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September 12, 2021

Bob Bradley

Press Conference

Los Angeles FC 3, Real Salt Lake 2

BOB BRADLEY: Wild game. Sometimes as you get into the latter part of the season, and you're playing these 6-point games, they really -- they become fast and furious. At times there's mistakes, both sides.

Obviously we started the game great and then when we did get back to 3-2, I thought we did a really good job of seeing the game out. There were moments in transition where we were sharp and created some good opportunities. But we also got careless and gave away some balls that let to transitions against us including the second goal for them.

As I said, wild game. I thought there were some really good performances. Obviously Chicho was fantastic, the two goals but also his durability when we needed to play forward a little bit more, for him to hold on balls and bring other guys into the game.

I think Poncho has really in the last couple games stepped up for us in the midfield that. Was really important, and given us good, solid play with Edward. The guys in the back continue to do a good job. So good performances from a number of players starting with Chicho and a good team win.

Q. Can you talk about the meaning of this result, especially against a direct opponent in the standings, and what can that do for you at this point in the season?

BOB BRADLEY: Every game is going to be like that now. We said the other day, they are all 6-point games now.

So we've got to have a really strong mentality, and when you win some good games, you hope that you take things with -- from those games, confidence, and the mentality of at the end, even if the football is not perfect, knowing how to see a game out ask get the points and carry that to the next game.

Q. I wanted to ask more about Chicho, you already mentioned, but what he brings to the table, his finishing in the box, what has that done for you since his arrival?

BOB BRADLEY: He's made a good first impression. He's a good, solid guy and he's got a good mentality on the field. He's a guy you can count on. He plays for the team but he puts himself in positions in the box. He's a threat at all times, and he now shows that he can play a really important role for us.

Q. Just wanted to get clarification on Brian, if he's back, if he's available going forward. You said his plans were a little unclear on Friday on the return. And then just on in general, the moment that you guys are in, you guys are preparing for a tough road stretch coming up. Do you feel like this mentality was missing, being able to get these gritty type of wins? You seem like you're unlocking a different layer at this point with the team not being at full strength.

BOB BRADLEY: Look, I think we played a lot of really good games this year and sometimes you don't finish chances and then maybe you make a mistake and then people start questioning everything.

This team has good mentality. Look, in our history at times, we've shown that as exciting as we can be and as much as we can play some great football, we still make some mistake in some key moments. We are always working to improve that, and what you always hope is that players get experience, learn from some of those situations, and make sure the next time that they are a little bit better for it. So that's part of the process of becoming a better team.

Brian, yes, there are some personal situations that he needed to clear up there, and I'm told that he is on the plane. Maybe he's arriving late tonight, something like that.

Q. Moon came off the bench today. Was that more of technical decision or that he traveled for the international team, was that a factor?

BOB BRADLEY: Two things: Obviously the travel, and when he comes back, and you can tell the travel and difference in time zones has taken a lot out of him.

And then we also wanted to give credit for the way Latif played in the last game against Kansas City.

Q. I wanted to ask you about Chicho. He's a great addition since the first tee, what is the key about his development with the LAFC?

BOB BRADLEY: Yeah, he wanted to be here, and from the beginning, you could tell that he has got strong character. He's got a great mentality. And so that part just rubs off in a good way on everybody.

You can just tell when a player shows up and he's motivated, he's into it, picking up ideas and then he goes on the field in games and he's ready to do anything to help the team. That's a big statement and he's done that from the start.

Q. Just about the importance of the first goal of Chicho and the impact that it had to this team?

BOB BRADLEY: Yeah, it's great to get off to a good start. Obviously we weren't able to capitalize on that and get the second goal. You know, they equalized. But to get off to a good start, to get a really good goal in front of our home fans, that raises the level of excitement. The crowd is so loud and into it at that point. That's a fantastic way to start the game.

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