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January 7, 2021

Luke Farrell

Grapevine, Texas, USA

Ohio State Buckeyes

CFP Media Conference

Q. Luke, could you talk about what you see of Dylan Moses, No. 32? He's kind of the play caller and everything, has a lot of roles on their defense.

LUKE FARRELL: Yeah, I think they're really well-coached and he's really smart with the adjustments they make on the field, and I know he plays really hard. You know, he's not afraid to come put his face in there and hit you.

From both those aspects, I think he does a really good job.

Q. What have you learned about playing in championship settings or championship moments that maybe you've taken from earlier in your career that you think you can apply to your individual game here this weekend?

LUKE FARRELL: I would say from our past experience with the Big Ten Championship and being in that game last year, it's just like you have to have that mindset that, like, this is your last game.

I guess in this situation it will be. But you can't be afraid to die out there and you've got to put everything and more into it in every play and try to execute as well as you can.

So I would say that mindset is really important.

Q. We know from asking you guys a thousand times that you and Jeremy don't care necessarily if you're heavily involved in the passing game every week, but certainly it was a bonus in the Sugar Bowl. Did you guys know going into it that that was probably going to be the case, or is that still just a matter of getting into it and see what happens?

LUKE FARRELL: No, that's really how the game works out. As the game goes along you get your opportunities in practice and just whether it's going to work out coverage wise, where you're at in the game, what gets called. I mean, we couldn't be happier. I mean, I don't know what more we would want, dominating the ball, three touchdowns for the tight end unit, so that was great.

Q. When you look back to the Sugar Bowl and Justin's performance, what are you going to remember the most? Is there something that kind of is going to stick with you as you remember that performance?

LUKE FARRELL: I mean, it's just a perfect example of how tough that guy is. You take a hit like that and come back pretty much right away and make some of the throws that he made, it's just like, you just stand there in awe of like the toughness and his ability to execute after taking a hit like that and just the leadership it shows.

I mean, it really gets the rest of your offense and the rest of your team going when you see a guy do something like that.

Yeah, just incredible toughness and super gutsy.

Q. Being a guy who's a senior, how special is this for you to have this opportunity to culminate your career by playing in a National Championship game?

LUKE FARRELL: I mean, it's the best. Wouldn't want to be anywhere else to play my last game here. That's the way I'm going to play it. We've been wanting to get this shot for as long as I've been here and it's here. Now we've just got to capitalize on it.

And yeah, couldn't be happier.

Q. I don't know how privy you are to some of the things that Thayer Munford had to go through in order to even play at Ohio State in the first place. Obviously you're familiar with some of the things he's gone through since he's been there. What are you going to take away or respect about him the most from your time with him as a teammate?

LUKE FARRELL: I would say I know what he went through throughout his whole career from high school to here, and I think just the work ethic he has and not -- never stepping back and trying to complain about anything. Just whatever happens, he takes it, moves on, sees how he can get better from it every day.

Yeah, I've never seen him complain about anything. Yeah, it's really respectable and it's something I aspire to be like, as well, that he shows that every day.

Q. Who inspired you growing up as a young athlete, and is there any player who you've modeled your game after throughout your collegiate career?

LUKE FARRELL: When I was really young it was my brother, you know, just older brother. Wanted to do whatever he did. Initially when I started playing football it was because of him.

And then as I started to play tight end, I mean, the obvious answer growing up was Gronk and just his ability to block like the best tight end in the NFL and then also make some of the catches he did. Looked like -- making it look easy.

And then as I've grown I've watched Zach Ertz, Kittle, Kelce, all those guys, and watched their film and just tried to take something from each of them that they do really well and put it into my game.

Q. You decided to stay in your home state and go to Ohio State for college. What would it mean to you to bring home a National Championship following Monday?

LUKE FARRELL: I mean, that's everything growing up as a kid in Ohio. I actually didn't watch a ton of sports growing up, but the one sport I did watch was Ohio State football.

You know, yeah, it means everything to the football fans in the state of Ohio and the people where I'm from, so it would mean everything.

So yeah.

Q. Just talk about going down to Miami. What do you have to do down in Miami, because this time of year with the humidity might be an issue for you guys because up north with the cold, and also you're so used to practicing in the cold. What do you guys have to do to keep yourselves hydrated?

LUKE FARRELL: Yeah, I think that just goes into the preparation leading up to the game, throughout the days before, during the day. I think we have the best in the country to help us with that, with our training staff, Coach Mick, nutrition and all them. I know we'll be ready because of what they do.

And then, yeah, just continuing that throughout the game.

Q. Going back to the Sugar Bowl, what was it like to beat the Tigers after being told by doubters and critics that you had next to no chance?

LUKE FARRELL: I think that just got a weight lifted off of our shoulders and my shoulders. It was like a relief, but then knowing the job is not done.

But yeah, I was a redshirt freshman in 2016 when we were at the Fiesta Bowl, so that taste was in our mouth for the past four years. So yeah, huge relief, and then just really great to finally get that win.

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