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September 11, 2021

Gerhard Struber

New York, New York, USA

Press Conference

New York Red Bulls 1, D.C. United 1

GERHARD STRUBER: Yeah, in the end I think a result will give us not the right feeling. From the match plan, from many things today we prepare, go many things in this way what we want. I can see also some good development from some players today, and also I think from the defense side, I think we make many things in a good way. We realize and we know that this D.C. is a team at the moment with a very good momentum, and with also some interesting key players and I think we managed this most of the time in a good way.

But yeah, in the end I think the result give us, yeah, not the right feeling. We expect today the win. We expect three points. It's right now not easy to pick up the points what we want for the playoffs, and yeah, I think I miss in the end one more time the big desire and conviction in the end to create chances to come in the last third with more power and realize earlier a second or a third goal.

Yeah, I think this is right now, I think our topic what we have to improve. Yeah, today from the result, it's a disappointing moment.

Q. How frustrating is it with some of these past matches where you felt you've had the run of play going for you, and then in an instant, VAR is called in, and it's gone against you and then you've given up the lead?

GERHARD STRUBER: This is football and we have to manage it. I think this is the last two weeks, and also today, one more big test about our resilience in these moments. We come in the halftime with the heat in the face, but we have to accept it, and we cannot cry about it.

We have to look forward and we have to create always a good mindset, a positive optimistic mindset. I think this is -- this is in our hand in the end, yeah. I think the situations with the video assistant, and also the situations with the decisions from the referee, we have to accept and we cannot lose, also, and drains energy.

Q. You came out with a slightly different formation today, dropping Fabio and playing with Patryk Klimala as a loan striker and then a different midfield look. Curious what went into that decision and what you maybe liked and didn't like about that formation, particularly how it related to the forwards with Patryk Klimala.

GERHARD STRUBER: Yeah, I think many topics from this shape was helpful. I think we know that in the defense side, Paredes and Gressel are key players, and we have to find a shape that are helpful against the ball. And I think we can create normally in many times against Gressel and also Paredes overload moments when they are on the ball. I think this was helpful. The shape help us in this direction.

And from the other side, we have the idea with Patryk more center we bring him in good moments to come in good forward runnings behind the last line, and Caden and Wike with the career DVD and also with the good moves can drag out the center backs and create space behind. We can see this in the first half especially and also the second half that we create in some moments exactly what we want in the game plan, the space in this way.

Yeah, with a little bit more luck, we can use this better and yeah, but in the end, yeah, I think it was many things from the shape, especially the defense way was helpful. Also I think we create something but in the end in the last third, it's not always the shape, the topic. It's more the big desire and the conviction, and in the end the boys are ready to make the sprint in the box; that we have enough numbers in the box. This is what I miss a little.

Q. Yearwood's goal really got you guys going, but towards the half, you got hit with a hand ball penalty that was brought in by VAR and since then, the team slid back a little even though they had open chances towards the end. You said you're missing some claw to kills (ph) in the final third. Is this basically what you're referring to?

GERHARD STRUBER: Yeah, I think we have -- and my boys show me this in the training, and also in some games; that we have to the quality to come in the last third and can create power and dynamic.

I think against an opponent like D.C., they have momentum. Also today, the last weeks, I can see a team, they are very flexible and very good on the way they create good results. But against an opponent like D.C., you need the action and I think the description is the moment when Patryk go in the right area, play the ball inside and through, take a big responsibility and a big conviction in this moment, and this is exactly that, what we want in a game more and more.

I think we have to realize against the opponent on this level, they also fight for the playoffs. We have to bring more actions with more power with more desire in the last third, and then I think we can create more chances and we can create in the end more goals.

But we need, yeah, more killer instinct, more ruthless to create the second or third goal.

Q. Beginning of the game, you started off, you had the momentum which led to the early goal. Kind of same thing happened, start of second half, momentum kicked off and you guys had chances. You bring in two new forwards with Fabio and Omar and it happens again. Why do you think the momentum was only coming in bursts like that? Why do you think your team couldn't keep momentum going forward for long stretches? Is that on you guys or D.C. United being flexible?

GERHARD STRUBER: I think this is both a little bit. This is from the one side that we miss in these moments a little bit the desire and conviction to create more chances, yeah, and then we are more domination -- we have more domination in the game, and we dictated the game and we give the rhythm in the game.

But when we are loose like a ping-pong game, the ball is too easy, then it's always a little bit luck or unluck. I think in some moments we create too easy or we lose two easy balls in an interesting space, and I think this is from the one side, the topic that we lose sometimes the momentum too easy, yeah.

And from the other side, yes, I think D.C. is in my eyes a very good team in the MLS and with a clear match plan with a clear strategy with a clear game style, and also with some very interesting players. And also the players from D.C., what they bring in, they have also a big impact in the game. I think we have to -- yeah, this is more like one easy answer. This is more that we are not always ready to have the momentum in our hand.

Q. Comments on a couple players, one player making his debut, one making his return. Omar came out later in the game. Curious what you thought about what he brought to the team and Youba Diarra coming back from his long injury layoff, curious what you thought that he brought to the game as well.

GERHARD STRUBER: Yeah, I think Omar made some very good games in the second team the last few weeks, and I think he played in the USL very successful. Also he scored goals, and also in the training, he showed me he's more and more ready to be an interesting player for my team, and this was today the reason why I bring him. I give him the chance to play.

Yeah, he have some good moments and also moments to learn. I think he is a young boy but we can see he has interesting weapons, and yeah, he has hopefully a very good future here in this club.

Yeah, with Youba, I think from the one side I am extremely happy that he's back. On the other side, we have to be very careful with him. He has a long line of injuries behind him and now he comes back step-by-step with the right load. Yeah, I think this is good to see him back, but we know he's -- yeah, we have to be very, very careful with him.

Q. What were some of the qualities you saw from Omar that made you feel confident that the main club can bring him over from the USL team and perform?

GERHARD STRUBER: Yeah, I think Omar's talent is that he has in the box normally a very clean finishing, and I think this is a big weapon, and also, he has space. He has a good body. He has also the last few months a very good development with his mindset that our style of play is not only waiting for the ball and drive with the ball and thinking on the ball; he may cause good steps against the ball and he is ready. There are many things looks in a very good way. We know he's a talent. We help him every day to be better, to grow up, yeah.

But now it's up to him that he is more and more ready to be a very interesting player for me and my team.

Q. In past conferences, we talked about the health of your team and slowly but surely, you're getting some key players back. Diarra is back with you guys and now Casseres is back. Going forward, you face the Columbus Crew on Tuesday. How good does that feel knowing that you're going to be taking on another top side, but this time, you'll have some reinforcements to try to get three points in a very difficult location on the road?

GERHARD STRUBER: Yeah, we know that the next few weeks are not easy. We need every single player, and yeah, right now it's a good feeling that we have some very, very good replacements on the bench, and I can feel everyone from the whole roster is ready to bring an impact.

And yes, Casseres is a very important player for me, for my team, especially for our identity, and also some other players from the bench can bring a big impact. I think for the next two weeks we have a rotation plan. We have always to be flexible and we use everyone.

Yeah, right now I am happy with many performances today but in the end, yeah, we need a little bit more luck. We need, yeah, sometimes a little bit more power, what I say, desire in the last third to realize chances, to create chances.

And yeah, we are close, but we know the MLS, every game, it's so close, and every game you have to become on your border (ph); that you can create a big win. It's not easy at the moment but we believe in us and we believe in our quality, what we have, and we have to bring this on the field in Columbus.

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