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October 10, 2021

Justin Wright

Tulsa, Oklahoma, USA

Press Conference

Tulsa 35, Memphis 29

Q. You guys cowboyed up. How do you feel about your defense?

JUSTIN WRIGHT: We got the win. I mean, that's the biggest thing. I'm not sure how many yardage we gave up. I know we need to still work on a lot of things.

But for the most part, I'm glad with the result of the end game. We got the win. Even though it was close. Shouldn't have been close. Just got to do better.

Q. You're playing an incredibly explosive offense. They got a lot of yardage, but for a team they average like 37 points a game. You know, you guys are blowing their average. Bend but don't break a lot of times for you guys?

JUSTIN WRIGHT: Yeah, that's kind of always the motto for the team. Been here for four years and that's how it's always been. Yes, our defense did a lot of great things. Forced some fumbles, picks. We had two. I think one in the first quarter and then one to end the game pretty much.

I mean, we had a lot of good, positive plays on defense, and we just got to capitalize on third downs, tackling. I think our running to the wall was amazing this game. We really wanted to fix that, running to the ball, tackling. Still need to work on tackling.

Q. A lot of different guys made big plays. How much fun is that when everybody, kind of unexpected guys doing different things?

JUSTIN WRIGHT: Sometimes when I see someone do a crazy play, for example Anthony Watkins on his second touchdown. I stood there for about three minutes with my mouth open. I was in awe. I never seen something like that before, especially from him.

I mean, tremendous, tremendous run by him. As far as the other big plays go, it's kind of the same thing. Just want to be so proud for them. Just awesome, awesome experience.

Q. Like you said, you faced 99 plays tonight. You had your backs against the wall on that final drive. Shorthanded as well. What does it say about this defense that you guys were able to dig down deep and not just the inspection, but a couple of sacks and able to make that final stop?

JUSTIN WRIGHT: Bend, don't break. I mean, I wouldn't want that to be our motto, but it's not a bad thing. That's Coach G's defense for you right there. Bend, don't break. We would like not to bend, but sometimes teams do a good job and have how many ever rushing yards or passing yards they have against us.

As long as we don't break and let it affect us the whole game, should be good.

Q. How good does it feel to bounce back? The Houston game is nothing like we've seen the last couple years. To be able to put together a good week of practice, come out here, beat a quality team, how good does it feel to put that in the past?

JUSTIN WRIGHT: Feels rewarding, feels awesome. Like I said, we still have a lot of things we need to work on, but as far as the outcome of this game and pretty much how everybody feels is they're just happy in this moment.

Then tomorrow, 24-hour rule. Tomorrow we're watching film and after that we're onto the next game. 1-0 each week.

Q. So like maybe they can make an exception if you get a turnover or make a touchdown you get to wear that hat.

JUSTIN WRIGHT: That would be awesome. I know they tell us that we're allowed to dress up for the hotels, and I just I think for Christmas I got my -- my mama got me some nice overalls, like Carhartt overalls that costed like $100, $200. I wore those against Arkansas State. I walked into the meeting room right before we were going to the hotel, and Coach Gillespie looks at me and he's like, I love them, but no. You can't wear those.

So if I could wear this on the field that would be awesome. But any hat would work.

Q. But we're okay with it post game. Spices things up.


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