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January 7, 2021

Trey Sermon

Grapevine, Texas, USA

Ohio State Buckeyes

CFP Media Conference

Q. Throughout the year we've seen how talented Alabama defense can be against the run. What is something you think has stood out about them on film?

TREY SERMON: That they're pretty aggressive and they do their best to try to control the line of scrimmage. I mean, with them being that, we just have to be physical and be tough up front.

Q. Going back to that 2017 Oklahoma-Ohio State game in Columbus, that was sort of your coming-out party. You got the chance to play, especially in the second half, and really performed. What do you remember about that game and how much it did to sort of elevate your stock?

TREY SERMON: I remember everything about that game. To me it felt like my first big college game, so I mean, I remember it vividly. I mean, I just remember just being able to make plays. I mean, it was just an exciting moment. I was just trying to enjoy every moment of it.

Q. The offensive line that you're running behind, I know you had a good one at Oklahoma, but how well is this line playing, and what kind of stands out about their blocking and maybe just their mentality or chemistry?

TREY SERMON: Those guys are great up front. They make my job easy. They control the line of scrimmage. They get great push, and like I said, they make my job a lot easier.

I mean, just being able to just get in sync with them, it's gotten easy over time just because of how great they've been.

And, again, they do a great job of just getting off the ball and just moving bodies.

Q. I know you've always considered being a receiver out of the backfield to be part of your skill set, but the Sugar Bowl was your second-best career game there statistically, and a lot of it seemed to come on Justin looking for you in those check-down situations. Was that something accidental that happened in that game, or was it something you guys wanted to incorporate more? And why do you think that was so successful?

TREY SERMON: I mean, I feel like we work on it quite a bit. I mean, even during periods in practice. If nothing is there, then he'll check it down. I mean, it's something that we just kind of work on like every day. It just happens.

In the game it just worked out well because I would get out there and just kind of be uncovered or just the easy check-down, and just being able to just get vertical and just have a positive play.

Q. ACL is a very serious injury. I know it's a long comeback period physically for it, but mentally I guess when did you start to feel like yourself coming off that injury and working out in the spring?

TREY SERMON: Really after -- it was my LCL, I just kind of -- it kind of took some time. I'd probably say like as soon as I started like my rehab and like getting off crutches and everything, I kind of started to feel a little bit better, but I mean, I didn't feel really good until about the time where I started working with Rashard down in Houston, just gaining confidence back in my knee and knowing that I'm still explosive coming in and out of my cuts.

Q. What's he like as a trainer?

TREY SERMON: He's passionate, and I mean, he coaches you hard. Like he doesn't let you, like, slack off. Not one bit. And I mean it. If you need an example, he'll do it first and show you how it's supposed to be done. I feel like that's the biggest thing with him.

If you have a trainer that can do the drill the right way and show you how it's supposed to be done, that can just help you elevate your game and get you that much better.

Q. I'm wondering how you might be dealing with the added pressure of expectations now that you've had these two huge performances back to back. Do you feel any extra anxiety or extra pressure that you have to perform in a huge way?

TREY SERMON: No, I actually don't. I mean, I'm confident in my ability and I know that I prepare well for each game. I mean, there's no pressure. I just know I just have to go out there and execute, do my job to the best of my ability, and, I mean, I know that I'm going to be fine.

Q. You've shown a lot of resilience throughout your career, and it sounds like that's something that maybe you picked up from or learned from your mom. Just wondering how much her example has allowed you to overcome some of the obstacles that you have faced and just how important she's been for you in your life.

TREY SERMON: She's been very important. I mean, I've just seen all the things that she's been through, how she was able to just persevere, still continue to work hard for our family, and I feel like that just helped me throughout my career because, I mean, I've faced a ton of challenges, a bunch of adversity.

But I know that, again, there's light at the end of the tunnel, so I just have to keep working hard, and I know everything will pay off.

Q. I'm sure you've taken a shot in the ribs before in your career. I wonder if you could quantify what that feels like and maybe what Justin is going through and went through when he got that shot against Clemson.

TREY SERMON: It's extremely painful. I mean, especially when you're not really like expecting it. I mean, it's pretty painful. I mean, I know him. He's a tough dude so I know that he'll be fine. But again, like it's just not something that you want to happen at all, no matter what, because, I mean, it's just -- like I said, it just hurts.

Q. I want to ask about Miyan Williams coming out of nowhere, what you've seen out of him this year and what's it like having watched him grow as the season has gone on.

TREY SERMON: Oh, man. Miyan, he's been great. I've just seen him improve from when we started camp. You could tell like a freshman coming in he was like a little bit lost, just trying to learn everything, and just to see how far he's come, he just makes plays and he plays with so much energy and emotion.

I mean, it just gets everybody motivated and hyped up. It's a good thing to see.

Q. We haven't talked to you a ton about Master and your relationship. What has that been like throughout this year, getting to know him, and then kind of the back and forth with you guys both getting carries? And now as you've kind of stepped into the forefront, how has your relationship developed and what's it been like recently?

TREY SERMON: Our relationship has been the same. We've always been there to kind of help each other out, even like during games. Like if we see something we'll just kind of give out some tips just to help each other do better. I mean, even in practice. Like we compete, we push each other to get better, and I mean, that's just kind of how our relationship has been from day one. It's still been like that throughout this entire time.

Q. Being more than just a football player, can you tell me a little bit how Coach Day and your position coach kind of displayed treating you as more than just a football player and about what happened yesterday? Did you guys talk as a team about what happened yesterday?

TREY SERMON: We didn't really talk too much about it yesterday. But, I mean, they always encourage us to use our voice and use our platform because, I mean, they believe in us and they trust us and they have the same views as us.

I mean, with them setting the standard, we all believe in the same values and everything. I mean, they just encourage us to use our platform the right way and speak out on the right things.

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