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September 5, 2021

Kyle Larson

Darlington, South Carolina, USA

Pit Road TV Quotes

An Interview with:

Q. You used the video game move down in 3 and 4; it almost worked.

KYLE LARSON: Yeah. Yeah. I kind of -- we got to the white, and I was like, well, I haven't been able to gain on him now, I'm going to try something. Honestly got to his bumper too quick. I was hoping he was going to run that diamond to kind of be safe and I could skirt to his outside, but gave everything I had.

I didn't want to wreck him, I just wanted to try to get to his outside there, but he did a great job not really making any mistakes during the last run, and I was having to push really hard in second to try and just stay with him.

Was hoping we'd catch some sort of traffic, but we never really did. Our hendrickcars.com Chevy was really good out front, just in traffic I would get stuck. Like in traffic I just got stuck really bad, and then there at the end losing control of the race really hurt us, but all in all a great day, good points day. Pit crew did great. Cliff made some good changes in the car, so try again next week.

Q. We know it's been a great year for you, but what does it mean to start off the playoffs this way? You've led the most laps, you're right in contention at the end. What does it mean for this team going through these Playoffs to make a championship run to have a great start?

KYLE LARSON: Yeah it's good to get a good start. I think everybody's, you know, nervous getting ready for the final 10 and just the anticipation of how it's going to go. So good to get a good first week in and build some momentum and some confidence within the team, so hopefully go to Richmond, be a little bit better than we were earlier in the year.

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