopefully on Wednesday, also, people are coming and try to turn this around and yeah, to try to be again on a win streak.

Q. You mentioned the traveling fans. There were a number of traveling fans there today, I think as many as St. Louis would allow. Did you hear them tonight supporting the Fire?

XHERDAN SHAQIRI: We saw them even before we go into the bus, they came to visit us. It was nice to see them. They were very happy and they were looking forward to the game. Yeah, it was nice to see them and it was a couple pictures. It's nice to see the culture, here, also, getting better and the fans coming also to away games.

Yeah, they are behind us. Doesn't matter when and this is the most important thing. Yeah, I just can say thank you to them because they are the best, and we try everything to make them as happy as possible, but this is in life, we can be not always happy. This is pretty normal. But we try our best and I hope we can make them even more happy this season and try to reach our goals with them together.

Q. Just before we wrap up, on a lighter note, your home country, Switzerland just won Eurovision.

XHERDAN SHAQIRI: Oh, really? Wow. Nice. I'm proud, man. Really? Man.

Q. Any message for the Swiss people right now?

XHERDAN SHAQIRI: Just keep enjoying. Thank you for the support all the time. I think we see, also, a lot of Swiss people around in America. They come to Chicago to see me and, yeah, we are looking forward the Euros this season, and we go as far as possible to make them proud.

I'm proud of these guys and girl or man -- I don't know who is on, but I'm very proud that, yeah, Switzerland won. Nice. Awesome.

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