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October 11, 2020

Bob Bradley

Press Conference

Los Angeles Football Club 3, Seattle Sounders 1

BOB BRADLEY: Great mentality to win a game where, man, there's so many things that just seem to be going against us.

But I'm really proud of the guys. Some guys that haven't played regularly really did an excellent job tonight. Great game from Danny Musovski. We certainly feel good about the improvement that we've seen in him, and so tonight is a big game. We used Mo as a right back after Andy goes down and he did a good job. He's played there a little bit in training but that's not his regular position. But he still had the mentality that he could go in and certainly help us.

And then there's just some moments in a game like this where guys make plays, whether it's blocking a shot, getting the ball off the line. So we've had many nights where after games, we can talk about some of the football, but tonight is a night more just about really good mentality and an important, really good team win.

Q. You kind of took away I way was going to ask you about, the way these guys responded to the adversities has been incredible. It's been an up and down year for you,, is this a win that can help you turn the corner and become a signature win for this last month, get you into the playoffs and maybe turn this into a special season?

BOB BRADLEY: We keep trying. This year is about trying to keep everybody around you, players, staff, family, friends, keep everybody going. It's just the way it works.

We've had moments where we felt that we were on the verge of moving things forward. It's been more inconsistent at times than we'd like. We've made some mistakes, but to be a really good team, in basic ways, there's two parts. There's the football package of everything, your ideas, your execution, important guys playing really well, and then there's just something where you've got to continue to try to develop a mentality in a group and everybody knows that in the first few seasons there, were a lot of good seasons, but we've been tested more this year and hopefully in some way that's still helping us.

Q. I wanted to see if there was any initial word on Mark's injury, since he came out so early. Do you have any update on what it's looking like for him?

BOB BRADLEY: I think still need to do more checking. The first word is that the X-ray was negative. It appears to be a bad sprain. We'll see how bad. It was quite swollen when he was on the field. So I think it's one that we will need a little bit more time to give a full assessment.

Q. Have you ever had a game like that where you've got to burn two subs within the first 13, 14 minutes? And Christian Torres in the second half what have you liked about him this season? He's only, what, 16 years old?

BOB BRADLEY: Maybe there's been a couple games that have required changes at the beginning and some injuries, but it doesn't happen often. I thought Christian came on and did a very good job in the second half. He continues to make progress every day in training as does Tony Leone and Erik DueƱas. These are young players from our academy, and Christian's way of moving on the field and timing, he's got a good way of seeing things quickly, being on the move, making the right pass. So there's some really good starting points, and I thought he did a good job coming on at halftime. It's not an easy situation, but he helped us in the second half.

Q. The first one regarding Andy, I know you didn't have him playing extensive minutes. How is he doing? What is the first word on his injury, and Eddie Segura, did he finish fine after that collision?

BOB BRADLEY: Andy appears to be a hamstring, so we'll need to probably set up an MRI to know how bad. I feel bad for Andy. He's continuing to be hampered by these kind of injuries in his return to play where you feel like you're starting to get him going a little bit and there's a setback and that's obviously really frustrating for him.

Eddie took a good shot I think, actually it was Pablo, haven't seen the replay, so he's got some swelling above the eye but he's okay.

Q. The news broke on Jesus -- can we say he'll be through the protocol and he'll be with you in ten or 12 days?

BOB BRADLEY: I'm not exactly sure where we are with any kind of announcement. There has been talk that he has -- the ten-day period has gun and that he would now be ready if everything else gets finalized, I believe on the 18th. But don't quote me on that one.

Q. Despite the adversities that you mentioned, it's the first time in the season that you guys got back-to-back wins. What can that mean at this time for you guys?

BOB BRADLEY: It's important. I mentioned the challenges of the season, of the inconsistencies. We've talked on a number of occasions about trying to follow up a good effort and see if we can be strong again in the next game and hasn't always worked out that way, and so tonight is something that everybody feels good about, and hopefully we can build on it.

Q. You mentioned the two early injuries you had, and then Pancho gets a yellow card, yet he scores a goal and had a great game. How important is it for the group to have an important win with such a level of adversity?

BOB BRADLEY: Yes, it's a game, as I sort of mentioned, that it's not one where I can come in and talk about how the quality of the football was the best we've ever had, and where we created big advantages over and over. So it is a night that's more about everybody sticking together on the field, finding ways to make some advantages, get some goals, and find a way to see the game out.

It's certainly part of becoming a better team. We'll never, ever lower the bar about the football part. That's something that we enjoy and something that we take pride in, but we also know that there's days where we've got to take advantage of experiences that we've had together. We need to continue to develop leaders on the field, and tonight, I think I saw a lot of good things.

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