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September 2, 2020

Kawhi Leonard

Orlando, Florida, USA

Press Conference

THE MODERATOR: Questions for Kawhi.

Q. After everything you guys have been through in this last week, all the emotional meetings, players figuring out what to do, impact social justice, in what ways did it bring you closer? What things did you see last week of how this team got closer off the court?

KAWHI LEONARD: As far as us as the Clippers, I think we've been pretty close. We've been here. That's all we see is each other. I feel that has brought us any closer. More than anything you got a chance to see people's views or ideas they have to better their community. That's pretty much it.

Q. In watching the film on the Nuggets so far, what are some of the things that concern you, things you have to pay attention to with this team?

KAWHI LEONARD: Got a great center in Jokic, Murray as well at the point guard spot. Both leading that unit. They play together. They've been together for a while. Just the chemistry, their will to win.

Q. Earlier in the season the Nuggets weren't playing Michael Porter Jr. in the starting lineup. He's gone on and off from in the Playoffs. As a shot creator, at his size, what kind of wrinkle has he added since the bubble began?

KAWHI LEONARD: I haven't paid too much close attention to how their coaching staff has been going with their lineup. Earlier in the season when we did play Denver, I think Porter played two of the three games. I'm not sure.

He has a big impact. He can shoot the ball, rebound the ball, bring it up, transition, find guys that are open, create his own shots. Just as another scorer to the team. He also has some size on him. He can rebound on the offensive end, get some putbacks. That's difficult to guard.

Q. How beneficial were these few days off of not playing? Also getting Pat Bev back, perhaps?

KAWHI LEONARD: I mean, it's been great. Day off, a game, you know what I mean, playing every other day. We were able to get some kinks out if guys are injured or just hurting, loosen up some things, get things gliding.

That's what I hope we get from it. That's it.

Q. It was said earlier that the team kind of came together and decided on a particular social justice message they want to give to the media. Have you decided on that message? Have you heard the best ideas of giving back to the community?

KAWHI LEONARD: I was saying people were giving out their ideas on how they're going to help their community or find ways that they want to help. I'm not too sure everybody's view.

As a message right now, we working on as a team the George Floyd bill to pass, get the senators and congressman (indiscernible) to look at it. Just been sitting on his desk right now. I don't have too much information on it. Those are the things we're working on right now.

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