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September 29, 2021

Bob Bradley

Press Conference

Portland 2, LAFC 1

BOB BRADLEY: I felt our guys put in a big effort. Again, we hurt ourselves with some goals in bad times at the end of the first half. Terrible time to give up a goal, and then after we get to 1-1 and a chance to push the game and come from behind.

So bad timing to give up goals late in the game. We're trying to push but when we need that little bit of composure, savvy, smarts, on certain plays, when to shoot, what kind of ball to lay across, I think we hurt ourselves with some of those moments.

Q. What do you make those of out of those details you mentioned and the way you guys hurt yourselves and the mentality of the team when the margin of error gets slimmer?

BOB BRADLEY: Yeah, our margin has been small all year. And so look, Muri is in our team a really important guy, strong guy, great character. And so you know, you can say that now on the one play, his ability to deal with Mora isn't good enough, but you don't want to make it seem like now that's just the only part of it. There's recovery runs from other people to try to help a guy, if he's been beaten.

So you know, what I make of it is that there are individual mistakes, but collectively we've got to find a stronger way to stick together and not give up during a year where, man, it's been incredible how many tough moments we've had to deal with.

Q. Exactly what's the message at this point from you trying to get guys not to give up, and how much does it help thinking the rivalry coming up and maybe that will help to get everyone and still be motivated?

BOB BRADLEY: Yeah, the first thing I said is: We're not giving up; you guys are great guys. I see how much you put into it every day; I'm proud of you, and I know that right now we're going through a period that seems so unlikely and so incredible.

But we're not giving up, and you know, Muri spoke to the group, which shows the character of him and I feel that that part continues to be strong. So Galaxy, we've got to pick ourselves up and be ready.

Q. What did you see from Ngalina and Blackman, getting their first game and the decision that came around that?

BOB BRADLEY: Yeah, for Jamal, I think he's got a good presence. I think he settled in quickly. It's important to say that, you know, Tomas played I think 18 games in a row. He's a young goalkeeper that has shown a lot of promise and I think it was just at a certain point, he needed to pause.

It reminds me a little bit of the year when I was with Chivas USA where Brad Guzan was a young goalkeeper the year before I had got there. He had played a lot of the games and they had had a really poor season. When I got there at the beginning of the year, he was playing the games and there was a point where I just felt like I needed to step back and let him catch his breath. I think the situation with Tomas was very similar; so good to get Jamal a game.

Michi (ph) some qualities from out wide, and one of the things in a year where we've had different injuries and had to adapt in different ways is we haven't had enough days where we've been able to play a front three where our wide players are real threats. So we felt that that was a good way to start the game with Raheem on one side and Michi on the other, and for a player just up from the USL, I think he had some good moments.

Q. You said a little bit about Muri speaking in the locker room. Just a message of motivation or trying to rally the guys?

BOB BRADLEY: I just told you. It's a guy who is a real guy, standing up in front of the group saying that, you know what I'm sorry, sometimes individual mistakes have hurt us throughout the year.

But as a team, we have to stick together and he said, you know, every day, the training, the way we push each other is all very good and now we have to continue to work and he took responsibility, which you know, it shows the character that he brings to the team.

Q. Defensively you had to mix so much throughout the season with so many players. Is there a miscommunication? What's faulting that back line in certain moments?

BOB BRADLEY: They didn't get many chances. So the first one, I have to see again but it's a punt from Clark, and it just falls in a funny way. I don't think we clear it well. Then the second one, we are pushed up the field and now as the ball comes out, Muri has to slide over. He's got to deal with Mora there and make sure that Mora doesn't get away from him and then we need a faster recovery from Fall and from Moon. They are isolated moments in the game.

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