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November 18, 2023

Benjamin Morrison

South Bend, Indiana, USA

Press Conference

Notre Dame 45, Wake Forest 7

Q. Benjamin, the defense has been a strength all season, but you guys were especially dominant tonight. What was working with something well for you guys tonight?

BENJAMIN MORRISON: Just in the right situation. All week honey we were just honing in the small details. Coach Golden called up a great defense. We trusted him and then we just went out there and executed it.

Q. Today seems a good day to ask you about your relationship with Cam Hart, how he's helped you the last two years given Senior day and all?

BENJAMIN MORRISON: I mean, it's kind of emotional coming because coming in Cam took me under his wing. He didn't have to do the things he did for me. He taught me life lessons it was outside of football. That dude just took me under his wing and showed me how to be successful at this university, if it was school, if was football.

Understanding this was his last game I was kind of emotional because that's a dude who you look forward to coming into the facility and seeing every day, and just the stories we can go back and forth and tell.

It's a testament, because this time last year, exact same game, he hurt his shoulder. We were talking, and he was just like, like this stuff happens to me. I don't understand it.

To see the success he's had this year, it's next to none. The joy I have for him, the love I have for him, so grateful for him.

Q. I don't know what you guys set the specific goals for the defense in passing yard, but to hold a team under 100 yards that's not running any option, what does that mean to you?

BENJAMIN MORRISON: That's just a testament to the coaches and the plan they put in. At the end of the day, they set the plan and we have to go out there and do it. We just have confidence in all 11 guys out there.

And the back seven, I feel like we're just having fun. We're out there the closest we've ever been go out. It's really the coaches, and we have to go out there and do what we have to do.

Q. We talked before this season about you wanting to prove last year wasn't a fluke for you.


Q. How do you feel you met that standard this season?

BENJAMIN MORRISON: I feel like I met that standard pretty well. Obviously the interceptions and all that stuff that came last year, I feel like I improved in other aspects of my game.

No, I feel like I've held up that standard. I'm just excited to keep climbing and always trying to find a way to get better.

Q. What was your mindset before this game, Benji?

BENJAMIN MORRISON: Honestly, just to send the seniors our the right way. They been here for four to five years, some six. You know, just what this university means for them, I mean, it's second to last game of the year, so obviously everyone is banged up and you have your own problems, but we are playing for them. All 31 of those guys, so sending them off the right way.

Q. Brophy College in Arizona, you have one of your coaches. He cheers for you like every weekend, that's Michael Patterson.


Q. What is your message for him and all the coaching staff at Brophy?

BENJAMIN MORRISON: Man, to Coach Patterson, this is a dog, JYD. He taught me everything I know. I have so much love for those guys. Can't explain my relationship with those coaches. I'll owe them for life. They taught me so many things, so yeah.

Q. Over six games at home this season you guys gave up eight total touchdowns on defense. What is it about playing in thi place that brings out the best in you guys?

BENJAMIN MORRISON: I wouldn't even say it's this place. I feel like it's us playing Notre Dame football, Notre Dame defense. Coming into this year we knew the talent we had and how we could play. Going against teams we felt pretty confident.

So I feel like here, home stadium, obviously you want to protect your home. All off-season we have workouts to protect our house, so coming into the stadium you know what it is.

All 11 guys and 22 guys on both sides of the ball, we know when you come in the stadium it's just a little different.

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