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September 25, 2022

Quinndary Weatherspoon

San Francisco, California, USA

Media Conference

Q. How was your off-season, what exactly did you work on? Obviously this organization is high on you, and you have a chance to make the final roster. Just what was the mindset going into this summer?

QUINNDARY WEATHERSPOON: I think just coming off the championship, you know, those guys, we had like kind of a long season. So, like, I just took it and looked at it like the time that I wasn't in the playoff, just working on my game and just trying to get better.

So I took it into the summer just coming in with being more conditioned. You know, working on my jumpshot a lot more. Kind of had to sit back with a hand injury, but I was able to start working my way back into that.

But my whole focus this off-season was just catching, shooting, just being confident in shooting that three-point shot that I know the team really wanted me to take some of those shots.

Just coming in with the mindset, and everything else will take care of itself, to be honest.

Q. Have you had a conversation with the coaching staff already regarding your role on this team? And if so, what went into that role?

QUINNDARY WEATHERSPOON: No, I haven't. I'm just trying to come out and play as hard as I can. Just trying to bring that defensive intensity that I know the team can use with some of the guys leaving. So I just come in with that mindset to do anything to get me on the floor.

Q. What kind of leadership do you see from the elder statesmen like Draymond and Iguodala?

QUINNDARY WEATHERSPOON: I think they've shown a lot of leadership, especially with Draymond. Just his communication on and off the court. He just shows me a lot about the game and what to do and what not to do. Him being a defensive player, what I try to defend, do my game on, like on the defensive end, so just taking those tips from him and learning, and it's been great.

Q. Is he a tough teacher?

QUINNDARY WEATHERSPOON: Sometimes he can be. He like to scream and holler sometimes. It's not how he says it. It's just the point he's trying to get across.

Q. Describe the difference one year ago to now.

QUINNDARY WEATHERSPOON: One year ago, it was totally different. Just coming off a knee injury and not really knowing where I was going to be at. And Golden State gave me the opportunity to come in. I didn't do the whole training camp, but they gave me the opportunity with my knee being messed up to come into training camp. And then went Santa Cruz, got an opportunity to play some, got a two-way with them, with the Warriors, and just been working from there on.

Q. I believe you're about to become the first player to be on a two-way contract for four straight years. How do you view that stat, and what's going to be the key to kind of graduating to a 15-man contract?

QUINNDARY WEATHERSPOON: I honestly didn't even know that.

I just look at it like I'm just being patient. You know, I can only control what I can control. You know, just trying to do the things, the right things to do to try to make the team and stay on that 15-man spot.

But, I mean, hopefully I can break that curse and not be the first player to have four straight two-ways, but, you know, you can only control what you can control.

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