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January 12, 2021

Christian Barmore

Grapevine, Texas, USA

Alabama Crimson Tide

CFP Media Conference

THE MODERATOR: We're now joined by the most outstanding defensive player of the game last night, Christian Barmore. We'll go right to questions.

Q. Has it sunk in yet, just this entire season, playing an all-SEC schedule, being undefeated? What does that mean to you?

CHRISTIAN BARMORE: It means really happy for my team, really happy for my D-line, really happy for all my brothers because we worked hard. We came back, we kept working, we never stopped. We blocked out all the noise. Really having fun with it. I'm just really happy with my team.

Q. Every team in the country went through stuff off the field this season during COVID. What kind of credit do you guys get for getting this far, getting through it? What was that like off the field?

CHRISTIAN BARMORE: Well, I got a quote from Kobe Bryant. We had Mamba mentality. Everybody did good. I know we had the best mentality. Like, we just worked, focused and work. We didn't go out, none of that. We just ground it, literally just played and just got better every day.

Q. Share your thoughts on the offensive end, they've been consistently getting their praise in terms of what they do throughout the year, but you did your part consistently stopping Ohio State last night. What are your thoughts on the defensive end?

CHRISTIAN BARMORE: Ohio State, it's a real good team, real good team. One of the toughest offenses we played against. I have a lot of respect for them.

But our defense, we had a different mindset. We came here to dominate. We had nothing else to think about. We just really focused in on what we had to do. We just did what we had to do.

Q. Obviously you know Coach Saban very well. Obviously you're still celebrating. When do you usually start preparing, even through film study, for your next opponent? What do you know about the University of Miami? You're coming back, yes?


Q. You're a sophomore?


Q. I cover the University of Miami. I'm sure they saw the game and were like, Whoa. When do you start preparing? What do you know about the University of Miami? Talk a little bit about looking ahead.

CHRISTIAN BARMORE: University of Miami, we didn't have them on the schedule so we ain't look at them really because we didn't play against them. They'll probably be a good team.

But they have a good stadium, though, so yeah.

Q. If you had to play another game right now, what would that be like? I'm talking about expansion in the future of the Playoff bracket.

CHRISTIAN BARMORE: Anywhere, like, 100%. I mean, I know we celebrating, but we ready for whatever really. Could be the next game on the schedule, whatever. I believe my team, they be performing. We always ready.

Q. You had a lot of players, in particular on offense probably could have gone to the NFL last year, but decided to come back. When those guys all decided to come back, at Alabama you expect to be a national contender every year, but do you remember what you thought when some of those guys started returning to make another run at this?

CHRISTIAN BARMORE: One, they made us better every day. That's the best offense in the whole world. I'm really happy them seniors came back and got us better. They motivated us. They was good leaders. So they helped us. They helped all the young dudes, the juniors, motivate us to step up our game, like be on they side, be on they side every time in the game.

Q. To clarify something from before, I know you were asked about next season, have you made a decision yet about whether you're coming back?

CHRISTIAN BARMORE: It's only 24 hours. That's a family decision. I'm just enjoying these next 24 hours right now.

Q. If you could talk about the initial three-and-out last night against Ohio State. I thought that was big myself. From a defensive mindset heading into that game, that initial three-and-out, how big was that for you from a confidence standpoint?

CHRISTIAN BARMORE: Well, we always do it every day in practice, three-and-out, get off the field. Our coaches, they work so hard with us with the stuff we do. We make sure we can get rest, refresh our bodies end of the game, late down the road if it get crazier. We try to get three-and-out as fast as we can so we can be good down the road.

Q. When you look back on your career and the obstacles you had to come over season after season, knowing everything you had to get through this season, how locked in you had to be to make sure the team stayed away from COVID, all the sacrifices you guys had to make as players, how much sweeter does this feeling really resonate with you knowing all the sacrifices you had to make this year?

CHRISTIAN BARMORE: Well, like, you come to Alabama, really doesn't mean anything. It was a challenge every day. Corona really wasn't nothing. We challenged every day. Every day we practice, every day we work.

Really, like, that wasn't really nothing. We just came back, day one working, so...

THE MODERATOR: Christian, thank you for joining us. We appreciate it. Again, congratulations.


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