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June 12, 2021

Kawhi Leonard

Los Angeles, California, USA

Postgame Press Conference

Los Angeles Clippers 132, Utah Jazz 106

Q. Paul and Ty were talking about the way and you Paul have played off each other and maybe some increased comfort in that in knowing when for you to take your turn and PG to take his turn. Can you talk about the evolution of your on-court relationship?

KAWHI LEONARD: I mean, I think we just playing a full game pretty much, don't try to do everything, if it's defense, rebounding the basketball, talking on the floor. You know, shots go in or not, our job is to keep being aggressive for ourselves and others. If Paul has it going, we're going to go to him. If I got it going, it's going to come to me. But if anybody else on the team has it going, we are going to try to get them the next shot as well.

You know, Reggie played great tonight and Nico also did, and everybody on the bench coming in with energy, making shots and playing defense, Luke making shots, T-Mann playing defense; Pat, energy. We are really an unselfish team. Like I said before, we want to make the right plays on the floor.

Q. You mentioned after Game 2, you were going to take what the defense is giving to you. What was the difference between what you saw in the first half and what you saw in the second half beyond just making shots?

KAWHI LEONARD: That's all it is. It's either going to go in or it's not, and my job is to stay aggressive. There's no magic to it.

Q. I know you listed a lot of the positives in today's game but is there one thing you were most impressed with in the transition from Game 2 to Game 3?

KAWHI LEONARD: Just our effort, being more physical, boxing out, getting the rebounds, being more detailed to the game plan. I mean, the biggest thing is that we made shots tonight. We was getting open looks I believe in Game 2 when we weren't knocking them down, and tonight we knocked them down.

Q. Now that you guys have had a second season together and more time to play together, how do you think the chemistry with you and PG has evolved?

KAWHI LEONARD: I mean, it's still evolving. We came in with Doc Rivers last year and now we are playing with T-Lue. You know, our chemistry is still growing. Like I said before in past interviews, you know, Doc and T-Lue are two different coaches. So coming from one set of plays, going to a new set of plays, always have to rebuild the chemistry from there.

But like I said, we are just both out there just trying to win a basketball game, and if one of us has it going, one of our teammates, we are going to look for him.

Q. In the games that you guys have lost, they have been relatively close losses especially down the stretch but in the wins, you've sometimes blown them out, sometimes by 10, 15 points. Does that tell you anything about this team, that even in the losses when you might not be playing well, it's still a close game, does that tell you anything?

KAWHI LEONARD: I mean, you always go back and see what you did wrong with these wins and if it's a close loss. Like I said, I feel like Game 2, we had some open looks down the stretch, and we just missed them. You know, that's just the way basketball goes. We all wish we can control the shooting. All of us would be shooting 90 percent out there, 100 percent.

Like I said before, it's about playing in the right way, knowing if we are having defensive breakdowns and seeing how we execute on the offensive end. That's the only thing you can look at, if we are setting screens, are we running hard to our spots, and if we make shots or not, you know, you've got to live with it.

Q. Ty has been talking to us about you and Paul having to play-make a little bit more, especially when you get into the paint and creating for others in that role, Paul especially has been point guard for you this year. I know when he puts you in that role, is that different for you? Is that a different approach than you've had in other positions or other years that you've been out there or is it just an escalation of what was starting last year?

KAWHI LEONARD: I mean, it's definitely -- grow for me, especially coming into it last year. You know, just really not having that true, true PG.

But you know, it's a challenge. Like I always say, it makes the game more exciting. It's something different and having been through, but just areas where I can grow at as a player. So take the challenge and just have fun with it and just play the game.

Q. Have you done some work with Chauncey at all? I guess Chauncey has been working with Paul a lot in that role.

KAWHI LEONARD: I mean, I talk to everybody pretty much on the staff, just to see where we're doing wrong, ways I can get better or make the team better.

But yeah, I talk to ask Chauncey here and there, just asking him, nitpicking, what he used to see and just what he's seeing out there just being a coach now. We have our little talks here and there.

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