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November 2, 2021

Bob Bradley

Press Conference

LAFC 1, Vancouver 1

BOB BRADLEY: In a big game, you never want to go down early. But I thought our response was fantastic. I really liked the way we pushed the game. We just didn't find a way to get another goal.

Now we've got to take the energy and the effort that we had tonight and be ready to go after it one more time in Colorado. Now we need a little bit of luck, a result or two to go our way.

It can't stop us. This group has continued to push games in ways that I feel very good about, that we feel very good about. They're really disappointed tonight because I think they felt the winner was there. We're going to keep going and go to Colorado with an understanding that we got to do our job and hope we get a little bit of luck.

THE MODERATOR: Questions, please.

Q. Not everything is lost, like you said. What is the message when a team fought this way in a game like this?

BOB BRADLEY: Yeah, exactly what I just said. I told them after the game that you put so much into it, you pushed the game in a really good way, and somehow the winner didn't come tonight. So we got to take it and go again in Colorado.

If we do that, then I think maybe we're going to get a result that goes our way, then we're going to be ready for the playoffs because we will have been hardened from tough games.

Q. Having Vela as an option like tonight, what did you see from him, how much power he brings to the attack?

BOB BRADLEY: Yeah, after we went down in the first half, there was a stretch where the group that was on the field really pushed the game in a big way. We had some chances. Max Crepeau played really well for them. Then we made the first change at after with Cifu coming into the midfield and Raheem going wide. I think obviously Cifu is capable of making some really good plays going forward.

Then when Carlos comes on, we switched the way we played, played 4-3-3 again. Carlos still has certain ways to come inside, slip the right passes. We saw some of the fluidity that we've not always been able to get this year. So I think that helped us try to push the game over the second half when Carlos came on over the last, say, 25 minutes.

Q. How proud does it make you to see guys stepping up into other positions, what you've asked of them, overcome adversities, injuries?

BOB BRADLEY: Yeah, it's a really good group. Guys respond. It's great seeing what Cheeky has given us in the midfield the last two games. That's a really good game. I think I've mentioned Raheem a few times, his energy and aggressiveness in terms of really trying to get after people and make sure that we are aggressive and winning balls. Latif in this last stretch has really pushed himself in a good way. I gave credit in the last game to our midfield three with Latif and Cheeky and Raheem. We started that way. But then Cifu came on and helped us continue to push the game.

Q. Mamadou Fall, he's not only good on defense but brings a lot of things in the attack. What are your thoughts on his performance today besides the goal?

BOB BRADLEY: Yeah, Fall is a young player with so much talent. It's been just great to see him continue to improve from game to game with the experience. He's got a big personality on the field. He's not afraid of any situations. So we're really excited about how he has stepped into the team and really given us great defending, really dangerous onset pieces, ability to come forward with the ball, fantastic qualities for a young defender.

Q. On a day like today, what are your thoughts on the switch? Seemed like obviously a little bit more urgency in the second half, but you looked dominant for a 20-minute stretch there. Talk about the intensity pushing forward.

BOB BRADLEY: I think we really pushed the game for a big stretch in the first half. We started the second half really well. There was about a 10-minute stretch when we were trying to get Carlos ready to go on where we lost some momentum, where it was a lot of throw-ins, a number of corners, and it just seemed like the game was stopped and there was no rhythm.

But then eventually we were able to get control again and push. That's what led to good chances at the end. I still feel that the response in different parts of the game was really strong, and as a result we're just disappointed that we never got the second goal.

THE MODERATOR: Thank you for your time, Bob.

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