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July 28, 2021

Bob Bradley

Press Conference

Los Angeles FC 2, Minnesota 2

BOB BRADLEY: Yeah, I'm still in a little bit of shock. I thought overall we played a really good game. A lot of very good effort and I thought our effort was good. We just don't finish it out. It's a ball that gets hit up the field. We don't -- Cifu slows down, he thinks he's been clipped in the face. Métanire puts it up, Marco doesn't win the header, it comes loose; Moon is not quite tight enough and Dotson smashes great shot. Incredible to let them have a point on a play like that.

But I still want to speak on the effort of the players, the mentality of the players, the push on that end. I thought that that part was good. If we continue, that can push us in a good way.

Q. What's the most frustrating part of a game like this, a tie that feels like a loss and how to get back from that?

BOB BRADLEY: You get back from it by still seeing the positives, the effort, the mentality. You don't get the points back, so the feeling of still at the end giving up that goal, yeah, I mean, we've let that happen too many times this year.

Tonight is a different chapter of that book. I still was positive with the group in terms of the way we went after the game plan. I thought guys were dialed in concentrating at the end, so for me, those are the positives.

Q. Do you have an update on Murillo and what he felt and how Tristan stepped up in the middle of the back line and what you saw from those adjustments?

BOB BRADLEY: Yeah, Murillo's hamstring tightened up and we wanted to be safe. Tristan played a really good game in the middle of three in Portland, and I thought in the second half he did a great job again, scored an excellent goal on the set piece.

Q. What the status of Eddie Segura?

BOB BRADLEY: We are still checking out his knee. It has bothered him a little bit of late and we are trying to see exactly what's going on. So that's where we stand. It's a knee issue. Obviously he played the second half against Vancouver.

Eddie is a tough guy, so he said he was still able to play but there's something going on, and we're trying to be clear about it so that we are smart about how to move him forward.

Q. Just as you mentioned in the first answer, a few different moments throughout the season with mentality and not being able to close games. Are you sure that maybe there's something not resonating or not going well to see through these three points or is it just moments in the games?

BOB BRADLEY: Yeah, I think this one's different. I've spoken to the other ones. I thought our concentration was very good tonight. You know, that's a very tough goal to give up late. It's obviously a great strike by Dotson but what could we do different? Can Cifu stay a little bit more with Métanire? Can we still win the header? Can Moon be a little tighter?

Time's running out and it's just they are going to take their last chance by putting the ball up the field, and we looked organized, looked ready, but somehow it turned into a tying goal for them.

Q. You have three games in like seven, eight days now and your following match is going to be in a week. Will this help to work on areas where there needs to be improvement?

BOB BRADLEY: What areas of improvement are you speaking about?

Q. Like sharpness and concentration, for instance.

BOB BRADLEY: I thought our concentration was good tonight. When the goal goes in at the end, you could say that Cifu could -- when he thinks he gets hit in the face continue, but that's not something you work on in training.

Sharpness, we did have chances for the third goal. That obviously was an important part of the game tonight. But that's something you work on every day. I mean, there's situations that get created attacking moments and then the determination of how to fin tissue, is it a pass, is it a shot, how many touches do you take. Those are things that certainly are part of our training every single day.

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