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September 25, 2022

Ryan Rollins

San Francisco, California, USA

Media Conference


Q. When were you cleared from the foot fracture?

RYAN ROLLINS: I was cleared to start playing like two weeks ago. But it's been like a two-month long process getting back in shape, getting my leg stronger and stuff.

I feel good. I've been out playing during training camp, so I feel good on the court.

Q. So did it ever -- did the foot hurt? I remember it was kind of a surprise to you that it was found. How was that process and the recovery?

RYAN ROLLINS: It was -- during the recovery, IT was less my foot but JUST more the other parts of my leg and body and try to get shape. I was down for so long, just getting back into shape and my body reacting to sitting down for so long and stuff. It was cool, though. I'm cool now.

Q. How do you feel like you've been playing after that layoff?

RYAN ROLLINS: I've been playing good. Before the training camp, we were -- people were in here and we were getting a lot of runs in, a lot of five-on-five, and I was doing all right, just getting comfortable and trying to get back up to speed and even improve on that.

Q. How have the first two days of training camp gone for you? Looney said you're one of the newcomers that's surprised or impressed him?

RYAN ROLLINS: The first two days, they have just been learning experiences, mainly. You know, I'm trying to learn the defensive movements and terminology and all that, what the players are calling. It's really just been mainly a learning experience for me the past couple of days.

Q. Has there been anyone in particular that's been guiding you or helping you with this learning process or giving you more advice?

RYAN ROLLINS: I wouldn't say one person in particular but the veteran guys, as you would assume, Steph, Dray, Klay, they have been helping me out with like I said, the terminology and defensive movements and all of that.

Q. Is it overwhelming?

RYAN ROLLINS: A little bit, yeah, just, you know, just the stature of the guys that I'm playing with, that's probably the most overwhelming part.

But I think once I get used to them and get used to the playing style and all that, everything will be all right.

Q. Just to be clear about the foot, all good, no restrictions, ready to go?

RYAN ROLLINS: Yeah, yeah, I'm all good.

Q. You mentioned playing against the stature of the guys you're going against, we have heard they have been very good together the first couple days of practice. Have they surprised you? You know who you're going against but are they better than what you expected?

RYAN ROLLINS: I mean, it was what I expected because I knew what I was coming into. I knew the guys I was going to be playing with and against.

Yeah, they have been dominant the first couple of days, winning most of the games and stuff. Yeah, it was what I expected.

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