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June 6, 2021

Reggie Jackson

Los Angeles, California, USA

Postgame Press Conference

Los Angeles Clippers 126, Dallas Mavericks 111

Q. In the third quarter you took a fall and had to shake it off. What was going through your mind?

REGGIE JACKSON: I got fouled, frustrated coming back to the bench. Glad to have Rondo here. Since he's gotten here, he's on me and he's making sure I stay as locked in as possible. I like to pride myself on being able to move to the next play but times I'm not able to he holds me accountable. Like I said, he helps me like a big brother. He's been great from that stance for me and just learning from him, seeing his dedication and what he brings to the team, it's amazing and just fortunate enough that we stayed locked in and found a way to get a win.

Q. You all had seven players that scored in double figures. Can you just elaborate on how everyone was able to step up tonight?

REGGIE JACKSON: I think it all started with big dog, with Kawhi. Kawhi, he came in with a mentality that he was going to take this game today. He was going to come in and lead and wasn't going to be shy about his play at all. He really got it going early and once he got it going early, guys had to load up and defenses had to change their coverages. Everybody just came prepared. We know we were I think the best three-point shooting team in the league. We haven't shots particularly well in this series, we've had a lot of looks that have been in and out but we were fortunate that to get them to go in on our home court today.

I think Kawhi did a great job of getting it going for himself early, and then welcoming the double, triple teams, moving the ball around, the rest of us on the back side.

Yeah, hats off to him and hats off to everybody for being ready, especially my man from Duke, Luke cool head playing special, it's been great. Be my second playoffs with him. Being in the playoffs in Detroit and seeing him mature and being ready for the moment. Him and Terance are special for us. You can name countless guys, Marcus make shots, Batum, what we asked him to do defensively.

But T-Mann and Luke, for their minutes to fluctuate the way they have through the season, not necessarily always in the series -- coming in and playing big minutes and not being afraid of the moment in Game 7, hats off to them. It's special and they are just as much a part of this win as everybody. Thankful for them and thankful for what we accomplished. We played a great team in Dallas and we are fortunate to get the win today.

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