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October 20, 2021

Alvaro Medran

Chicago, Illinois, USA

Press Conference

Chicago 4, Cincinnati 3

Q. How did it feel to have the lead and then lose the lead and then get it back and then lose it again and then finally win it at the end.

ÁLVARO MEDRÁN: Thank you very much, thank you. It reminds me of what the Chicago Fire has and does. It's something that we know we are -- we have trouble closing out games and we make things difficult for ourselves sometimes where we go up and then go down. And thankfully this time we were able back and close it out and come out on top.

But it's something that, you know, it happens. We are up 2-0 and things are comfortable, we ever a good game but then we make things difficult for ourselves.

Q. Just watching Luka's goal, just what were your thoughts on seeing that goal go in ask just in general, what kind of impact Luka has had this season for the team?

ÁLVARO MEDRÁN: I was really happy. I felt happiness, especially because it was a great goal, the goalazo, it gave us the three points. And Luka, I'm happy for him. He has good luck in front of the goal. He is a good goal scorer. I think sometimes he has to help a little bit more in other ways. Sometimes you see what you see externally but you don't see what's going on internally. So I think sometimes he can help in other ways.

But I'm happy for him and for that goal today and especially because it gave us the victory.

Q. Luka had a beautiful goal but you also had a beautiful goal. Can you take us through your free kick goal?

ÁLVARO MEDRÁN: There isn't a whole lot to describe. You can see I'm really, really happy. I was really happy that my friends sent me messages right away. They sent videos in a WhatsApp group that we have and they have been asking me how I felt, and I felt like we could win and I could score. I was really happy to score that goal. It felt really good. I had really been wanting to score a free kick goal.

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