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April 10, 2024

Allan Arigoni

Chicago, Illinois, USA

Press Conference

Q. You've come into Chicago and you've adjusted really, really quickly. What has the process been like for you coming over from Lugano? Has it on easy? Has it been difficult? What are your first impressions of Chicago?

ALLAN ARIGONI: It was pretty easy. As you guys know, I know some players on the team, so I talked to them before I come to Chicago.

The only thing that it was -- it takes a long time was the visa. I had to wait I think almost a month but the rest was pretty easy. So I'm glad to be here, and the whole team welcome me very good. So I'm happy to be here.

Q. Last game you were at left back. I know you've done some of that in your career, but I'm curious how you felt you did and how you feel knowing that this coaching staff is willing to put you at both spots already?

ALLAN ARIGONI: Yeah, as you said, it wasn't the first time I played left, and in the back line, I can play also central defender.

So for me, it's not a problem. I just try to give a hundred percent in every position that I play, and so I felt also comfortable on the left side. Like maybe some movements are different, but the rest was I think pretty okay.

Q. Before you came to the MLS, did you ever hear about the MLS? Do you know players who are big stars who play in the MLS? And how do you feel the team is different playing in Lugano and now that you play here?

ALLAN ARIGONI: Yeah, before coming here, I heard a lot about the MLS, especially in the last few years because two players from Lugano came here and one came back, was Doumbia, so I talk also with him. He explain me a little bit the league and everything.

But my first impression was very, very good. It's a little bit different. It's a little bit more physical. But I think this is also my strength; so I adapt as quick as possible, and I'm very happy about that.

What was the second question?

Q. About the game. How is it to play over here from how it plays over there? Is there any difference that you see?

ALLAN ARIGONI: About the last game?

Q. No. The game in general. How you play over there and how you play over here.

ALLAN ARIGONI: Yeah, as I said, it's much more physical over here, and as I said, it's one of my strengths. So I could adapt very quick and yeah, I'm very happy that I could do that, and now we have to give a hundred percent for the next game and show everybody and every team what we are capable of, and I trust the team. I trust of staff. I think we can do very good.

Q. You've been involved in the past with the Swiss youth games when you were younger. I'm sure you have aspirations of getting on to the senior team at some point in your career. What's it like to play with Xherdan Shaqiri, national team legend, here with the Fire?

ALLAN ARIGONI: It's an honor. He achieve a lot. He play in many very important team in Europe, especially. He help me a lot when I first came here, and it's really nice to play with him, and also with Maren. We have this like Swiss connection. Yeah, they helped me a lot at the beginning, and I'm very happy to have them in the team.

Q. How do you think that coming to MLS, which is a league that is getting more and more attention globally, do you think that's something that can help you get into that national team picture in the future?

ALLAN ARIGONI: Yeah, especially when Messi came in the MLS, the attention, it became more and more. So the league is improving, and I can prove myself, too. And we will see what happened in the future, but I tried to give a hundred percent. And yeah, we will see.

Q. I know last time we talked, it was right after you came pretty much over from Europe. I'm curious, now that you've had some time and you've moved into the apartment, what have you done in Chicago that you've been able to enjoy off the pitch? I know Tobi Salquist was a little thrown off by how St. Patrick's Day was handled in this city. I'm curious how you've experienced this city now a couple months in.

ALLAN ARIGONI: Yeah, it was really tough at the beginning. I had to organize everything and without social security number, I couldn't do anything. But now that everything is set up, I can enjoy the city. My parents are now here. So we try to look for some places in the city. We walked around, and I like it a lot.

And I was also shocked about the St. Patrick because I never see that many people at once.

But yeah, it's nice. It's pretty different than Switzerland, and yeah, I think also the people are more open. They try to have a chat with everybody.

So I like the city. I like the vibe, and I'm feeling good.

Q. I've got to ask, then, what's it like having your parents here in Chicago for a little bit? It's a long way from home. I can imagine it's a bit exciting.

ALLAN ARIGONI: Yeah, it's very exciting. They have been many times in Chicago. The last time was I think almost 30 years ago. So they knew a bit, the city, but of course the city changed a bit.

So we could see like new places that they couldn't see at the time, and it's really nice to have them here. Yeah, I like very much the city, especially now that it's getting warmer because I came, was windy, was rainy. So it was not the best. Even because of that, maybe I didn't -- I didn't enjoy the city so much in the beginning but now I could enjoy a little bit more and I'm happy that my parents are here and I can share these moments with them.

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