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September 9, 2023

Bryson Daily

West Point, New York, USA

Press Conference

Army 57, Delaware State 0

Q. (No microphone.)

BRYSON DAILY: Felt great. A lot of guys making plays. A lot of good calls. The defense gave us exactly what we were preparing for, and that showed up, and a lot of guys making plays, good blocks, and happened like it should.

Q. (No microphone.)

BRYSON DAILY: Like we talked about during the week, Isaiah is a big-time playmaker. Any way we can get him the ball we're going to try to. He ran two great routes, got open, and I just had to throw it in his are and he's going to catch it. He did a great job on those, and had great protection on those, as well.

Q. What's the biggest takeaway for you coming out of this game?

BRYSON DAILY: Momentum. Momentum going into the next one. We played well. Guys played tough. I thought we executed a lot better. So just continuing that momentum and rolling and getting that to the next game, that's going to help us a lot.

Q. I know you were upset after the last game with the two picks. How do you feel coming out of this one?

BRYSON DAILY: Yeah, it allows us to just put everything behind us. The first game, this game, it's all behind us now. We're looking on to UTSA, what we can do to beat them.

Q. Did you feel comfortable today?

BRYSON DAILY: Yes, very comfortable. That allowed us to kind of put everything in the backseat.

Q. Big game for you today, obviously. Practice during the week must have been pretty intense I would imagine. Tell us about that a little bit.

BRYSON DAILY: It was, yeah. It always is, but coming off of a loss, it's always amplified. I thought guys practiced really hard, responded how you're supposed to after a loss, so that was good to see, and that showed up on the field today.

Q. Is this your biggest game ever? Certainly in college, but how about high school?

BRYSON DAILY: I mean, it's not comparable, high school to these games out here against these opponents. But yeah, that was a pretty big one.

Q. On the first touchdown run (indiscernible)?

BRYSON DAILY: Yeah, that was awesome for the offense. That just shows how we respond to adversity. Something didn't go right the play before, and we didn't flinch and we got in the box the next play, so that was awesome.

Q. I know you talked a lot about (indiscernible) start that you guys had, is that how you were able to get things rolling early?

BRYSON DAILY: It is, yeah. Always you get the ball that first drive, you put it in the box, that's huge for the offense and defense. It just gets a lot of confidence within the team. That's always our goal, and that really helped us today.

Q. I wanted to ask you about the play where you had a 4th and 1 and you get the ball and you followed Tyson Riley and Kobi Buchanan, the two big fullbacks. I bet that was kind of a dream?

BRYSON DAILY: Yeah, you've got Tyson and Kobi in there, you want to follow them. Those are the big guys. They carry the heavy weight. If they're in the game, I'm going to follow them and they're going to show me the right way, and they did that on that play.

Q. Just talk a little bit about the 59-yard touchdown pass to Isaiah. Can you walk us through the call and the play itself?

BRYSON DAILY: Yeah, that was just a double move on the outside for Isaiah. We saw that we had man-to-man out there, and that's exactly what we wanted, and Isaiah ran a great route, broke off an out route, and then stuttered a little bit and went to his vertical, and he was wide open. Great call by Coach Thatcher, great route by Isaiah.

Q. Can you also talk about the play of the offensive line today.

BRYSON DAILY: They were awesome. Talk about responding to adversity, they did a great job. They were challenged throughout the week to be better, and they were. They looked great out there. That was really positive to see.

Q. Did you get touched at all other than your runs?

BRYSON DAILY: Not many times, no. I think I can count on one hand how many times I got tackled, so that's always a good day as a quarterback.

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