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August 22, 2020

Tristan Blackmon

Postgame Press Conference

LAFC 0, LA Galaxy 2

THE MODERATOR: Bob obviously was disappointed with the effort. What are your overall thoughts on the match?

TRISTAN BLACKMON: Yeah, we were slow from the get-go. We didn't show up. It's a Derby match, and at the end of the day we didn't show up. We didn't win second balls. We didn't get into the attacking third enough with clear-cut chances and we gave up two goals. Yeah, it's obvious, we should have done better.

Q. Being up here on the suite level, we went outside and it was really hot. What was it like down on the field, and especially with the way you guys play, with the way you guys rotate and kind of overlap? How much did that affect you guys down on the field?

TRISTAN BLACKMON: Yeah, obviously it's hot. It's a hot day. But we've been training in the heat for a little bit now, so we should be decently used to the temperature by now, especially since we're at home. But yeah, I think it played a factor, and you could see that we weren't moving as we normally would. We weren't as sharp as we normally are, so yeah, maybe that was one of the factors.

Q. Just wanted to get your thoughts on going into this stadium, obviously being back home, no supporters there, the sound that was also being pumped in, what was your visceral reaction to all of that?

TRISTAN BLACKMON: Yeah, it's a huge change from what we're used to here at the Banc. Usually the crowds here are rocking from before we get here until after the game is over. That's definitely a huge part for us. We miss the fans a lot, and we're looking to make amends with everyone the next game and get it done.

Q. Obviously a tough loss against the Galaxy. What do you think in your mind that you guys could have done obviously better as a team in order to play better against the Galaxy today?

TRISTAN BLACKMON: Yeah, we just weren't ourselves. We didn't win second balls. We weren't dangerously attacking the half. Our defending obviously could have been better. We gave away two goals. Our pressing wasn't as good as it usually is. So we were just off today, to be honest. I think it was clear for everyone to see that. They handled the situation and got two goals out of the game and we couldn't put one in the back of the net. That's how the dice roll sometimes. We've got to get better, look at ourselves and move on to the next one.

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